T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Simply a perfect day. 

We just kept things simple this year. All I wanted was for us to be together as a family. Since we became a family of five we have moved to "zone defense" which means we often "divide and conquer". It works out fine and allows us to get kids where they need to be and chores done when they need to be done. However, it does mean less time together as a family. When we used to attend all things together as a family of four, now it's just too much to ask our littlest family member to sit through all of the older kids' activities or be out in the cold wind during a blustery t-ball game. 

This morning the baby and I slept in until 9:30 this morning! 9:30! I cannot recall the last time I slept that late. Now I was up five times with her last night but at least I was able to catch up a bit on my sleep. Once I began stirring and making noise I heard Hubby say to the kids, "Okay...Go!" Then lots of pattering of feet followed until they reached me. I was given flowers and cards. One card from the kids and one from my sweetheart. 

We ate breakfast together and then had a quiet morning. Later in the day we went to a local park without a jungle gym. I wanted to take a nature walk and see if any of the baby geese were out. We saw no goslings but we did see several geese on their nests and even some exposed eggs. We did spy one mule deer and dozens of turtles.

The kids did a charming job on cards. Lil Sister drew an ice castle. My card from Hubby was awesome. It references a once favorite show of ours "How I Met Your Mother" and it was just perfect. T made some amazing gifts at school. I had to laugh at some of the pages of the book he made. I love the drawings of me, especially of the one of me "yoosing a lite sabre". T also made me a little clay heart at school. Lil Sister had a coaster made of her at school. T also brought home some chocolate chip cookie mix he made at his after school program. Hubby is mixing them up right now while the kids and I watch The Hobbit. The kids really went all out this year. Of course, Baby is in and of herself an "every holiday" gift for her first year. As an early Mother's Day gift T made me a Lego minifigure from his own collection pieces. The yellow piece is supposed to "fix anything that is broken". These types of pieces are virtual treasures to our son so I was deeply touched by his giving of such an item.

It really has been just a simple day full of togetherness and lots of love. 

I did celebrate with my own mother last weekend so I could have this day with my kiddos.  The girls and I took her shopping for new church clothes and lunch at Cheese Cake Factory. She had a wonderful time and it was nice to see her able to walk the mall with little to no need of her cane. I know my days of celebrating her on Mother's Day are getting fewer but I will continue to enjoy her as often as I can. I am fortunate to have such a mother who gives without thought of herself.

For now, I am off to finish my day with the family before another crazy day of work (it's pollen season - enough said).