T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twilight Confessions

So Skip and I have both been dying to see the vampire movie Twilight. My mom friends got me started on reading the books, and they have even waited for me to finish the first one before we all go see the movie.

When another friend mentioned to Skip she wanted to go see it, he set up a time for us to go. So I couldn't turn down the fun time, right? Especially since the last time he and I went to the movies was in July!

Thinking I could also go with my mom friends at a later time, I agreed. Plus, I was just bursting to see who was cast for all the characters after having an image in my head of who everyone looks like.

It was a great movie, by the way. Except we did not get to see the end. I failed to mention that the friend we went with is a physician. No usually of huge importance except when the person sitting behind you in the theater suffers a medical emergency.

I'm an RN by trade but I've never worked in the ER and I honestly just assumed the girl was sleeping. I've slept through movies before but when she would not wake up, that was scary. Skip immediately knew something was wrong. He rushed to the aid of the individual and grabbed our friend in the process to have her assess the situation. Luckily, I didn't have to do anything. He then called 9-1-1 and they arrived at the theater 15 minutes later.

My two heroes - Dr. NM and Skip - they took care of the whole emergency

So, we missed probably the last 10 - 15 minutes of the movie - I'm guessing. The good news, the girl seems to be alright but still needed to go to the hospital. We got refunds for the movie. And as my physician friend, Dr. NM, said, "Never a dull time with you guys!"

Yes, never a dull time but now I'm dying to see the end. I know what happens but I want to see if the magical prom is as wonderful on screen as I imagined it from reading the book.

To my mom friends, my apologies for not waiting to see it with you. I think fate intervened and determined I need to wait to see the end with you!

Dr. NM, thank you for such a fun visit even with the craziness. We never have a dull time with you either!

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