T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Peas...

T Rex Dad captured this photo recently when T Rex heard his sister needed to be awakened so we could go somewhere. He would not have her over-sleeping and missing the outing so he went in, with permission, awakened her gently, and then climbed into bed for a snuggle. He really does not like to go on outings without her. If we even mention going some place fun without her we may find him crying inconsolably in his room. 

These two are tight.

My heart is always bursting at how much these two love each other. 

Since this photo, both kids are now sleeping through the night in their own beds. However, we always find them in the morning snuggling each other in one of their beds. Sometimes she's in with him and sometimes it's the other way around. Alas, this means they are getting up quite a bit earlier than we're used to, but if we're getting a full night of uninterrupted sleeping, I'll go with the early rising.

(P.S. I did start the new job and it is going wonderfully. Loving every moment. I'll work on a separate posting just of that. I have so many posting lined up but have just been slow about publishing them. My apologies. I think it's just summer and we're soaking up the kids being such a spectacular age every second we can.)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Almost Summer Days...

The weather is warming but still not as hot as we'd expect for this time of year. Still, though, we feel the need to be outside enjoying the sunshine and water.

Good Neighbor D taught us a trick to heating up our kiddie pool. We fill it and then place a large black garbage sack directly on top of the water. Within 3 hours it turns a balmy 88 degrees. 

The kids enjoy just sitting in the water playing. 

Then as it cools off they splash until the water is nearly gone. (Or at least T Rex splashes.)

I like just sitting outside, enjoying the view, soaking up some rays, and watching the kids have a wonderful time. After all, isn't that what almost summer days are about?

Oh, I start my new job tomorrow. Send me your good thoughts and wishes. I am so excited but also a little nervous. So much to learn but as I met with my new employers and colleagues this week I am overwhelmed by the support I feel in getting off to a good start.  Don't worry, though, still plenty of time to hang with the kids and T Rex Dad, but also keep those crafting projects going.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Train Depot Photos

One of the first activities we did with our new found freedom from school was head to the train depot for some photos and a visit with Big Mike the engine. We did this last year, too

Unfortunately, the day did not cooperate for a variety of reasons, wind being one of them. Sigh. Taking planned photos is not something I excel at. Good thing I'm a nurse practitioner and not a photographer. 

I love how the closeness these two kids share comes through, particularly in the first photo. This is something that is a priceless component. The other day I asked T Rex what his favorite part of the day was (and we had done a lot that day), his reply was "Playing cars with Sister." They enjoy each other very much. I am so glad they have each other.

The other item in the photos I am proud of is Lil Sis's dress. She wanted a Jenny Linsky dress - recall her Jenny birthday party? By the way, she insisted on wearing the ears, too. For several months I had the materials and supplies but not the time or focus to devote to this project. It was the first project I finished when I graduated. She LOVES it. That makes it worth it. The next requested item? Tinkerbell shoes - wait 'til you see those! My kids are often the inspiration for my crafting projects, but that is a subject for a whole other posting. 

For now, enjoy the train depot photos...

Oh, and Father's Day was wonderful - simple yet wonderful. We celebrated on Saturday. The kids wanted to take their dad to sushi and TCBY for yogurt (and gummy worms). Then we just kept the day quiet on Sunday presenting him with a handmade card (literally made of their hand prints) first thing upon getting up. Here's a photo from our dinner/dessert outing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anniversary Day Photos...

T Rex Dad and I were fortunate in that on our actual anniversary Good Neighbor M came over and watched the kids so we could sneak away for sushi dinner and a movie. 

Going out to movies is a rare thing for us. I think this may have been my first movie this year. And sushi without the kids, is also rare as our daughter in particularly loves all aspects of it.

T Rex Dad had me watch all the movies leading up to the Avengers (minus the Hulk), so I was ready for the movie. We had a quick sushi dinner and then showed up to the movie just as it was starting (I love missing the previews and commercials). 

It was so fun to be able to spend uninterrupted hours with my special man. I truly was entertained and I have to say, Captain America is definitely my favorite of the Heroes. However, when the Hulk punches Thor had to be the funniest moment for me. Oh, and I want to ride on the flying aircraft carrier! Sign me up to be the medic on that gig!

Before we left on our date, Good Neighbor M took some photos of us. I've mentioned before she is magic. I just wish I had been more prepared for that magic and dressed the kids in something other than PJs. However, I will never turn down cute photos with my kids. 

Here are some of those photos...

Thank you Good Neighbor M for a carefree, kid free evening to celebrate. We did not worry a bit. Be advised, they are already asking when you get to come over again.

Friday, June 8, 2012

11 Years...Still So Happy...

Just a few of the random memories I have from our wedding 11 years ago today.

- Never drive yourself anywhere on your wedding day. I learned this almost the hard way. I woke up and visited my hair stylist, driving myself. She secured my veil opting not to remove it so I  left it on while I made the short drive for the pre-ceremony photos. Well, veils can be kind of tricky to see around. Thank goodness the other driver could see me because I could not see him. Now, T Rex Dad and I jokingly tell engaged couples, have someone drive you wherever you need to go that day.

