T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dad's 90th Birthday Celebration

Hubby's dad recently celebrated his 90th birthday. It was a nice celebration with pizza and ice cream cake. He was surrounded by most of his kids and grandkids. What an amazing individual and what a life and legacy he has led! How grateful we are for his example to all of us.

My favorite story about him is from his retirement party. He had worked for three governors of the state of Idaho in various appointed positions like running department of correction or transportation. At his party someone asked, "Does anyone know what political party he affiliates with?" No one knew. He always kept his cards close and never showed them.

Well, we certainly know where he stands but for 30 years no one knew including those three governors from two different parties who highly respected him and begged him not to retire. His grandson, our oldest, is a lot like him in his mannerisms and attitude. If he turns out to be half the person his grandfather is we will not have to worry about him doing amazing things with his life.

We are so happy we could be apart of his birthday celebration. Does he not look about 65 years old instead of 90?!?

Spring Break Stay-cation

Again, still catching up. 

During spring break we wanted to do something for the kids. I worked the early part of the week so I could have the latter part off with them. Instead of going somewhere, we stayed local and went to a hotel about 15 minutes away. It had the best indoor pool I could find and a suite that would accommodate our entire clan.

What a grand time! We had Chinese take out for dinner, watched the new Cinderella movie, ate breakfast at the hotel, and invited some friends for swimming before leaving the next day. Such a great time almost in our own back yard. We shall do it again sometime!


From the past few weeks...

We've had a lot going on in May with celebrations, end of school events, dance recitals, and graduations. Here are a few photos from each. The kids' blogs have more extensive details on them.

S had her third dance recital. She was adorable and did great. She prefers gymnastics but I insist she keep up on dance to supplement her gymnastics which is helping. She points her toes better than any one else on her team. (And she is on the competitive team now which she loves.)

S also graduated from kindergarten. I cannot believe that! I remember how we were all so looking forward to her being in kindergarten with her best friend. Now she's all done. I was sad and teary eyed but the ceremony was just perfect thanks for her amazing teacher.

T has been enjoying the last couple weeks of school doing Apple Valley. They were being taught as if they were in a one room classroom during the mid-1800s. They were awarded points each day for dressing and acting the part. He really got into it with his creative learning style. In the end those points were turned in for prizes. He also had his class program where he once again had a speaking part but not nearly as large as last year's.

T also tested for his blue belt in taekwondo. It's been six months of preparation. So proud of his hard work. It took two full sessions to complete his form, sparring, board break, and three steps to progress. He was fortunate to have his two favorite teachers in attendance observing, too.

We had our school carnival which was awesome and earned the PTO about $8000 for next year. The kids had a blast. I was also elected to the PTO board this year. I'm VP of art. It's an easy job but there are executive voting privileges which I think is a perfect start for me, especially since most of the responsibilities are earlier in the year before baby comes.

On Mother's Day my own kids showered me with lovely homemade gifts, a lovely necklace, and then my own mother came over to celebrate the remainder of the day. Super special to have her with us, too.

We all attended my nephew's high school graduation. We were the loudest cheering section by far and since he was the last name called we just kept on cheering with our bull horns and everything. So proud of him! We also celebrated his 18th birthday the same day. My husband and I were both together at his first birthday party. Amazing how time flies! And look how BIG he is!

Lastly, a profile photo at 20 weeks. Half way there. Feeling pretty good - I still have my rough days. I've also had a chronic cold for about the past 2-3 months. I had one week of no symptoms and then they all came back. That is frustrating. Still, I know it could always be worse and I know how fortunate I am to be pregnant with a healthy baby boy. We go next week for an ultrasound. I postponed it so the kids would be out of school and could also enjoy the moment seeing their newest sibling. He's really moving around a lot. Still not as much action as previous babies but those are still reassuring taps and kicks knowing he is alive in there.

S's third dance recital.
S's Kindergarten graduation 
T and Apple Valley attire
T's Class Program
T's blue belt test
School carnival (two photos - S looks forward to the face paint every year)
Mother's Day
Nephew Dede's high school graduation
20 week profile photo and little BB giving her brother some taps

Some Projects in 2016

Growing a human is hard work. Still, I have been trying to get a few things finished for special folks. I wanted to post some photos of these. A couple are from pre-pregnancy so I was a whole lot more productive then. Some of more recent. I did not realize how lacking I was in posting project photos.

