T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, April 30, 2009

T Rex Family Meal Time

T Rex has started sitting up to the table during dinner time. He'll probably continue to use his high chair tray during other meals since we generally do not eat together all three meals (except on the weekend).

I recently read a study about kids who eat dinner with their parents every night - they are 50% less likely to have sex (or engage in risky behavior) during high school than kids who do not have family meals together every night. I cannot find the study but I recall reading it and the statistics that went along with it. Since I am all for delaying T Rex's first sexual encounter and avoiding drugs, I figure this is an easy step to take starting now.

We started doing family dinners all together when T Rex starting eating solids at 6 months. It can be a challenge when T Rex Dad doesn't get home until 6:30 but a late snack usually gets us there.
It's really important for us so we've made dinner times together a priority.

And to make this time more fun, we picked out special dishes. These are all from Target and Savers. I did veto one of his picks - it was a full sized lunch tray like the ones in school cafeterias. He really liked it but it was quite big!

Here's some of our selection:

A compromise - these are mini-trays.

These were on clearance at Target - close enough to a T Rex! ($0.68 for the bowl and $0. 98 for the plate!)

These plates are non-skid so it will help with self feeding. So far he's been good about not dumping the food off his plate. We also thought it was time he started using a fork instead just a spoon.

He's been getting a little frustrated with the spoon - he will finish about half his non-finger food and declare that he wants us to finish feeding it to him. He has always been an eager eater so I can only surmise that he's just so anxious to finish his food that he wants it faster. Have any of you experienced the same with your little ones?

Next we want to get some kid style place mats. Let me know if you a favorite kind you recommend. Otherwise, Target here we come - again!

Happy dinner time to you and your family!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is Up with the Weather???

When I moved to Idaho I heard this saying:

"If you don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes."

Sky to the west

Sky to the east

Evidently, they were right!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tribute - in Photos

Tuesday's Tribute

These photos are dedicated to two of our most loyal followers - Caitlin and Septembermom. If you were to visit their blogs you would understand why we are dedicating these photos to them. (Hint - look at their headers.)

Thank you for all the support and comments you leave on this and T Rex's blog. And thank you for sharing your lives with us in your blogs.

These were the tulips we transplanted from the side yard to temporary pots because they were about to bloom. As you can see, they seem to be doing well and are quite lovely to look at outside the back window.

We hope you enjoy your tribute - in photos!

Monday, April 27, 2009

And the winner is...

Okay the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winner of April's giveaway.

Might I say, I had a great time rereading all the comments we've received on this blog as well as T Rex Tales. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us. It really does bring smiles to our faces and we enjoy staying connected. T Rex loves sitting in my lap while I read the comments on "his" blog out loud to him. So thank you!

And now, without further ado - the winner is...


Here are some photos of one of your bags in progress - there will be a set of three.

I did not get them finished this weekend because I opted instead to hit the farmers market with my mom friends minus the kids - how could I pass that up?!?

We all purchased honey from my favorite bee keeper. One of the ladies' husband is from France. He says he prefers French honey. We're hoping the Idaho bees can give those French bees a run for their money! (After all, they are "free range bees"!)

And here's a preview of May's giveaway - I saw these aprons at Anthropolgie this weekend while we were downtown at the farmers market. I have a hard time purchasing anything I think I can make. Thus, I have decided to make something similar. I purchased enough materials to make two so one for me and one for a lucky May giveaway winner!

With this material I think it will make kitchen time more fun!

And if you're May's winner and decide you do not want an apron, I would happily make something from either of the previous giveaways (toddler pants, blanket, ecobags/purses).

Once again, thank you for all those comments - keep them coming!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Do You See Anything Out of Place?

Remember I told you T Rex is obsessed with spheres?

I was not kidding...

See if you can find anything wrong with this picture...

Look closer...

In case you cannot tell here's a closer shot...

Yes, it is an orange!

Somehow, he managed to get an orange down from the counter - another tale in itself - and tried to feed it into his dino ball machine. He was a bit frustrated that it would not fit and even more frustrated it would not bounce! But to his delight, it did roll nicely!

