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Monday, November 17, 2008

Brisingr on the Road

Today I was in the car for a little over four hours driving to see all my customers. During my last long road trip I started the book (on CD, of course) Brisingr. It is the third in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I had already read the first two books, Eragon and Eldest, so I was very excited to read this third one. I have the hardback here at home and read it when I am not in the car. It is over 700 pages so it's no wonder it took a while to finish it, even listening to it also.

If you like fantasy or The Lord of the Rings books/movies, you would love this.

Eragon is the last of the Dragon Riders. He was chosen by his hatchling dragon to become the rider who has to rid the land of Galbatorix's evil tyranny. Eragon's dragon, Saphinra, is a character in and of herself.

It really is a complex and exciting soap opera set in a fantasy world where there are dragons, elves, dwarves, humans, and urgals.

I really loved this third book but I thought of it kind of like "Empire Strikes Back" - it ended right before the good stuff was going to happen. When my sister went to see "Empire" she went to the bathroom right after Han Solo was put into carbonite and taken away to Jaba's palace thinking there was more to come. When she got back, the movie was over. This book kind of ended like that, blink, and you miss the end. I guess the author meant for it to be the last but because it ended up so long he split it into two books. Thank goodness! I don't know what I would do if I had to get through 1400 pages instead of 700!

Although, the author can tell an amazing story. There is one chapter where Eragon, our dragon rider hero, goes to an elf to have her cast a sword for him. The entire chapter is about the casting of the sword. I have no such interest in these types of things, however, I was still revited to the story because it was so well written.

Another cool part was where the author told the story from the viewpoint of Saphira, the dragon. I found it pretty cool to view the world through her thoughts!

A very good, albeit, long read. Highly recommended!!! You will be entranced...

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