- My wedding dress nearly flew out of the back of my sister's Ford Bronco as she drove down the interstate on her way to deliver my dress. 

- The wedding dress was altered 6 times before I finally wore it on the big day. We purchased the dress on clearance in size 14. I was about a size 2 at the time so it took many alterations to get it the right size. We still saved at least $2000 by doing it this way. Why did I do this? I wanted to wear my mother's wedding dress but she was even smaller than me so I could not fit into hers. This dress was the closest resemblance to hers.

- At our reception, we had a frozen ice punch bowl. It was my favorite decoration.

- The chef in charge of our reception dinner refused to make deviled eggs saying, "It is beneath my talents." I finally had to explain that his food was far above my family's usual palate and if it was going to be eaten he better adjust the menu accordingly. Nearly all food was eaten.

- My brother arrived 5 minutes late and the ceremony had already started. I did not care as I was so happy to have him there.

- The night before we realized my cousins had forgotten the flowergirls' headpieces I had made by hand. I stayed up late that night making new ones. Again, I did not care because I was happy they made the long trip to be there and it was just so special having them present for our big day.

- One friend flew across the Atlantic from Ireland to be present. 

- I was surprised when my husband showed up for photos wearing the white bow tie. I thought for sure he'd want the black like James Bond.

- The person officiating the ceremony kept calling me Mary (no my name is not Mary, nor anything close to that.) Again, I did not care but smiled knowing I was marrying the man of my dreams.

- The DJ playing the music at our reception did a great job of ensuring the music selection was appropriate for all ages but did a horrible job selecting songs. Yes, I ended up having to do the chicken dance. Again, I did not care, I was just so happy.

- I kept forgetting my bouquet every where we went because I did not want to let go of my new husband's hand. I still love holding his hand.

- My one young cousin did all the young bridesmaids and flower girls' hair and make up. They looked wonderful and now she is a professional artist/model doing such things in Hollywood. I'd like to think she got her start at my wedding. 

- One of my bridesmaids never wears dresses, make up, or curls her hair - except for special occasions. I was excited when she showed up in a dress, curled hair, and make up. As soon as the party was over, though, I think it all came off. 

- To this day I still do not know who sent the "interesting package" up to our hotel room that was waiting when we arrived. 

- I introduced my new husband to my childhood crush at our reception. He was the brother of my brother-in-law. I was 3 when I first thought he was the cat's meow. When I told his girlfriend of 20 years this at the reception she said, "Yeah, I know, you're the third person to remind me." My reply, "Well, you ended up with him."

- The police showed up at our reception. Well, just one, a very dear friend who had to work that night but took time to stop in for a bite to eat. We were happy to see him, too.

- Our photographer forgot we asked for black and white photos and did not bring enough film for all the black and white shots we wanted. (This was back before digital.) He was a bit odd anyway. 

- The wedding cake was delicious - the one bite I had of it. We still have the top layer in our freezer. I haven't had the heart to toss it.

Eleven years later, I am still as happy or even more so than the day I married him. Thank you, My Darling, for being the love of my life, best friend, favorite person, and man of my dreams, or  my "E for all of the above". I am blessed to have you. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anthropological Giant Jelly Fish

No more studying...


It's been two weeks since I passed my certification exam and life is lovely. The kids are loving having their mom home and not stressed out. I haven't started my job yet but anticipate doing so very soon. I'm excited about that. We finished my work agreement last week and I am so excited. This is truly my dream job. Two days a week, too. Less time away from home than when I was actually in school. 

Recently we went to a celebration for a young lady graduating from high school. We've watched her grow up since she was a newborn. Her mother,  a long time friend, was asking me about my job. I explained the details and I would only be working 2 days a week which would barely pay back my loans but for now I felt strongly my kids needed me at home as much as possible. She shook her head in agreement reminding me she did the same, almost in a lamenting fashion that the pay for part time work does not bring much to their household income. I interrupted her, motioned to her sweet graduating daughter who is an accomplished pianist, equestrian, straight A student, and her three other handsome, polite, kind sons. Then I said, "I think the investment of your time has made a substantial contribution." Like her, I am hoping to find the balance between being a part time working mother and being home with my children. I just hope I am as successful as she.

We've been keeping busy visiting with family and friends and just doing whatever our hearts desire. For example, T Rex is really into sea life right now. For a while we were visiting the aquarium nearly every week. Then a couple weeks ago we were driving downtown and the kids spotted this incredible window display at Anthropolgie. It's a favorite shop of mine but one we rarely visit due to some major breakables and high prices. However, having some graduation money set aside to purchase new work clothes I could not resist stopping in. After all, the kids were begging to see the giant jelly fish.

So, in we went. It was a fun adventure. They loved the window display. I'll give the store credit - they did an incredible job getting me in there. 

It was a bonus that I left with a couple of small clearance items for myself, too.

There you have it, the mysterious giant jelly fish posting. I'm thinking the train depot photos or finished projects for my next posting. We'll see. We've been having so much uninterrupted fun I may not be back for a while. However, I'll keep you posted as to when I start work and how it goes. Even the kids are excited for me to get back into "healer" mode.