Ahh, life with a toddler!!! Simply delightful!!!

April Giveaway Ends Today...

Last chance to get those comments in...

I'll be hitting the fabric store this weekend so let me know what kinds of fabric prints you like and I will see what I can get.

I'll pick a winner this weekend and post it on Monday morning (hopefully with a photo of your bags - if you leave me a comment with your preferred fabric print (i.e. flowers, solid, plaid, animals, etc.) and colors.

If I don't hear anything I will just pick out something I think looks nice.

Don't forget the April giveaway is going on now through the 23rd...
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boboli Pizza - Another 30 Minute Meal

We love pizza around here. All of us.

A couple nights ago I was short on time and needed a quick meal - rather than order pizza we made one - a Boboli. I try to keep the ingredients around in case of unexpected company. Here's what I used:

Boboli thin crust, Boboli sauce, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and dried Oregano. (I wanted to put some fresh basil on top but ours in the garden is not quite ready - maybe next time.)

It took about 5 minutes to grate the cheese - another 5 too put everything on the pizza.

And another 10 minutes to cook it.

My helper - he really liked watching it bake!

And another 5 minutes to eat it! Even T Rex loved it! He's pretty picky about his pizza crust.

I also served the pizza with spinach salad. After the three of us were done there were only 2 pieces of pizza left - a perfect amount for T Rex Dad to take for lunch.

I think in the future it will be a fun project to make the pizza with my little one - right now, though, he just wants to eat the cheese! If we get more ambitious we will work on making our own crust.
Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute

Angie, over at Seven Clown Circus (where I won the Target gift card - thank you again!) is now going to be hosting Tuesday's Tribute. I thought it would be a good time to jump on board and participate. Plus, I had such a great time yesterday talking about my little guy that it gives me a good excuse to pay tribute to him - my little T-Rex.

Hence, seven more "what I love" statements about my little guy...

1. I love it when he takes my hand and leads me somewhere. (Usually to the bathroom for a GP break but other places too!)

2. I love when I ask who "Thomas" is he pats his chest, and when I ask who mom is he touches my nose.

3. I love that he is enamored with my earrings - they are dangling pearls - he likes them because they are spheres and he LOVES anything sphere-shaped. I wear these earrings nearly everyday because they provide a good distraction in case of melt down.

4. I love that's he obsessed with spheres. He has to take some kind of spherical object with him EVERYWHERE!!! And he will find the first one he sees as soon as he gets somewhere. Generally he has at least 2-3 with him at all times.

5. I love how he smells after his bath or shower. (He actually prefers showers - which makes me love him more!)

6. I love that he sleeps through the night - it was a long road to get here!

7. I love that he LOVES his dad. He waits by the door leading to the garage as soon as he hears the garage door open and the car pulling in.

Okay, maybe a few more...

8. I love that he wants a few snuggles before sleepy time.

9. I love that he is still interested in breastfeeding (although, it is a challenge sometimes when I want to get out of the house - he has NEVER liked bottles).

10. I love that he has his own blog - I started it mainly as a way for relatives to keep updated as he grew. Now he has more followers than I do! If you need more to feed your T-Rex fix, you can visit his blog -
T Rex Tales. "He" updates it a little more often than I do!

Thanks for reading my tribute and allowing me to talk about my child. I always said I did not want to be one of those people who talks endlessly about their child. Now I blog so technically, I'm not "talking" about him endlessly, just writing about him!

If you'd like to participate in Tuesday's Tribute click on the button at the top and get started - simple as that! I'd love to read about your tributes!

Don't forget the April giveaway is going on now through the 23rd...
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Mom of the Year"

My third blog award!

My head is going to start getting big with all these awards! And I pride myself on my humility - okay, well, if that's the case I guess I'm not as humble as I thought!

Regardless, thank you so much Mommy of M's. Remember her? She won March's giveaway. I very much enjoy reading her charming blog about her two little M's.

Rules for Mom of the Year Award:

Admit one thing you feel awful about involving being a mom. Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are no longer allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!

