T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Indoor Container Garden

It is so cold outside - it actually snowed this morning. There's a front coming in tonight and supposedly bringing 40mph winds (hopefully no more power outages).

I have my starts for the victory garden but it's been too cold to plant them yet. I do hope it warms up because my peas are taking over. However, I've decided I'd like to try and get an indoor garden going to cover the cold weather months - have fresh veggies all year long!

I did a fair amount of research as to what kinds of plants would do well. I purchased seeds for my favorite salad makings: spinach, radishes, green onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. They were all types taking up a small amount of space and have fairly quick harvesting turn around. For example, these particular kind of cucumbers vine only 20 to 24 inches. The tomatoes are cherry-sized. And the radishes are ready for harvesting in 29 days (very exciting because they are starting to come up today).

Seeds selected

Let's not forget I have a little helper. He really wanted to plant one of his spheres (yes, that is a ball inside the pot in the top photo). I took a few photos of him playing with the pots before I filled them with the soil. We are going for a mostly organic indoor garden. The seeds are not organic but everything else is so I figure if I can keep it that way from here on out we'll pretty much have an organic garden.

With container gardening it is important to insure the plants get adequate nutrients since they cannot spread their roots deep into the ground. Thus, I purchased a special kind of soil that has fertilizer built into it - I was worried with starting seedlings and putting in extra fertilizer that I might kill them. It is good for three months and then I can add an organic fertilizer but by then they should have mature systems established.

Soil selected

I also went to great lengths to find pots that would allow infrequent watering. I am hoping to be starting school soon and with that and chasing the T Rex there might be days when the indoor garden does not get watered. Therefore, I selected pots that have built in reservoirs. When the plants reach maturity they can go up to two weeks between watering.

Here you can see the reservoir system and when they reach maturity I will be watering them from the bottom - on the right you can see the watering station.

So, hopefully all my bases are covered. It's been five days since I planted the seeds and thus far the radishes are starting to peak through the soil. The seed package was right - they DO grow fast! I will keep you posted.

Happy gardening and wishes for warmer days...

Monday, March 30, 2009

T Rex Wranglers...

This is what we mean by T Rex Wranglers...

Look at that face...He knows he's in trouble!

Really, though, he is only little once so we're savoring every one of these "charming" moments...

There have been so many horrible stories in the news lately about children being harmed. And I've also been following a blog about a little one who's sick with a heart condition. All this reminds me to take a pause and hug my little guy while giving thanks for the brightness he brings to our lives.

Take a moment today to squeeze your little ones. And remember that these precious moments will pass all too quickly.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Projects and Challah Bread...

I had a couple of sewing projects I wanted to get done this weekend - the item for this month's giveaway and turning some onesies into regular under shirts.

First, these are the toddler pants I made for Mommy of M's little one M2 - she was the winner of March's giveaway. You should check out her blog - there is a posting from last week that made me just laugh and laugh. That particular posting was titled "Monkey Poop". Recently she's had a couple of monkey postings. These were the inspiration for the pants with Curious George on them.

Right - front / Left - back (you can tell because the back has the "dad friendly" pocket)

Next, I wanted to turn some of T Rex's onesie shirts into regular undershirts. Why? Well, he has lots of these bodysuits - all of which still fit perfectly. But, they are not really conductive to potty training. He is still only 16 months old. He may be precocious but he's not that dexterous to be able to unsnap a shirt that ties between his legs! So, I figured I could just cut the snaps off and stitch up the bottoms. Unfortunately, my machine does not finish this particular material all that nicely so rather than abandon the project completely I used bias tape with a zigzag stitch. Worked like a charm. I completed two and want to see how T Rex likes them (make sure the bias tape is not too itchy). If he does okay with them, then I'll be making more. I'm just trying to save a little money rather than going out and buying a bunch of new undershirts when he has a drawer full of potential ones!

Right: onesies turned T-shirts; Left: biase tape and stitching

While I was working on the pants, my friend Caitlin stopped by with my "treat of the month". For my birthday, she presented me with a certificate entitling me to a yummy treat delivered to my door every month. And let me emphasize - she makes YUMMY treats! You should check out her culinary adventures every Thursday.

This month she presented me with Challah (pronounced "halla") bread. You can click on the link to read more about this Jewish bread. I was so amazed just by looking at it. Can you see what I mean?

