T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fictitious To Do Lists

Have you ever considered what the Easter Bunny's to do list would look like? Or maybe the tooth fairy's? Well, if you're curious, you can visit Jenner's blog where I found the inspiration for devising my own fictitious to do lists.

Here goes...

Captain Kirk's To Do List:

Beat Spock at Chess

Make date with Orion Slave Girl
3. Call Romulan commander back

4. Have drink with Dr. McCoy

5. Check on Khan on Ceti Alpha Six

6. Ask Mr. Scott for more warp speed

For those of you who happen to not be Star Trek fans, then you might be able to relate to another list.

T Rex To Do List:

1. Organize ball collection

2. Unroll toilet paper roll

3. Eat nearest piece of food or food-like item from the floor

4. Locate phone and attempt to dial last received phone number

5. Wrestle with Dad

6. Play chase with Mom

7. Sit on potty

8. When Mom's not looking, climb as high as possible onto nearest unsafe surface

9. Leave hand prints onto any newly washed windows

10. Sneak into the garage if door has been left unlocked

For more fun fictitious lists visit the Poetry and Hums blog.

Please feel free to make your own lists and either post them to your blog or in the comments section. If you post a list, I will give you 5 extra entries into the giveaway that ends this week.

Giveaway rules: For every comment you leave on this blog or T Rex Tales (starting with the March 16th postings), I will give you one chance to win a custom, handmade item in the fashion of any of these items: toddler pants, toddler shorts, or spring blanket. If you currently are or become a follower of either of the blogs, I will double your chances of winning. You can comment as much as you want per posting but only one per person per posting counts. Giveaway closes Wednesday, March 25th. I will post the winner on Thursday, March 26th on T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.


Tiffany said...

Love those lists! I don't know anything about Star Trek, but I do know about climbing toddlers (although it's been a while since I've had to deal with that!) Your little guy is busy and cute.

septembermom said...

That Star Wars list was great! Your little climber is a true adventurer. I enjoyed reading these lists. I think I should try and make one too :)

Jenners said...

Oh My God! The Star Trek one was little over my head as I never really watched it but I LOVED the T Rex to do list --- and the accompanying photos! That was too precious and hilarious. I'm still cracking up over his face as he gets "caught in the act" at the computer desk. I'm sure he keeps you on your toes!!!!

Caitlin said...

Very clever! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

those are hilarious - especially TRex's!!