Then remind yourself you are a good mom by listing seven things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you. These are the things to remind yourself everyday that you rock!

What I feel awful about:

Gosh, I feel bad about something involving being a mom on a daily basis. I guess this is a pretty normal part of motherhood, right? So I'll try to pick a recent one that really sticks out.

This past Friday T-Rex and I drove my mom home. He did a potty break right before we left so I was certain he would be good to go. Mom's house is about 45 minutes from ours - thus I figured T-Rex would be fine the 90 minutes we'd be gone. We left the house at 4:00 PM in order to avoid rush hour and indeed we did.

On the way home, however, there was a crash in the construction zone area. Not only did it delay our trip but we were stuck behind a long line of cars in a construction area with no way of pulling over. T-Rex told me he had to GP ("go potty") but there was nothing I could do.

Poor guy, he peed his pants - which makes a very grumpy T-Rex - but also it soaked through his pants and into his car seat. He was so distraught he started to cry and cry. His cries continued for another 45 minutes while we waited in traffic.

Admittedly, I, too, became distraught and angry (and cried). I wish I had more patience. Distraught that there was nothing I could do to help my little guy and distraught that I (a trained RN) could not help the injured victims of the car accident. But also angry at myself for not putting a diaper on him just in case we were delayed. Angry that I had this hair-brained idea to try early potty training. And angry at the folks who caused the mess. (Aren't emotions weird? I felt both concern and anger toward the car accident victims.)

For a while I talked soothingly to T-Rex and kept telling him everything was okay and this would pull him out of his hysteria temporarily but there was only so much soothing over screams I could take in a car crawling along in traffic. At one point I opened the window on the side he was sitting on so that some of the noise might get directed out the window.

It was just a horrible feeling of helplessness. Maybe I'm more of a control freak than I thought. I just always want to be there for my little guy and be his glowing beacon of positive energy and support. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my self-expectations.

Okay, now that is off my chest, here are my seven things:

1. I love being a mom - period.

2. I love being T-Rex's mom.

3. Every time I think T-Rex has past his cutest stage he surprises me and gets cuter. (I think this is nature's way of facilitating bonding and attachment to our offspring!)

4. I love watching T-Rex Dad spend time with our little guy.

5. I love going in at night to check on my sleeping T-Rex. (I always put my hand to his to feel the warmth - when he was tiny it was to make sure he didn't die of SIDS - I was a little paranoid.)

6. I love making clothes for my son. And he loves wearing them!

7. I really love that my child likes to clean and organize - man, I love that kid!

The list could go on and on. Seriously, I knew being a mom would be great, but I was not prepared for how great it really is!

I would like to pass this along to Melanie over at Atwood Attitudes. I've always considered her to be a super mom so she is very deserving! Not only that, but the gal rocks - she has a "New Moon" counter on her blog. That's just awesome!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Soviet Holiday is Over.

Hello Comrades...

We survived!

It was quite the "Soviet holiday"! If you didn't see the "before" photo of the side yard from the previous posting scroll down and take a look. Here is the "after" photo.

Evidently the folks at the garden store did not calculate the correct amount of rock for us because rather than having enough to make it two inches deep, there was enough to make it eight inches deep! Yeah, that was about 41 wheelbarrow loads of rock (not that we were counting)!

As if the side yard wasn't enough, I then pulled up my bulbs to plant my herbs. The tulips were about to bloom and I did not want to miss their lovely yellow petals - my favorite flower! Thus, T Rex Dad suggested we put them in some old pots until they are done blooming and we can move them to their permanent location. We're still considering where exactly that will be.

Then onto planting herbs (basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, dill). I had to put in sprayers to connect to the sprinkler line. I've had the line in for a couple years but it was capped until I knew exactly what I wanted. When I planted the herbs I put in the slow sprayer lines. (I come from a long line of landscapers so it's totally second nature to me - strange, huh?) In the photo you can also see we put some of the rock on the other side of the house as well. Did I mention they gave us way too much rock?!?

