T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I cannot believe it's been a year already since Halloween last year. Time is going at such a fast rate. The kids have been really excited to show off their costumes. They don't really care about the candy aspect of Halloween - especially T Rex. There is little candy that he actually does eat. You cannot even tempt him. However, showing off his costume...that's what he thinks Halloween is all about. 

This year was actually pretty great. The kids in the neighborhood were all dressed in non-scary costumes. We had a cute little Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, an elephant, cat, astronaut, fighter pilot. Nothing that terrified the kids when they answered the door. There was a house we went to that had scary sounds playing and that bothered Lil Sister but her super hero brother was there to protect her and she was good with that. Oh, we had to drive to the house with the giant Scooby Doo so they could get a closer look at it.

You can look back at this link if you'd like to see last year's Halloween.

However, if you're ready to see this year's costumes, keep reading, but first a sneak peak...

So originally, we were going with a green theme - Hulk and Tinkerbell. Then last week T Rex changed his mind and decided he really loves his Captain America costume and wants to keep being Captain America. By the way, he has the whole "method acting" thing down. When he is "suited up" as Cap, he IS Captain America. He will walk up to strangers and ask, "Hello, Citizen. Have you seen any villains? No? Well, I have to get back to my patrol and keep our streets safe." The kid is not an angry child so I think he was having a hard time pulling off the Hulk demeanor. He definitely is much more Captain America. He has worn his costume so much in the past 2 months that it was completely worn out. Therefore, we surprised him tonight with a brand new Captain America costume but this one with build in muscles. His dad already gave him a big, more authentic shield which he absolutely loves. 

Our little girl has been, for the most part, steadfast in her desire to be Tinkerbell this year. She had a last minute change of heart last night when I put on my cat woman ears and mask for us to attend a CAbi party, which she attended with me. It was funny, when we showed up she was dressed in her Tinkerbell costume and asked the hostess, "Where's the candy? I thought this was a candy party." We all had a great laugh over that. No wonder she was eager to attend. However, when all the ladies at the party swooned over her cuteness in her Tinkerbell costume, she continued to maintain her steadfastness of being Tink. Good thing. Her costume was entirely hand made by me and I did not think I could pull together another one on short notice.

The dress is a glorified tutu - tied style. I just attached ribbon at the top to make a sort of halter top tie and then another ribbon around the waist to give it definition. The wings are made of two hangers tied together and then an old pair of my hose were used to cover the hangers. Lastly the shoes were just an old pair of shoes I picked up at the thrift store and sprayed with green glitter and attached pom poms. I intentionally sprayed the pom poms with green glitter to add a bit more of a shimmery appearance. I think they turned out pretty good. Lil Sister LOVES them. I think I'll let her wear them as long as they fit. Maybe I need to make a dress or two that will match the shoes. I had her wear leggings and a long sleeve shirt because it does tend to get a bit chilly on Halloween here and the tulle the dress is made out of is quite itchy.

The kids were really anxious to hand out candy to the other kids. They stood waiting for quite some time before folks started showing up. It was kind of a slow year but maybe because it was a weekday night.

Here the kids are visiting the favorite house of the evening. This is where "Pumpkin Man" lives. The kids love visiting him. He's basically a scare crow with a pumpkin head and not scary at all. 

Grandma and Grandpa N came over for dinner on their way to square dancing. They wore the scariest costumes of the evening - clown suits. One of the charming aspects of this photo is our dog Anya being in the shot. When we were preparing to take the photo I said, "Alright I want a family photo group shot." She came running and just jumped onto the stairs and posed. It was quite cute.

A great evening. The kids each had one treat each. It was a little tough to get them wound down from all the excitement but it was worth it for all the smiles, giggles, and memories because next year will be here all too soon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Art Projects...

Once a week during our home preschool time, the kids and I do an art project. Oh, we do plenty of coloring, drawing, and writing during the week but once a week I like to complete an actual project with them. 

This week they requested to do something with a Halloween theme. This year T Rex is less scared of the spooky creatures of Halloween. In years past we could not even go in the grocery store without tears when the spider would jump out or the witch would start talking as we passed it. This year, he LOVES it. He is especially fascinated by mummies. When I explained where they originated (so we added a little history lesson to our art time), he was really interested. So, we wanted his Halloween art project to be a mummy.

Lil Sister is still not so much into the scary stuff. Oh, it does not bother her as few things actually scare her, but she loves cats and all things with cats - especially black cats like her beloved Jenny Linsky. So, her requested project was to make a pumpkin cat.

Now T Rex devised his project nearly entirely on his own. He came up with the idea of how to make the mummy with shredded paper towels as bandages. I did have to draw the body (at his direction) and cut it for him but everything else is all his doing. Lil Sister's pumpkin cat did require more effort on my part but she still glued it together assembling all the pieces and drawing the face on it, too.

So here I present to you the finished products: Mummy and Pumpkin Cat.

I've decided I need to save these and put them out every year as decor. What comes from the mind of a child is just amazing to me.

(P.S. Work is awesome and things are really starting to click. I hit a record high for number of patients I saw this past Friday, and I managed to stay on time, help one of the physicians who was running behind, and make it home on time. T Rex Dad received a text from me in the mist of it that simply stated, "LOVE my job!" Oh, yes, I have finally entered the world of text messaging. I needed to for work purposes.)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Crochet Projects...

Here are few of the recent additions to my crocheting repertoire...

Yes, all my own patterns, too. 

This was a request from my nephew for the girl he really likes (still not old enough to date). 

This photo shows size perspective. Plus, I love seeing my creations get snuggles.

