T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts (T Rex Pants, Pregnancy, & School)

Since we won't find out for another week or so what the gender of Baby 2.0 is, I'm trying to get pants made for T Rex to wear this fall. (Because if 2.0 is a girl I know I'll be sewing overtime to make "girly" outfits!)

Here are the pants I made. The blue ones with stars are my favorite - I like the red contrasting thread. He already has a couple pairs of the striped ones that he's nearly worn out. I replaced the elastic in the one pair twice. But they are our favorite so I had to make more.

(If you click on the photo you will get a better look at the prints.)

T Rex Dad and I were both a little tearful when we saw how large these pants seem. He's just growing up so fast!

I also started fall semester for school. Taking a pharmacotherapeutics class and nursing theory. I pretty much slept through my undergrad pharma class because it was at the end of the day after 48 hours of clinical rotations for the week. I cannot believe I still got an A in that class. I think the professor pitied me because she had me for two of those clinical days at the VA hospital - and that was quite the experience! But after working for a drug company for 3 years I grew to LOVE pharma and am really enjoying the class. We will learn how to prescribe drugs for our patients - very overwhelming to consider doing that. The theory class - well, I don't think there is any hope of that not being boring but I'm going to give it a whirl!

(Yes, more energy, less vomiting - but not entirely stopped, and I've actually gained a couple pounds. 20 week ultrasound next week - getting lots of kicks too. It's amazing to me how entirely different this pregnancy experience is from my first. Anyone else experience this?)


Ally said...

Those are some cute pants! Glad to hear the pregnancy is going good. =)

septembermom said...

The pants are adorable! I'm glad that you're enjoying the kicks. That's my favorite part of pregnancy:) I was always amazed at how my pregnancies would differ from each other. Relax when you can. Good luck with school too!!

shell said...

Wish you felt even better. Especially with all you are doing. Looking forward to hearing about the Ultrasound on 2.0

Hope to see you all soon.

Katie said...

Those pants are so cute. I was thinking about finding a pattern and "recycling" some of Daddy's size 3XLT shirts into pants for my son. I may just give it a whirl - it looks like it's just 4 pieces cut out with a waistband thrown in!
Glad the pregnancy is being kinder to you now. I absolutely despised almost everything about my pregnancy - I enjoyed the kicks but everything else was for the birds.

Nina said...

They grow way to fast. You think he grew fast, child number two does it even faster.

When I was pregnant with Thomas I was convinced I was having a girl. Everything about the pregnancy was different. Carried child 1 really low, carried child 2 really high. Never sick once with child 1, felt sick all the time with child 2. Child 1 barley kicked or moved, child 2 was planted in my ribs all the time.

Today I see why they were so different in the womb because they are so different outside of it also. Both my boys are night and day different.

I hope you share with the rest of us what you will be expecting.