My mom came to stay for a couple days to help with T Rex. They spent much of their time outside - it was so gorgeous outside. She helped supervise T Rex while he did some of his own digging and scooping. Although, he did NOT like the "toy" shovels and rakes. He insisted on the real ones!

Always nice to have a little "extra" help. It was so cute. But also so nice knowing my mom was there. And just nice to spend the extra time with her! T Rex LOVES his Nan! All I've heard today is "Nananana..."

We did also stain our front and side fence. That was definitely my least favorite part of the day. Wow! I forgot how much I dislike doing that! But it sure looks nice now that's done.

It was such a productive "holiday" on Thursday that we took Friday off. Since my mom was still going to be with us for the day, T Rex Dad and I went on a date. We went to lunch and saw all the couples there with their kids. We spent the entire lunch waving and talking to the other kids and missing our little guy! Although, I have to admit, it was nice not feeling like I had to eat in a hurry and pay in advance!

It was a very productive Soviet holiday - glad it came and glad it's past!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soviet Holiday

No we are most definitely not communists!

Back during the days of the Soviet Union, they were a bit disorganized. Thus, when harvest time rolled around they pulled people from all trades (specifically MIG pilots) to help with the harvest.

T Rex Dad is taking the next couple days off of work so he and I can do chores around the house. Our side yard needs to be landscaped, the fence needs to be stained, the garage organized, and a dozen other little chores to be completed around the house.

We won't be harvesting anything. Rather we're getting our yard in order so at a later time we can harvest. But we always call dedicated chore days "Soviet Holidays"!

See T Rex Tales to find out what T Rex will be up to while we're on "holiday".

Therefore, we will be unplugged for the next couple days. Here's a photo of the side yard we are going to redo. I'll post a photo of the finished product after our "holiday" is over.

Don't forget the April giveaway is going on now through the 23rd...
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Farewell, Comrades. We will be back soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Honest Scraps - Round Two

T Rex Mom and Dad Tales MUST be brilliant in content and design because this is the second time we have been honored with this award. I know - the mind just reels with all the good things happening here lately. Won't get any complaining from us!

Nina from "Juggling Mama" was kind enough to pass this along to us. Thank you so much. We love reading your blog - T Rex especially loves the photos of your Thomas. He giggled when he saw the Easter egg hunt ones. You should check out her honest scraps - very surprising to me!

So, if you'd like to read Honest Scraps round one you can click here.

Here are another ten Honest Scraps - some about me and some about T Rex Dad:

1. I love to clean and organize - I know I post about it from time to time but I seriously LOVE it - I actually get down right giddy when I have a closet that needs organizing. Sad, huh?

2. We don't watch television. We don't have cable or even an antenna. If there's something we want to watch we borrow a copy of it from a friend who recorded it or wait until it comes out on DVD. The last time I saw a commercial I was waiting in a lab to get my blood drawn for a life insurance physical - it kind of freaked me out.

3. I've played the piano since I was eight - when I was little (around age 2) I had a dinosaur piano that I wore out - yes, I played it so much the hammers were shot. I begged and begged my mom to take lessons - finally I started lessons around age eight. I loved every minute of it. My first semester of college I was a music major because I had a full scholarship for piano studies. I ended up hating it. But I still play the piano and LOVE every minute of it! Now my little guy comes in a plays duets with me. I cannot wait to teach him to play real music.

4. There is a huge age gap between my siblings and myself. My sister is eighteen years older and my brother is 15 years older. My mom said I was a surprise - I say "accident" more likely! T Rex Dad's sisters are seven, nine, and eleven years older than him. His parents had planned on only three kids. His mom had a skiing accident during which she broke her leg. The story goes she just wasn't fast enough get away from Dad! But imagine how excited they were to have a boy after three girls!

5. T Rex Dad has an unbelievable recollection of time and dates. If you show him a photo or he hears a song he can tell you the year it happened. Recently we were watching his old home videos with his parents and his 70+ year old mother was calling out dates the same way!