Not only does it look amazing - it tastes unbelievable!!!

However, I have to admit I did have a momentary "deer in the headlights" moment when she told me the name. All I heard was "Halla".

Here's the scoop. When T Rex was making his lengthy entrance into this world (56 hours from first contraction), there was a PA student working with my OB physician. The month leading up to the birth she was actually doing some of my weekly visits. I told her she was welcome to participate in the delivery. I was once a nursing student and I was always very appreciative when someone allowed me to experience hands on learning with them. I did this for several other women delivering babies and I felt I would be a good candidate to "learn on". I'm a pretty calm person. The PA student's name was "Halla". I think she is from some eastern European country because of her thick accent. She was a sweet lady trying really hard to learn in her own laid back way.

When it FINALLY came time to push my two weeks over due baby out I had a horrible headache. 50+ hours of labor will do that to you along with 2 bottles of epidural drugs helping - definitely not complaining about the drugs though! T Rex Dad and Halla each took a leg to hold so I could focus on the pushing - oh, I forgot to add, I never actually dilated to a full 10 cm - my delivery nurse (whom I STILL stay in touch with because she was so AWESOME) held the cervix open while I pushed. Yes, there was dozens of people in the room while I did this!

When each contraction started I would start pushing. The way we were taught in birthing class is to bare down and count, " 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" and stop. T Rex Dad was totally in the groove and this is what he started to do. Then Halla said she wanted to count. Fine with me - how hard could that be? So next contraction starts and I start pushing but there no counting. After about 5 seconds (or what seemed like 5 hours to me) Halla starts counting, "1...2...3...4...5..." - you get the idea.

So this is where I have to mention one of my character flaws. I have a hard time telling people I don't like something. Generally I just nod or don't say anything and just let the moment pass and that is that. The delayed lengthy counting continued for another 45 minutes. Finally, I couldn't take it any more - literally. I was just too tired. The next time a contraction started and Halla started counting"...1...2", I jumped in saying, "6,7,8,9,10 - Halla would you please let my husband count from now on." Whew - that was so stressful for me - almost as stressful as getting that 8 lb 8 oz baby out of me. (I'm a pretty petit person so he seemed massively huge to me!)

So every time since then I hear the word "Halla" - I kind of cringe. However, I think that has changed because the Challah bread Caitlin brought over is pretty darn amazing. T Rex and I ate half the loaf while T Rex Dad napped Sunday afternoon and now's it's nearly all gone. Amazingly good. What a great birthday gift!

And what a great weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning...

I'll be honest. I sometimes get a little bored being at home with my little guy. I feel horribly guilty for saying that. I love my time with him and would not trade this special time together for anything. He is the most charming thing ever but having spent most of my life pursuing studies and working, it is hard to switch that off. And since he's not really all that into current events or medical affairs but rather spheres and Elmo, I find myself getting a little stir crazy. Can anyone else relate?

Oh, I keep busy chasing T Rex - no question there. Definitely a full time job. But I need a few distractions while I anxiously wait - and I mean anxiously - to hear about nurse practitioner school. I only applied to one school because it is the only one I can do part time so Thomas won't have to go to daycare. And it would be instate tuition so financially we would be able afford this avenue. Hopefully by this time next week I will have an answer, but until then, I suspect I will be doing a lot more organizing and cleaning.

Did I ever mention how much I enjoy organizing and cleaning - love it! I would happily come over and do your house if I could - seriously.

One of my projects this week was to redo my side of the master closet. It's been a while since I did a really good "purge" and put together some things for a donation run. This time, however, I documented the event.

"Before" Photos...

I also decided to wash the sheets to our bed in addition to vacuuming the mattress and under the bed areas.

In this second photo you can see T Rex brought in his vacuum to help. I dragged in the tunnel and rocket box as distractions while I actually did vacuum.

"During" Photos...

Thomas LOVED the boxes I was using - he fit perfectly in them. For more photos of him helping me, check out his blog.

This was one of the cool items I found in my things - a purse given to me by T Rex Dad's grandma Besta - she passed away just before Thomas was born. She was nearly 102 years old. So one can only imagine how old this is.

What was I thinking? My mom offered these to me a few years ago and I graciously took them - not sure why. They went in the donation pile - sorry, Madre'.

The donation bag - it's about the size of those large leaf bags - there are at least 38 sweaters in the bag (I itemized everything for tax purposes).

