T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like Mother, Like Son...

The other day T Rex Dad was folding laundry - yup, he does laundry - have I mentioned how amazing he is?!?

He commented after folding a load of jeans that T Rex and I were starting to wear similar clothes. I did not think anything of it - assuming he meant we both wear red or blue shirts with those jeans.

But actually, this is what he meant:

Look closely...

Left: T Rex Mom maternity jeans
Right: T Rex jeans

Crazy similiar!

I just cannot justify purchasing jeans for T Rex that do not have an elastic waist - what 22 month old can unsnap and unzip jeans to go potty and then re-snap and re-zip afterward? Seriously, what are those designers thinking!

So, with the help of another mom friend, I found a couple pairs of these jeans. Seems T Rex has his own maternity jeans! Too funny! But they are perfect for the potty trained toddler!


septembermom said...

I believe in those elastic jeans for the little ones too. They don't need the hassle of a zipper! Such a cute post:) Wish my hubby knew where the washing machine was!

Caitlin said...

Haha! I never thought of that before! :) It's true in our house too. Did you find that those jeans ran REALLY big? Joseph's 18-24 month pair is huge!

Nina said...

That is funny! Luke still to this day does not unsnap or unzip any of his pants. He is so skinny he just pushes them down and then pulls them back up. It cracks me up!

Kim said...

I loved those maternity jeans. I wore them well after Deaglan was born (not out of choice though). I like the small amount of stretchy band instead of the enormous band some jeans have.

You are one smart mom to think about his jeans that way. We aren't potty trained - I gave up for a bit, he just shows absolutely no interest - but now I will think about this when he does someday become potty trained - hopefully he's not entering college at that time:)

Nina said...

I kept all of Luke's old Halloween costumes up till recently when I gave them to Goodwill. I decided I want each kid to have their own Halloween experiences and that meant not putting Thomas in Luke's old costumes. To avoid being cheep and doing this very thing, I got rid of them so I wouldn't be tempted.

That is cute that he sneaks into your bed in the middle of the night. I can't seem to get my little one to go to bed in the big boy bed. I have made the path from my room back to his bed 50 some times a night before I just give in, let him lay down on my bed and he is out in two minutes flat. I just don't want this to be a habit but the kid has will power and doesn't give up.

Jenners said...

Those jeans do make sense ... for you and for him! How observant he is!