6. T Rex Dad reads 700 words a minute (he would never tell anyone this - he is way too modest so I am sharing this for him) - as a reference average reading speed is 250 words per minute. He reads a book a week - on vacation it goes up dramatically. And I'm not talking short stories - full length novels. I tried to get him into Goodreads but it took longer to log his books than it took for him to get through them.

7. We both LOVE sci-fi. It's our genre of choice when we're not watching Baby Einstein videos. Star Trek: Wrath of Khan is my favorite sci-fi movie - Terminator 2 is T Rex Dad's favorite. Our favorite sci-fi series is Stargate SG-1 - I want to be Samatha Carter!

8. I taught myself how to sew. I never took home economics in high school or belonged to FHA. The class times always conflicted with my chosen math and science electives. I learned to knit from a pictoral diagram I googled nearly 8 years ago.

9. T Rex Dad has a giant collection of Legos - and I mean giant. It does not all fit into a large chest. There are several other bins full of them, too. T Rex has a lot to look forward to!

10. I have horrible eye sight. When I'm not wearing my contacts or glasses I only see things right in front of me. For example, if I were standing in front of you without wearing my glasses, I could not see your eyes. I keep glasses stashed all over the house and in the car just in case I suffer a contact lens failure. I got glasses when I was ten - then I became a full blown nerd. My mom did not get me stylish classes - rather I had to have the fishbowl ones - I'm still embarrassed thinking about those days. On the flip side, T Rex Dad wears no eye wear - his eye sight is still excellent.

There you have it - ten MORE honest scraps. I'll pass this along to Septembermom at My Voice, My View - I know she did 10 tidbits about herself last month but I don't think it was because she had won an award. Plus, I'd love to hear 10 more!

The rules of this award are simple:
1. Write 10 honest (and hopefully interesting) things about yourself.
2. Pass this award onto blogger(s) you find brilliant in content and design.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Divine Intervention and Planetary Alignment

I am not certain who or what to credit for my amazing day but all I can say is that I should have gone out and purchased a lottery ticket. Good things just kept happening to me today.

First thing this morning after feeding the T Rex, I checked my email. Lo and Behold - I had received the Lemonade Award - see previous posting below. Then Caitlin mentioned in a message to me that I had won something at Seven Clown Circus. I went over there and I had won a $20 Target Gift Card! Target is one of my favorite stores! So the morning started off good (last night - not so good - T Rex's asthma was flaring up - NEVER fun)!

I had made plans to pick up Cooper and his mom this morning so we could go visit Caitlin and Joseph. That was great fun, as always. In fact, I totally forgot the spider man was coming to fog our crawl space (T Rex Dad was not so happy to step on a Hobo spider in the middle of the night a few nights ago). In the end, the spider man forgot his fogging machine so he had to reschedule. (Seriously, repairmen and exterminators just don't seem to like me!)

Cooper and T Rex asleep upon arrival at playgroup. Isn't it the sweetest thing?!?

As soon as he went outside T Rex had to find the biggest sphere in Ms. Caitlin's backyard. That kid - always has at least two balls with him at any given time.

Then it was time to check the regular mail. Lately it's been a dreaded event around here since it's seemed to be an endless wait for my notification from graduate school. Today the waiting finally ended...

My letter of acceptance to Nurse Practitioner school came! (I've been just a little anxious to get notice.) I guess I just felt like my life was on hold until I knew one way or another what would happen. Now I can start planning for classes to begin June 22nd!

Finally the much anticipated piece of paper that says I have been accepted into the NP program. I will discuss my school plans in more detail in a later post (i.e. how I plan on doing it with a 16 month old).

As an added bonus, my former employer sent me a $100 savings bond for being a safe driver in 2008. I used to drive a lot - seriously, a lot. Not one speeding ticket - nothing. It happened to arrive today as well!

I've never seen a savings bond - I almost thought it was junk mail.

And as I type this post, little T Rex is snuggling with me and watching Baby Wordsworth - a small reward for 100% on the potty training today and just being a good kid, too.

The sweet little guy snuggling with me - doesn't he look so mellow?