Really, though, I just want to document some of these. Most are my own creations and designs and I want to be able to refer back if I want to repeat some of them. I have to say, I now consider myself an expert level crochet artist. Still, getting two pieces on an item such as two arms or two legs to match up is difficult. It really puts into perspective how amazing the miracle of life is - assembling a human and getting all the parts right. Truly miraculous!

1. Bear for co-worker's new baby girl.
2 & 3. Quilt made for kindergarten teacher as end of year gift. I had kids design patches and I sewed them together and then bound the quilt. Great project. Brought her to tears.
4. Easy t-shirt S used for 100 days of school.

5. Chunky hat I made for myself. I really wanted the one I saw in the catalog but it was $55. This cost about $7 to make. Better color, too. Super soft.
6. 50 heart necklaces made for T and S's classes for Valentine's favors. I think I should probably start on the ones for 2017 if I'm going to keep the tradition going.
7. "Teddy Bacca" so named by the 9 year old who received this for his Star Wars themed birthday. My version of Chewbacca - satchel instead of crossbow. 
8. Peacock - for one of my best friends. I saw it pinned on her Pintrest board and I knew there was no way she could make it for herself so I made it for her - complicated and time consuming but totally worth the look on her face when she opened it!
9. Scarves I made for co-workers. I sometimes crochet during lunch at work so I thought I would gift them with an original creation of my own. Super easy and chunky scarves. Well received. I made about 13 total this year for friends and co-workers.
10. Camo hat and owl for a favorite patient who had a baby and asked me to come see her while in the hospital. It was a long road getting her through pregnancy so I thought the new baby and the big sister should have a little something.
11. Pink pony for our great-niece A's birthday.
12. Blue monkey for our great nephew's birth. 
13. Christmas creations - "white elephant", Christmas owls, and snowmen.
14. Wise may and camel for a friend's annual birthday gift. Each year I add a piece to her Nativity set.
 15. Yoda for a little one's 5th birthday. 
16. Twin opposite monkeys and hats for my friend and fellow blogger Caitlin's new identical twin boys.

S's 6th Birthday Party - Fashion Cat Party

I just published the identical posting on her blog but it was such a great party idea and I was so happy with the end result that I will post here, too. I'm behind in blogging but trying to catch up.

S's's mom here - really behind in the blogging department (we're having a baby in October and lots to do to catch up and prepare and just a lot keeping up with this super high energy girl!) So, my apologies this is so delayed. Poor dear, she has not even been in for her 6 year wellness visit but I'm sure she's fine. She's a super healthy girl - most of the time. This weekend she was struck with a gastrointestinal bug but she's tough and powered through it.

So here you go - the photos from her 6th birthday. Her Auntie J helped a ton and her cousin Dede and his girlfriend S also came to help. Her beloved kindergarten teacher also came by and pitched in helping herd the cats. S's chosen theme was "fashion cat party". This is classic S - complicated theme that I cannot just look on Pintrest to get ideas.

Her Auntie did all the food and decorations. I did the activities. S really wanted face painting and the face painting artists were happy to have a theme to work with. So as folks arrived, the girls (and it was a girls only party at S's insistence) circulated through the face painting station. While they did that, the also made cat ear headbands. Then onto jewelry making and finally designing their "dresses" which were just T-shirts they colored with fabric markers. I crocheted some belts and bow ties for them to add to their costumes.

Instead of gifts we had a book exchange. Each girl brought a book and each left with a book. I drew names and in that order they could select which book they wanted. I picked up a few extra books just in case and to add variety but everyone was super excited about the books and it saved us from a mound of gifts to keep track of and gifts that she really does not need. There was no complaint from the birthday girl. She loves to read and is quite good at it even at six. I also had Dr. Seuss' book "Happy Birthday to You!" out for everyone in attendance to sign so she could remember all the people at her birthday party.

Party favors consisted of crocheted cats I made in a variety of colors. This kept cost down but it was quite labor intensive.

After cupcakes (which were shaped into a pink dress - that was her requested "cake") they strutted down the "cat walk" while my sister introduced each of them with their cat names while discussing their designs. The cat walk photos are quite blurry. Every one was in motion but I still wanted to put some on here to remember the moments.

It was a huge success and all the little girls LOVED it but especially my birthday girl love it which is the most important part.