T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Projects and Giveaway...

Yes, I was busy this weekend. I fell a little behind on my sewing projects last weekend so I did catch up this weekend. It could not have been a better time for it - remember the wacky Idaho weather? Well, it was like that again but we had a pretty nice result this time.

You cannot tell from the photo but it was a full rainbow - lovely.

First, Nina over at Juggling Mama here are some photos of your purses/bags. All are reversible so you are actually getting six bags instead of three. They turned out pretty good.

On the left - the tiny bag is intended to hold the larger bag. On the right - a little purse

Secondly, here are a couple pairs of capri pants I made for T Rex. A friend suggested this will help preventing some of the skinned knees he'll likely get this summer playing outside.

Lastly, I finished my cherry apron - it turned out pretty cute - especially with the red thread stitching.

Left - front / Right - back

I will be making another one of these aprons for the winner of May's giveaway. Rules are the same - one entry counted per comment per posting per blog (T Rex Mom Tales or T Rex Tales). Entries are doubled for followers. May's giveaway will run through May 29th.

Good luck and keep those comments coming - we love hearing from you!


Nina said...

I am so excited to get my new bags in the mail. They are really cute! I will post about them when I get them. The little pants you made are cute. I keep saying I am breaking out the sewing machine. Of coures I have to finish planting my garden first. With my little guy it is an tough job.

septembermom said...

Everything came out so cute! How do you get all this done so quickly? You're amazing.

Caitlin said...

Adorable! I love the prints that you chose!

Thanks for coming out to see me today! It made the time go by so fast!