The little face telling me he had to GP ("go potty").

Break time! You can see how dreary it was outside - we were not missing anything by being inside. Maybe that's why it's called "Spring Cleaning"!

"After" Photos...

My side of the closet - T Rex Dad is still working on his side - his did not start out as bad as mine. Look at all that room for more clothes! Too bad I'm not much into shopping for myself anymore. So much more fun to shop for T Rex.

Everything neatly stacked and folded - done at least 2 - 3 times since I had a little person "helping" me.

Bed is made, organizing is done, T Rex is bathed...Whew - what a tiring day!

If you need a little inspiration, this might help. I found a total of $18 dollars in lose bills and coins during this cleaning event. Cleanliness actually does pay!

And that is the first of my "Spring Cleaning" projects. Let me know if you want help with your projects! I'd love to be of service...at least until school starts...hopefully!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mr. Scott Does Damage Control

(or How Rube Goldberg Beat an Open Limit Switch)

T Rex Dad here, guest blogging.

This week the Rex household suffered a serious power outage. My 'engineering' skills were again to be put to the test. Electricity to our home was off for almost exactly five hours starting at 10pm until about 3:10am. The T Rex was asleep in bed when the power went out, and we quickly followed since it was clear this was not just a 'blip'. We got ready for bed by the light of our emergency flashlights, put another blanket on our Little Guy, and went to sleep. It was 68 degrees in the hall outside our bedroom at 10:30, and 69 in T Rex's room. The furnace, although gas fired, is electrically controlled, so we were hoping the power would come back on soon. It was supposed to get down to 38 degrees that night...

Five hours later, I was awakened by the sound of our furnace fan starting up. Warp power restored! Or was it? I checked on T Rex; he was still covered by blankets but it was 63 degrees in his room. Our room was a chilly 62. (We have wireless thermometers in Thomas' room with the "Base" in our bedroom, in case you are wondering how we know all these temperatures). Reassured by the drone of the furnace fan, I returned to bed. It would be warm soon.

Two uncomfortable hours later, colder than ever, I lay awake in bed, "frigidly fuming." Something was wrong. It was COLD, and, although the furnace fan was running and running, only cold air was coming out of the vent. A quick check of the thermostat reported, YES, the furnace was on and the temp was set to 68. But the actual temperature read 59. Yes, 59 degrees. Groggy, shivering, and unhappy, I knew something had to be done. I didn't bother checking the temperature in Thomas' room. If I felt cold, he would be freezing. Something was wrong with our furnace. So out to the garage to see what I could do.

Our furnace

My first step was to look through the window of the furnace. No blue flame. Just the drone of the fan running. Mmm. My next step was to cycle the power breaker on the furnace. The power outage 'broke' it, right? Maybe cycling the power again would fix it. Click, off. Fan stops. Wait.... Click, on. Fan starts up. No blue flame. No glow of an attempted light up. The 'core' of our furnace was dead. Sigh. Groggily (it is 5:07 am), I get the tall ladder, a flashlight, and a screwdriver, and proceed to examine the top service window leading into the brains of the furnace. Visible inside this window is an LED light which SHOULD be glowing a stead red meaning "I'm working". Nope. It is blinking... ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR. Pause, and repeat. That's an error code the 'brain' of our furnace was putting out. Something is DEFINITELY wrong. However, it's good that the 'brain' knows it. Maybe something can be done.

Carefully, I opened the cover of our furnace. Now (and I am NOT recommending that ANYONE try this or ANY furnace repair themselves), there are two parts to a furnace like ours. The top part is where the 'brain' is, along with the fan that blows the heated air. The bottom part is where the burner is. When you open either door cover, a safety switch stops the furnace. (This is to protect people like me from the blue hot flames found inside all working furnaces) Most importantly to me at this point, the inside of the top door has a wiring diagram of the workings of the furnace and a list of error codes for that blinking LED light. It's a short list. Four blinks clearly indicate this error:


What exactly in the heck does that mean? It could have said "The dilithium crystals in the warp core regulator are burned out" and that would have made more sense.

