T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Suits...

What can I say? These really are their favorite outfits!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break?

I'm not sure how much of a "break" it was as I was trying to cram in as much entertainment and chores as I possibly could but at least it was a break from school.

We did purchase a family pass to the zoo and made our first trip of the year to see the animals. Here are just a few photos. Unfortunately, the camera battery ran out of power so there are only a couple photos.

We also spent all day Saturday, along with my sis, bro-in-law, and nephew, moving my mom to her new place. She is leaving behind a one bedroom apartment but from the looks of all the stuff she had, you wouldn't have guessed it. We really were amazed that we managed to get everything done in one day.

Aunt Terri was kind enough to watch both kids so we could do the move - thank you! I had actually never been away from T Rex Princess for that long before but she did fine. T Rex had a blast - he was SO exhausted from all the fun. Actually we all were. Interestingly, it was hard work but it was a break from potty breaks, diapers, time-outs, and toddler-speak, so it actually was a fun time for me. I did miss the kids but I think a break now and again is good, don't you think?

There were actually two full trailers, two full pick-ups, and two full small SUVs. T Rex Dad is an excellent loader as he has moved many times in his life. I think it was his strategic loading that made it possible to make the trip once.

Here are some photos of us moving...

There is more on what the kids have been up to posted on their blogs. T Rex did some Easter preparations and T Rex Princess did some normal baby things. Stay tuned as she is already starting her "potty" training. More later in the week on that as well as photos of her latest cloth diapers.

Now, back to school...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week in Review and Giveaway Winner...

Thank you all for participating in the supplement poll. It was interesting to hear your comments as well as see what everyone does or does not take. I hope I did not imply that everyone should be taking some kind of supplement because that certainly is not the case.

The American Medical Association recommends all adults take a plain multivitamin. And multiple sources state all women of childbearing age should be taking at least 400 mcg of folic acid a day. Actually, women of childbearing age would benefit just from taking a prenatal vitamin with extra iron - since this age is also a risk group for iron deficiency anemia. Although, sometimes these are tough to stomach - best with a large meal.

Ideally, we should be getting all the nutrients we need from our foods but that is actually a pretty hard thing to do. Often nutrients are cooked out of our foods. And some people simply do not consume enough calories to do so. Or, if you're like me, and live in a higher latitude area (northern states/countries) then between November and February you are not exposed to enough sunlight for the body to produce sufficient vitamin D. And I don't drink milk which is fortified with vitamin D.

Bottom line, review your diet, take inventory to see if you're meeting your nutritional needs, then supplement if necessary. Mega-doses of vitamins have not shown enough efficacy for the CDC or US Preventive Task Force or the National Institutes of Health to recommend their use. In fact, too much can actually cause harm. Some supplements have risks of bleeding or liver toxicity or can interact with drugs. Talk with your health care provider before starting any kind of supplement to ensure safety. Remember - more is not always better - it's just more.

All in all, the presentation was a success and I am just waiting for my grade.

Thank you to our giveaway winner "Misha's Mom". She is a pharmacist and here's what she had to say about her supplement use:

Very interesting project! Even back in the school days I was pretty intrigued by vitamins and supplements. I take a prenatal vitamin daily and will continue to do so for these few years (and I take prescription ones during pregnancy). Otherwise, I would just take a regular multivitamin daily, which is something I started doing even before college. I got calcium chews, but I am kinda non-compliant... Vitamin C is only taken to boost my immunity, taken in higher doses when I feel under the weather. As a pharmacist, I must say, I am somewhat anti-herbal, or at least extremely cautious about them. Because of known potential drug-herbal interactions, I don't usually recommend them to patients. Except when benefits out-weight risks, and if they are backed by good efficacy data. Have fun with the project!

Here's what she's receiving:

Lavender spray and glycerin soap - handmade by my cousin.

It is now officially spring break and I've already started a few projects:

More bibs and some pants for the T Rex Princess

I am planning several more pants for T Rex as well as some PJ pants but I am still looking for just the right material for those. I took both kids to the fabric store with me today - quite an adventure - baby in the chest pack and T Rex in the cart - they love looking at each other. I am sure in a couple months T Rex is just going to be cracking that little girl up. She already stares and smiles at him so adoringly.

Oh, look what our neighbors dropped off for the T Rex Princess this past week:

That's just awesome! Thank you Neighbors D & M.

