T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ecofriendly Bags

Last year I paid for my horse's grain by selling purses at the local saddle shop. In fact, I dropped off a dozen "BlackBerry Bags" - named in honor of my horse - just before Thomas was born in November 2007 (this is what happens when your baby is 2 weeks late! I had to do something to keep busy!) The earnings were directly credited to my purchase of grain for all of 2008. By year end, I had $20 to spare!!! That I spent on me!

My goal this year is to make all the gifts I give this year. I've already started by making what I call ecofriendly bags. They are light-weight bags intended to fold up into one's purse to take along to the store or farmers market.

These ones were my weekend project:

This one is my favorite - it is a fairly large bag - about the size of a paper grocery sack. Because I put in a partial lining it took me about 3 hours total.

These photos are of the same bag - the trademark of a BlackBerry Bag is the complete reversibility factor - 2 bags in one! On the second photo you can see the tie I made so once the bag is rolled, it can be tied to stay shut until ready for use! This design is really simple so it actually only took about 2 hours, although, it involves more fabric than the other design.

I'll continue to post more photos of the projects I complete this year. Watch out, one of these might be your birthday or Christmas gift! (Let me know if you see my post something you really like and I will make note!)

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