An attempt to look up this error via the Internet proved futile. Our Internet is down. The power bump has killed our DSL router!! GREAT (fixing our Internet problem is a whole other story). Luckily for us, I have a wireless cellular card on a laptop that does not need a DSL line. I am able to look up this error. Turns out this is fairly common problem. The power spike likely reset one or more sensors that monitor air flow in our furnace. It does not 'see' air flow, so will not allow the burners to ignite. Depending on the type of furnace, there are several sensors which give this information and MAY have reset switches. If they don't have switches, the sensor is likely burnt out and will need replacing before the furnace will ignite. You can try and 'short' the sensor manually, causing a bypass, but even I am not that crazy. At least not right now. So let's HOPE our sensors have switches. Back to the wiring diagram I go in order to find the sensors....

Wiring diagram

A spaghetti mess of a diagram later, it turns out there are four sensors, two in the bottom of the furnace, and two on top. An examination of the top two sensors reveals they are nearly impossible to reach.

Top of furnace (sensors are "easily accessible" behind gray pipes)

I open the bottom cover and examine those. They are right by the burners.

Bottom of furnace - sensors are bottom center

Close up of two sensors

Bad luck. They are just sensors with no reset switches. They are either OK, or dead. No fix. Drearily, I climb to the top of the ladder and, after various attempts, manage to scrunch my arm past pipes and tubes seeking the top sensors. It turns out it is impossible to touch the sensor with your hand while actually looking at them. In fact, I can barely SEE where they are (following the wires). Everything has to be done by touch. Wow. Who designed this thing? Feeling around, balanced on top of the ladder I find a tiny bump on the top of each sensors. A switch!?! I feel a tiny 'click' as I push each one in. Hope fills me as I back away and tentatively touch the 'safety' switch with tells the furnace the door is closed. (DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF FOLKS, I am telling you. This is for experienced Rube Goldberg - Mr.. Scott wanna-be's like me). As I push the switch, the furnace fan immediately starts up. I watch the burners through the still open bottom door as.... nothing happens. NOTHING. I am near despair. It is 5:52 am, and it is REALLY cold. Sighing and cursing, I release the 'safety' switch and the furnace fan immediately stops.

For some reason, I decide to try again. I really don't know why I did it. Never give up, I always say. So I carefully lever myself into the top compartment of the furnace, again balanced on the top of the ladder. I feel each little 'click' as the reset switches again depress. Again I back away and push the door 'safety' switch down . Immediately the fan starts running. And... a white glow starts up in the bottom compartment as the burner igniter starts up! I am filled with true joy as the #1 burner "CHUFFS" gas and a bright blue flame ignites. One by one in order, the four burners light up! WOO HOO! Seriously wondering how I succeeded, I release the door switch and carefully replace both covers. As I screw the top door tight against that safety switch, the furnace again ignites and the blue glow greet me happily through the observation window. I am so relieved. Warp power restored! In from the garage and straight for bed I go after first raising the thermostat to 70 degrees. It is 6:04am as I close my eyes. I have never been so happy to be a hack repairman. T RexMom and T Rex slept right through my repairs and the house, although cool throughout the morning at least there was warm air blowing!

Warp power has been restored - in other words, the bright blue flame as ignited!

**Lessons learned from the power outage:

-Push every reset button twice (oddly enough, this also fixed the Internet DSL router problem later in the day)

-Keep flashlights on hand and CHECK THE BATTERIES. Ours were dead flat. Luckily we keep spares

-Keep a hot water bottle (or three) around. We filled ours with water that was still hot right after the power went out and it kept beds warm all night. Recommended one per person

-Do NOT have ONLY cordless phones around. They don't work when the power is out Keep an old fashioned plug-into-the-wall phone hooked up. Wall phones work on separate power connections from normal house power so will function during a normal outage. We used our plug in phone to call and check in with the Power Company during the outage. (Our cell phones also worked)

-Have a family emergency plan in case the power goes out for an extended period. Our house is heated by gas, but needs electricity to ignite and function. We wished we had more hot water bottles! (and photovoltaic generation with battery back up. That is for the next house!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

I'm sure you've all been waiting anxiously to hear who the winner of my giveaway is. Well, T Rex Dad assigned numbers to all the comments and using a random number generator, we have a winner...

Drum Roll Please...

Mommy of M's

(Caitlin, you totally rocked with the highest number of comments and being my longest follower - since the very beginning - so I'm giving you an honorable mention - I'll make something for Joseph and surprise you with it.)

I'm going to be starting another giveaway beginning in April so keep following...

Top Ten Postings - Happy 100th!!!