Last, but certainly not least, some photos from a recent visit from Aunt P and Uncle B. They would be T Rex and T Rex Princess' great aunt and uncle. Aunt P is T Rex Dad's mom's sister - make sense? T Rex loves Uncle B's name and says it over and over and over again.

I'll be updating the kids' blogs too (see side bar) if you're interested in what they've been up to. T Rex Princess had her 2 month well check and T Rex has been planting some seeds.

Now back to potty breaks, diapers, projects, spring cleaning, and most importantly - NO SCHOOL!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day...

From my lucky charms to yours...

Some of you may have already seen the link in the side bar, but yes, indeed, T Rex Princess has her own blog now: T Rex Princess Tales. Don't forget to participate in the poll and leave a comment for a chance at the giveaway.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

School Project/Giveaway...

For the past several weeks I've been working on a presentation for school. My topic: Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs: Their Role in Health Promotion.

The topic is very interesting to me because we take supplements in our home. Here is a photo of just a few. As for me, I take calcium with vitamin D three times a day, prenatal vitamin (with extra folic acid and extra iron) once per day, and fish oil once to twice per day. I've been on this supplement regimen nearly three years. Some I take for obvious reasons (i.e. prenatal and calcium) but the fish oil I added (at T Rex Dad's suggestion) because there is evidence it can aid in brain development in developing fetuses/children.

From my research about half of all Americans take some kind of supplement and about 18% take herbal products. I decided to conduct some kind of poll here. And as added enticement to participate I am offering a giveaway.

My cousin makes skin products. I absolutely love them and have been using them regularly for several years now. They have actually moved past being an "indulgence" to being a "necessity". I am giving away lavender spray and bar of soap. All you have to do is make your selection on the poll and then post a comment with your thoughts on supplement use either for you or your family or in general. Let me know in the comment section if you don't use any supplements (I forgot to leave "none" as an option.) I'll leave the poll up for a week. After it closes I will select a winner.

*If you don't have an ID, you can still post an anonymous comment, just leave some way for me to contact you if you are the winner. If you are a fellow student, please let me know what you thought of my presentation and it will double your chance of winning.**

Other happenings...

My mom cam over this past week to help for a couple days while I worked on my project. She looks like she's in heaven, doesn't she?

T Rex watching Veggie Tales while Nana gets some baby snuggles from T Rex Princess.

With the T Rex Princess headed out for groceries - the only outing I afforded myself during such a busy week. Doesn't she look ready for adventure?

One more week 'til spring break!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Latest Jags...

This morning our play date was canceled. So what are a T Rex Mom and T Rex supposed to do to pass the promised morning of activity?

We made granola. I made a batch last week after reading about it here. (Thank you, Kim!)

It's my newest food jag. I do that - I find something I really like and I will eat it and eat it until I tire of it. Then onto the next thing. Often I will come full circle and restart food jags, too. For example, after T Rex was born I just could not get enough peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And they had to be made with grape jelly. This went on for nearly 3 months and then onto something new. Then T Rex Princess was born and it started all over again.

Well, now it's this amazing granola.
You can get the recipe here - super easy. Here are some photos of our "activity":

Mix dry oats, seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon in large bowl.

Our most favorite honey - we get it at the farmers market every spring. Personally, I think Idaho has the best bees "free range bees"!

Adding honey mixture - honey, hot water, vanilla, and canola oil.

Toasting in oven. Note, no extra sugar added.

While the granola toasted, T Rex played with his "mens" and I fed the T Rex Princess.

Adding the dried fruit - blueberries, raisins, apricots, and cranberries. I left out the coconut - not a big fan.

Finished product - Mmmmm!!!

My latest crafting jag - knitting baby hats and booties. I've had rave reviews on these little booties - simple yet so charming. In fact, this set is in the mail to Kim for her newest little bundle arriving soon.

Crafted while nursing the baby - that's how simple.

T Rex was a little sad his sister's hats don't fit him so I went ahead and pulled one together for him.

Do you currently have any jags?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Princess...

We've been waiting to see what nickname would develop for Little Girl. We tried to come up with something dinosaur related, but her petite frame and mild manner are just not fitting with something prehistoric. T Rex Dad has been calling her his princess. And now even T Rex addresses her possessions with the preface "princess". For example, he will say, "Princess' binker" or "Princess' diaper". But he still actually addresses her as "Baby Sister". I've even found myself calling her "Princess".

