T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moms, Toddlers, and Twilight

This past weekend I had my mom friends and their boys over. All our hubbies were either working, traveling, or otherwise occupied. Hence, it was decided we would all get together with our kids, get them ready for bed, and then settle in to watch Twilight.

We were going to eat dinner with the boys - sort of a mini-dinner party. Then get the them bathed and off to bed. After which the rest of the evening would be ours to enjoy - popcorn, ice cream, pie, and Edward Cullen!

In theory it sounded like an ideal plan. But in the end, T Rex was able to stay on schedule because we were at home, Caitlin and Joseph had to go home early because he would not sleep upstairs in our port-a-crib, and Cooper and Colleen were able to stay but Cooper was up the entire time and is still off schedule.

Oh well. I did feel bad for the other moms having to deal with off-schedule kids but at least it was still a fun evening. Here are some highlights...

Dinner party with the boys - left to right or back to front: T Rex, Cooper, and Joseph.

A little after dinner entertainment - aka Baby Einstein.

Tub time fun - you can only imagine how hard it was to get a photo of three naked boys with no private parts being exposed! They had a grand time in the big tub!

Thanks ladies and little ones for a wonderful time!

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Mommy of M's said...

Tub pictures are too cute, I bet they had fun together in the tub!

You were one my giveaway winners for the Country Bob's Sauce, email me your mailing address!

septembermom said...

You did a good job with the tub picture! That is tricky! Fun idea for a mom/tots night. It is tough with little guys' schedules. So glad that you all had fun anyway.

Caitlin said...

Thanks for having us over! We had a fun time, and don't feel bad that we had to leave early, Joseph has always been a bit...difficult...so I wasn't surprised!

Missus Wookie said...

Love the dinner party photo :)

Nina said...

Even if the schedules were off a bit I am sure everyone had a good time.

Jenners said...

This was so adorable!!! I wish I lived near you and Caitlin ... you guys sound like such fun!!!