T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Motherhood

I really did not understand my own mother until I became a mother. Funny, how that works...

I did not understand how much the random hug means,
Or how a simple art project can bring out motherly beams.

I did not understand how much worry an illness can cause,
Or the heartache of watching my child cry in pain because.

I did not understand how long "nine months" is,
Or how tough birthing a child really is.

I did not realize how beautiful the night can be,
Even when my child is crying endlessly.

I did not realize public tantrums can be so frazzling,
Or conversely how uneventful public outings can be dazzling.

I did not realize how projects take longer when I have a little "helper,"
And how meaningful those projects become because of said "helper".

I did not realize how much, Mom, you love and care for me,
It just took having my own child to truly understand and see.

~ T Rex Mom

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Muthering Heights said...

This is such a touching poem!

Alicia said...

What a cute picture and sweet poem! Did you make that up?

Brimful Curiosities said...

Well stated. I agree, until you experience it yourself you just can't understand.

Caitlin said...

Why would you do this to a pregnant chick? I totally burst into tears!

So sweet, poignant, and SOOO TRUE!

Tiaras said...

very sweet

blueviolet said...

It all becomes clear once we're mothers ourselves.

Jennifer said...

After I had my Baby Girl I looked at my mom and said, "Now I get it." She just smiled.

shopannies said...

I was not born into a family of huggers rather married into it and now the hugs that we share I would never do without

Mayhem and Moxie said...

This is such an amazing poem. You have a gift...especially when it comes to conveying the many truths about motherhood.

I loved this.


Nina said...

Aww... that was so great and how true!

Jenners said...

Lovely...and so true. It took becoming a mother to fully appreciate my mother as well.