(Doesn't he look like he's celebrating? He actually is - a successful potty break! Almost as good as a 100th posting!)

In celebration of my 100th posting, I have compiled a list of T Rex Mom and Dad Tales' top ten posts - oldest to most recent:

Top Ten Toys for Beginning Toddlers...

Photo Shoot while on Vacation in McCall, Idaho

How Much Does a Diaper Really Hold?

Tortilla Traditions (and Recipe, too!)

Christmas Eve Salute: Hail The Heroes

Winter Garden Aglow

Sample Toddler Menu

Man of My Dreams...

Honest Scraps

Victory Garden

I'd love to hear if you have a favorite and I'd like to see your favorites too. I will be posting the winner of the giveaway this evening so stay tuned...

Happy 100th to T Rex Mom and Dad Tales!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Small Weekend Easter Project

This past weekend's project was a simple one - I purchased a package of foam egg-shaped photo frames from Joann's for $3 for the package of twelve. A pretty good deal! Ahh, the joy of kits - makes crafting so much easier. I want to get magnets to put on the back for refrigerator displaying.

These are for Thomas' grandparents and great-aunt and uncle. Again, continuing with the homemade only gifts in 2009.

These ones are my favorite.

These ones were my favorite.

And yes, putting the letters on was tedious!
(as was cutting the photos "egg-shaped")

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Mother?

My little T Rex is finally all better from his sinus infection. He's back to playing non-stop - sometimes with me and sometimes on his own. Actually he's pretty good when it comes to playing on his own - at least when he's not sick.

Well, much to my surprise he went into his room, grabbed his blanket, and proceeded to take his nap. Seeing this made me feel so bad for not getting him into his crib sooner.

I can only assume he was simply exhausted. I was cleaning up from lunch when sound ceased - never a good thing with a toddler - generally it means either he's doing something he's not supposed to - like climbing - or sneaking off to GP ("go potty") not in his potty.

This was the scene I walked into

Isn't this just so sad?

Does this make me a bad mother?
(I sure hope not - I sure love being this little guy's mom!)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fictitious To Do Lists

Have you ever considered what the Easter Bunny's to do list would look like? Or maybe the tooth fairy's? Well, if you're curious, you can visit Jenner's blog where I found the inspiration for devising my own fictitious to do lists.

Here goes...

Captain Kirk's To Do List:

Beat Spock at Chess

Make date with Orion Slave Girl
3. Call Romulan commander back

4. Have drink with Dr. McCoy

5. Check on Khan on Ceti Alpha Six

6. Ask Mr. Scott for more warp speed

For those of you who happen to not be Star Trek fans, then you might be able to relate to another list.

T Rex To Do List:

1. Organize ball collection

2. Unroll toilet paper roll

3. Eat nearest piece of food or food-like item from the floor

4. Locate phone and attempt to dial last received phone number

5. Wrestle with Dad

6. Play chase with Mom

7. Sit on potty

8. When Mom's not looking, climb as high as possible onto nearest unsafe surface

9. Leave hand prints onto any newly washed windows

10. Sneak into the garage if door has been left unlocked

For more fun fictitious lists visit the Poetry and Hums blog.

Please feel free to make your own lists and either post them to your blog or in the comments section. If you post a list, I will give you 5 extra entries into the giveaway that ends this week.

Giveaway rules: For every comment you leave on this blog or T Rex Tales (starting with the March 16th postings), I will give you one chance to win a custom, handmade item in the fashion of any of these items: toddler pants, toddler shorts, or spring blanket. If you currently are or become a follower of either of the blogs, I will double your chances of winning. You can comment as much as you want per posting but only one per person per posting counts. Giveaway closes Wednesday, March 25th. I will post the winner on Thursday, March 26th on T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.

Friday, March 20, 2009

After Bath Time...

Scene post bath time...

I don't think I could have staged this if I tried - if you've ever attempted to footprint a toddler, it is NOT an easy task! I soak my feet in the tub while Thomas bathes - I'm paranoid he'll drown so I figure this way I'm already in the water in case anything happens. And it leaves my feet super soft! (Sometimes we even use homemade oatmeal milk bath.)

I felt this just captured the moment following bath time. I had to snap the photo to keep as a memory of our bath times together. It also depicts the size disparity between our feet: woman's size 7 vs kids side 5.

T Rex footprints

Have a great weekend and don't forget the giveaway continues !

