T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, May 8, 2009

Indoor Container Garden - Update

I did my first harvesting today!

Two whole radishes.

I can get a bunch of rashes at the grocery store for $0.69 and I will probably yield a bunch total. I don't think rashes are the best bang for the buck when it comes to container gardening. But at least it only took a month to grow them.

On the other hand, I can grow a large amount of spinach in a small space and it will continue to yield without continuously planting more seeds. Some of it is ready to cut but it will be another couple days until I we're ready to eat it.

The cucumbers are coming right along - actually lovely to look at. The onions are slow - they are on the "120 days to harvest schedule" - not good if you have problems with deferred gratification (like me) - good thing I planted ones outside that will be ready in half the time. No photos of either the cucumbers or onions.

Ahh, the cherry tomatoes. They are actually beautiful to look at and somewhat fragrant. I have high hopes for them.

There's the update - stay tuned as the harvest is just beginning!

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Jenners said...

Our tomatos are just not doing well at all....what type of seeds do you use? I wonder if that might make a difference...

Caitlin said...

woohoo! Those radishes look delicious!

Nina said...

This is our first year growning a garden outside. So much work is involved. We did the tomato and pepper starters in the house. The tomato's are growing really great and I have got to get them planted soon because those little pods are getting to small for my big tomato plants.

T Rex Mom said...

In response to Jenners' question - what kind of tomato seeds - Lilly Miller Tomato Sweet 100. I hope this helps.

septembermom said...

Everything is growing so nicely! Your garden looks wonderful :) Someday I'll have to attempt an indoor container garden too.