Much to be grateful for on this especially good day! Glad I get to share it with all of you!

Lemonade Award!!!

My second award!!!

I am the proud recipient of the Lemonade Award!!! I am actually quite honored because of a couple of reasons. First, it was given to me by a very sweet and faithful reader - Septembermom. She blogs as a sanctuary from her busy life as a mother of four. She is a wonderful poet and will post her poems on a regular basis. You should check out her blog - My Voice, My View.

This honor is for blogs that show gratitude and/or attitude. I am touched that Septembermom would consider T Rex Mom and Dad Tales to have gratitude and/or attitude.

The rules for the award are as follows:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 7 blogs that show great Gratitude and/or Attitude.
3. Be sure to list and link your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now, I have to deviate a bit. I'm going with quality not quantity. Thus, I am nominating the following five blogs (not in any particular order) for the Lemonade Award:

It's Spelled C-A-I-T-L-I-N: She has great mixture of gratitude and attitude. I am grateful to have her be my real life friend as well as my blogger friend! She has a charming little toddler who keeps her busy when she not making all the bread for their family.

Juggling Mama: She's a busy working mom of two boys and extremely loyal commenter! She often displays gratitude when talking about her home and family. I always enjoy her question of the week on Fridays.

Missus Wookie's Wanderings: Quaker, part time Warden, full time home schooling parent to teenagers Ewok & Princess, married to "Wookie". She lives in the UK which seems unbelievable far and exotic to a western girl in Idaho! Mondays are my favorite posts - Simple Woman's Daybook.

My Blog (mitchsmom): Family, Florida, and OB nursing. She posts some amazing articles on breastfeeding and pregnancy. Sometimes even some good delivery stories, too. Her family is into dirt bikes and she has some great photos of them.

A Room With A View:
"Mama. Wife. Lover of the arts. Talker. Friend." - currently she has a running log going since she's training for a half marathon. Always lots of positive vibes from her site. Definitely deserving of an award based on gratitude! Not only that but a cool user name - ballerinabiker!

So, there you have it! Congratulations to my recipients! Remember to pass the award along. You can follow the rules or pass it along to those blogs you feel fit the description (in my case I chose five).

I have to wrap up - T Rex is putting his goldfish crackers into his ball machine and making a mess - I should be grumpy with him but it is SO charming!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt

This past Friday we had T Rex's friends (and their parents too) over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. For two hours our house was taken over by kids - it was marvelous! My goal was to make it as stress free on the parents as possible so they could actually sit and enjoy their meal and not worry about the kids getting into anything unsafe or making a mess as well as provide the kids with a place to chase Easter eggs (it was a rainy, yucky day so we could not meet outside). I was mentally prepared for the disaster that was going to take place and a little giddy at the idea of getting to reorganize and clean up afterward!

I think the funniest part was when we sat down to eat. I set dinner up buffet style. We ran out of chairs at the table but before I could get more chairs someone had already finished eating their meal. I realized that we've all gotten really good at eating in a hurry. That is definitely a parenting skill in and of itself!

It was great fun. Here are some highlights...

T Rex (in homemade pants) retrieving eggs in the tunnel. That's a "peep" in his right hand - which, of course, he had no interest in. This child does NOT like candy. Is there something wrong with him?

T Rex friend Cooper with his basket in hand searching for eggs. (Isn't his sweater handsome?)

At first, T Rex was feeling a little shy around Cooper's dad - look at that face. We think it might be his sophisticated French accent. That's Cooper's mom on the left. By the end of the evening, T Rex was warming up to him.

T Rex friend Joseph and his dad spinning eggs. It looked like such fun I had to put the camera down and try it for myself!

T Rex friend SW with her dad in the background - she found the basket of puffs-filled eggs. She very happily sat with me and shared her puffs - so charming. T Rex LOVED hanging out with the little girls.

T Rex friend SW with her mom and baby sister. T Rex is in the background climbing (no surprise there!)

Thanks everyone for a great time. We really hope you had a great time because we certainly did!

Happy Easter 2009!