Giveaway rules: For every comment you leave on this blog or T Rex Tales (starting with the March 16th postings), I will give you one chance to win a custom, handmade item in the fashion of any of these items: toddler pants, toddler shorts, or spring blanket. If you currently are or become a follower of either of the blogs, I will double your chances of winning. You can comment as much as you want per posting but only one per person per posting counts. Giveaway closes Wednesday, March 25th. I will post the winner on Thursday, March 26th on T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Which Neighbor's Back Yard Do You Prefer...

A little back story first...

In our first home we had five other homes adjacent to ours. How is that even possible? Once when we were getting ready for bed we thought we heard someone walking on the deck. When we peaked out the window we saw two glowing eyes peering back. We then realized it was one of the neighbor dogs. Thus, my husband took her back. Since it was late he felt awkward going over at such a strange hour. He knocked on the door and after a few minutes he heard, "Who is it?" Skip replied, "Your neighbor. I have your dog." Finally the door opened and there was our neighbor, her little girl, and a man (not her husband) standing there with a shot gun. Remember, this is Idaho (although, not quite like Texas). Eventually that neighbor and the new boyfriend moved away after their baby daughter was born 9 months later!

Needless to say, we were ecstatic when we moved into our current home - only two neighbors - one on each side. Both families are great and don't have annoying dogs. We've all lived on the street for 2 years now. One would think that would be plenty of time to complete the landscaping - especially since we only live on 1/4 acre. Am I just being too picky? Because we live across the street from "anal" neighbor who washes his gravel and blows his grass twice a week and I don't want to be that bad!

So help me out. I need a sanity check.

You decide - which neighbor's yard do you prefer?

Neighbor on the west

Neighbor on the east - the hot tub covers up the other Adirondack chairs - one red, one blue, and you can see the yellow one. And that's a gray tarp covering his dirt yard. My theory is he spent all his money on the hot tub and could not afford the landscaping. The kicker - his house has been for sale now for over a year! He finally took down the sign but for a while it read "Indoor Plumbing". Go figure. That probably explains why he uses an ecofriendly push mower but then powers up his gas edger afterward. He likes to keep us guessing!

His yard, however, comes with cute little rock chucks. That right there could seal the deal!

Disclaimer - I love my neighbors and they really are awesome! I just hope "neighbor on the east" is not reading this. If so, please finish landscaping your yard. We'd really appreciate looking out the window and seeing more rock chucks and less flashy lawn furniture. And why do you use a push mower? Are you trying to save on emissions because your gas edger produces more emissions than 10 cars in a year every time you use it! Or, it might just be the "ecofriendly" backyard! Aahh...I think that's it!

Fat Free Fries

We live in Idaho - we have a lot of potatoes here. Surprisingly, most of the #1 sized giant ones get exported but we can still get the smaller ones for pretty cheap. I purchased 15 lbs yesterday for $2.

Needless to say, that's a lot of potatoes so thankfully there are many different ways to prepare them - that's the beauty of potatoes. Last night we had fat free homemade fries! Mmmm...

Here's how:

- 6 medium sized potatoes peeled
- Pam cooking spray

- Season salt

- Rock salt

- After peeling potatoes, slice into fry-sized segments. Spray cookie sheet with Pam cooking spray. Place potatoes on cookie sheet in single layer. Spray potatoes thoroughly with more cooking spray. Sprinkle with desired amounts of season salt and/or rock salt (regular table salt works fine too but the rock salt tends to keep the favor better during the baking process).

- Bake 25-30 minutes at 450 degrees in oven. Cook longer if prefer crispy fries.

(Don't worry, the outside does not get hot except during cleaning cycles and we only do those at night.)

- Eat and enjoy!

Served with hamburger from our recent beef purchase which has been placed on - you guessed it - potato bread buns!

Serves 4 adults. Prep time: 25 minutes. Baking time: 25 minutes.


Giveaway rules: For every comment you leave on this blog or T Rex Tales (starting with the March 16th postings), I will give you one chance to win a custom, handmade item in the fashion of any of these items: toddler pants, toddler shorts, or spring blanket. If you currently are or become a follower of either of the blogs, I will double your chances of winning. You can comment as much as you want per posting but only one per person per posting counts. Giveaway closes Wednesday, March 25th. I will post the winner on Thursday, March 26th on T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.