So, she shall be called - Princess.

And if you know her actual name you might understand as well.

There you have it, the long awaited blog name. Kind of anti-climatic but definitely better than "Little Girl," right?

Here are some photos from this past week - she turned 7 weeks today.

Tummy time on the "magic star" mat - seriously, every baby that's ever seen it is totally mesmerized - at least for the duration of the flashing lights and music.

Morning smiles - she is always full of smiles first thing in the morning - although, they seem to disappear as soon as the camera flashes so they are tough to capture.

More morning cuteness.

A T Rex Mom favorite/obsession - baby feet - I LOVE baby feet - hers get kissed as often as possible - even T Rex has started insisting on kissing Baby Sister's feet.

A dear friend captured this shot at a gathering yesterday - it really captures a great mother/daughter moment. This is her preferred way of being held - not my preferred way. Tough on the back. Interestingly, it was also T Rex's favorite way of being held as well.

Now the question is, do we give her a blog of her own too?!?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

While I Study in the Evenings...

This is what T Rex Dad does after tucking T Rex in for the night...

She loves to be cradled in her dad's lap and smile at him, when she is not falling asleep there!

His view

Yep, he is pretty darn great at juggling and multitasking. I wish I could put his name on my diploma, too, as he is working nearly as hard as I am to get me through school. Indeed, I am grateful for him. You often ask how I do all that I do - T Rex Dad!

And we think we have her "blog name" narrowed down. We'll debut it soon - stay tuned. Now back to the books...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Secret Club Called Parenthood

Last night T Rex Dad and I ventured into the "real world" for a family outing - one of our very first since we became a family of three. Where did we go? Well, no where spectacular - just our local mall. We live in a small city so our mall is not very large and it is relatively family friendly.

Both T Rex Dad and I needed various items from several stores so we decided to divide and conquer and then meet back together for " play time" and dinner. "Play time" is getting on and off the ride-on toys and collecting change from the change machine. (T Rex won't actually ride anything but prefers to just climb on and around them.)

During our outing, we encountered other parents with their children. It made us reflect on parenthood and how we really do feel like we belong to a secret club. Oh, how different life has become since we joined this club.

I carried Little Girl in the sling and T Rex rode in his stroller with T Rex Dad. During our shopping I encountered another baby wearing mom. We only passed each other as we walked but there was a glance exchanged between the two of us - like there was this unspoken connection. It was as if we could read each other's mind - "Ahh, you're a baby wearing mom, too - isn't it wonderful? Okay, keep moving so the baby doesn't wake up. Get what you need and move on..."

Before we had our kids I was admittedly critical of my friends who scheduled their lives around nap time and bed time. I used to think, "Come on, who rules your lives?" or "Get a sitter already." I have now come full circle. Life stands still from 12:30 to 3:00 in our household as that is precious nap time. The phone is turned off, the door bell is turned off, the dogs are locked up...kids sleep and I study. Last night, we packed T Rex's pajamas so he was all ready for bed in case he fell asleep in the car - don't want to disturb the bedtime routine.

One of the items on my to do list for our mall trip was to exchange some clothing items for larger sizes. They were gifts for Little Girl and she has way too much small clothes and not enough larger clothes. Before kids I used to always purchase tiny clothes as gifts. Now I know it's better to purchase one small item and then something in a bigger size, ALWAYS including a gift receipt if needed for exchange. I have also learned that kids sizes are often not accurate. I used to buy size 12 month if the child was 12 months. This was NEVER accurate sizing for T Rex. So, now I purchase one size larger. I am certain my friends who received these gifts from me before I had kids of my own just shook their heads and said, "She doesn't know better."

Pre-kids I used to be so annoyed by my child-raising friends who would talk all about kids when we'd go out to lunch. Having kids now, I find that's my favorite topic of discussion and I often have to remind myself not everyone is as into my kids or kids in general like I am. Speaking of which, here are some photos...

"Mama snuggles" as T Rex calls this.

Watching "Veggies" (Veggie Tales) with "Baby Sister"

Look how dark those eyes are getting - age 6 weeks

To all my child-raising friends who had to deal with me before kids, accept my apologies for being judgmental or purchasing non-useful gifts. I understand you better and know you understand me all too well.