T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Not to Worry, We Are Still Flying Half a Ship..."

Our household has been struck by a horrible virus. In fact, I would say it is probably the worst cold virus I've ever had. I had the honor of becoming symptomatic first - ahead of the boys by almost 2 days. Thus, I was the lucky one to make the trip to the health center to be tested for flu - ever had your nose swabbed for flu? Definitely not fun.

The good news - a negative test. However, that still did not explain my horrible cough and chest pain. The on-call physician seeing me wanted to test for a blood clot in my lungs - she was suspect because of the presentation of the symptoms and with me being pregnant. That was definitely a scary thought. Luckily, that test was also negative. However, being a bad virus, it had to run its course. Let's just say, I don't remember much of the past 48 hours.

T Rex Dad did an amazing job keeping the household running, caring for me as well as the active toddler T Rex. We did everything possible to try to keep me isolated from the rest of the household and took precautions to prevent disease transmission. Alas, it failed. And today when I returned from a follow up with my physician, I found both my boys on the couch, eating salty chips, watching TV, and shivering under blankets.

Luckily, I am feeling decent enough to start to take care of them. T Rex actually brought his nebulizer mask to us tonight asking for a treatment. This virus is really bad because even folks with healthy lungs get horrible chest congestion. And little ones, like T Rex, who already have compromised lungs are especially hit hard. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, see for yourself...

(You can see his neb with mask in the background.)

I truly feel so bad for the boys; I definitely know how they feel. T Rex Dad said at one point I was hallucinating from the fever. At least the cough has decreased and I can stand unassisted.

I have to wait a few more days before getting my flu shot, but we all will be getting them as soon as we're better. And I would pass that advise along to you too. And don't forget the H1N1 vaccine - it should be out in the next week or so and it will be free. All the health care providers I've spoken to say it is best to get both these vaccines to protect yourselves as well as your family. (As long as you don't have a severe allergy to eggs or cannot get flu vaccines.)

Alright, time to get back to school work. My professors gave me a couple extra days to prepare for the two presentations and paper due this week. And I know T Rex will be waking in a few hours asking for another breathing treatment.

Be well.

Let me know, have you had your flu shot? Have your kids? And are you planning on getting the H1N1 vaccine? And if, not why?

(P.S. Anyone know where the quote in the title came from?)


BallerinaBiker said...

So sad. I hope everyone feels better soon!

As for me, I'm scared of the shots - I hear all this government crap about injecting us with drugs we don't need. Is that true? I've never had a flu shot before.

Caitlin said...

Oh no! You poor things! That picture of TRex just makes me want to cry! Would you like me to bring over dinner sometime this week? Let me know, I'd be happy to.

I have already had my flu shot, but I am on the fence about the swine flu vaccine.
I think that I probably should get one, being pregnant with asthma, but I am hesitant to be in the first round of a new vaccine, you know? Like what if there are side effects down the road that we don't know about yet because it is too new? Oh yes, and the temporary paralysis risk.

Any thoughts about that? I would love to hear your opinion. I am just a little fearful..well.. either way I guess!

mitchsmom said...

Glad it sounds like you are starting to feel better...

I don't know the quote.

I did get my regular seasonal flu shot, no side effects at all. My husband and kids have not gotten it, just haven't really thought about it... mine is convenient b/c they just do it quick and easy at work (hospital).

Not sure about the swine flu one, but we will probably do it since everyone in my family qualifies for the high priority, first round batch.

They are going to be giving them at some of our schools - it has been hitting very hard here in my area.

I work with pregnant women and newborns and if I get it I could expose them.
1/3 of pregnant women with swine flu are hospitalized - many in ICU's.

Plus, with five people in the family, if we each got it we could be down for some serious time.

I'm sort of surprised that my middle boy hasn't already gotten it, at least two kids in his class have had it, one in the hospital for 5 days. Thankfully he's my most sanitary child, he probably actually *listens* when I tell him how to not spread germs. LOL

septembermom said...

Hope everyone feels better soon! What a tough time for you guys.

My boys have never had a flu shot. Jillian had one last year. I'm kind of on the fence about getting the shot. I am fearful of the swine flu one. I've never had a flu shot either.

Good luck with all your schoolwork too!

Nina said...

I sure hope you all feel better soon. Poor T-rex looked so miserable. That is always so hard when they are ill like that.

I have never had a flu shot and only remember ever having the flu once. Now my husband gets the flu shot every year and he has had the flu many times even after having the shot. We don't agree when it comes to the boys about the flu shot. Eric has asthma and week lungs so I understand the value for him but the rest of us are typically very healthy.

As for the N1H1 it is out of the question. It is to new and just not tested enough for me. FDA often approves things that later are retracted because of side effects and I am not willing to take that risk.

We have had a stomach thing go around here recently that Thomas and I have both had. Both boys have a cough at bed time right now but so far that is it. Count our blessing!

I have heard a lot of flu cases going around in school right now and I am all over Luke about washing his hands properly and not putting his hands in his face. Not easy to do with a 6 year old.

Jenners said...

Oh how awful. I hope everyone is back on their feet too. Nothing quite as sad looking as a sick kid ... T-Rex just looks miserable.

And my Little One got is "regular" flu shot already and his school is going to give out the swine flu shots soon.

Feel better !

zombiemom said...

Firstly, I hope you feel better soon! I too had the worst virus I've ever had about three weeks ago (fever of 104 that wouldn't break for five days!) It was super scary! And I still have a cough and wheeze! So get lots of rest and feel better!

And thank you for the kind words both about Deni (all momma's like to hear it) and about the party. No more birthday parties for seven months! yay!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

T-Rex looks so miserable. Nothing is as heart-breaking as a sick baby. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Kim said...

TERRIBLE!! I can't believe how sick you have all been and poor little Thomas with his asthma!! I just want to hug his little body in those pictures. I fear this kind of illness for the upcoming winter.

I have been very confused about whether or not to get the flu shot and vaccine. On our news for a few weeks they were saying that people who had the flu shot last year were at an increased risk for H1N1. Then they were saying that they weren't recommending the flu shot for anyone under 65. In fact all of the provinces have changed their offering. It's really confusing and downright frightening since Deaglan is at a public daycare three days a week.