Then the "Baby Hulk" as requested by T Rex. He's been reading a comic book where the Super Hero Squad gets turned into babies. Thus, he wanted a Baby Hulk. Here is my best interpretation. He's already requested a Baby Thor and Baby Iron Man, too.

Then, of course, Lil Sister wanted a Tinkerbell doll, too.

Lastly, "BaaBaa, the Baby Sheep".

I'm nearly complete with the first of my Christmas gifts and the bazaar items. I'll post more soon. I know I'm posting more infrequently but the bazaar preparations are keeping me busy. Plus, I sold three hats this past week and needed to get those done, too, as the profit is funding my bazaar creations. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Punkin Patch 2012: Part 4

Right as we were getting ready to leave the kids felt inspired watching some of the other kids climb a nearby tree. I finally gave in and conceded to allowing them to climb as long as their dad was close at hand.

That is it. The punkin patch 2012. 

What a great time and a hearty thank you to those special folks who made the day possible.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Punkin Patch 2012: Part 3

The fun at the farm continued after lunch. The kids found the empty field and were especially interested in the piles of grass and leaves. Remember I mentioned I was glad I made the Wonder Woman cape washing machine friendly? This is why.

This last photo is a self portrait I took while the kids played. Lil Sister asked me to hang onto her cape so I just wore it to keep from getting lost. Thus, you can see the cape as well as the cat ears, too. I had fun taking this photo.

One last posting from the farm coming up...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Punkin Patch 2012: Part 2

After all the fun of selecting pumpkins, we took a hay ride, T Rex then drove the tractor with Mr. V, Neighbor M took us all on a gator truck ride to drop off our pumpkins, and the time for lunch.

Snuggles with my little Wonder Woman during the hay ride. T Rex was a little uncertain about things so he held on tight to his dad. This photo reminds me of our first year at the farm.

Loading up the kids and later the pumpkins for a gator truck ride.

T Rex aka Green Lantern driving the tractor with Mr. V. We waited for everyone to be off the trailer before we put T Rex in charge of the controls.

Then some lunch. Neighbor M's special taco soup and famous frosted sugar cookies. Neighbor D was kind to set aside some un-frosted ones for T Rex since these are the only types of sweets he likes.

Stay tuned for more...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Punkin Patch 2012: Part 1

This was year three of "punkin pickin" courtesy of Good Neighbors D and M.  Every year they out-do themselves. We are honored to be among the lucky few who get to partake in this wonderful experience. They do such an amazing job and the kids had just the best time. 

There is so much to tell and many photos so I will be posting in parts.

When we arrived, the kids first wanted snuggles of Mr. V, one of our hosts and Neighbor M's Dad. This is his farm. Oh, yes, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern were suited up for the occasion. (Let's just say I'm glad I made that Wonder Woman cape washing machine friendly!)

Then straight to the selection of pumpkins. We each chose one. Then we picked several others for family, friends, co-workers, and baking. There were so many we probably could have brought home more but the trunk was full! 

Lil Sister chose this one. This photo reminds me of last year's trip to the pumpkin patch.

Then Neighbor M took a family photo. A little practice before she does our family photos next week.

Stay tuned. Part 2 coming up...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Super Hero Kids...

I'm mentioned previously that Super Heroes rule the household.

Well, I had a couple of costume requests recently and here's what I came up with. Batman with satin cape, crocheted mask and hat. That yellow object he is holding is a crochet bat-a-rang.

Lil Sister is wearing her Wonder Woman costume. I know it's not true to form but it's all I could come up with on short notice - red/blue cape, red head and wrist bands with gold stars, and star skirt.

They both loved their costumes and pretty much these days we cannot go anywhere without some kind of super hero garb. At least now the Captain America costume can get some rest. And yes, we did have to get Lil Sister a Captain America costume, too. (I'll post photos on each of their blogs.)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Green Lanterns...

Super heroes rule our household.

I have several super hero costumes and projects in the queue but since I've agreed to participate in a Christmas bazaar (selling some of my crochet creations) I find myself torn as to how I want or need to utilize my free time. Hence, my lack of online presence as of late. It will probably remain this way through the holiday season - sporadically regular.

We are all well. Okay, well, mostly well. I have a cold/virus and the kids seem to have  mild version of it, too. Otherwise, we are great. T Rex aka Captain America aka Flash aka Hulk aka Iron Man is doing great at soccer. Lil Sister aka Pink Wonder Woman aka She Cap is LOVING gymnastics. (Her instructor called her incredible and at this point the lessons are more for my benefit to learn spotting techniques rather than for her.) Okay - no more parental gushing. T Rex Dad is busy at work.

More on my work. In contrast to my previous job, my heart pained me to leave my son to go to that job. Now with my current job, not only do I enjoy where I work and who I work with but my heart does not hurt leaving the kids. Oh, I still miss them but somehow knowing I'm "healing" (to use T Rex's terminology) people alleviates that pain. It certainly helps only working 2 days a week, too.

Alas, I am struggling a bit getting too emotionally attached to some of the patients or getting frustrated with the health care system but I could write an entire blog about just that and you, my readers, don't need to hear my endless diatribes. Oh, I did participate in a community asthma screening this week - fun to be back doing stuff such as this. However, this time, I did the testing and the interpretation. Very cool to work both sides.

Alright so back to my own little super heroes. T Rex Dad found these Green Lantern masks and rings on Amazon.com. The kids LOVE them. We love seeing their imaginations working even after we step away from their toys or leave the house.

Happy October and Autumn. 

(I promise to post my bazaar projects and the Hulk and Tinkerbell I've made, too. )