T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Girl Playtime

To spare you from an extra profile shot (they are becoming less and less flattering) - here is some video from Christmas Eve. It was late and we were just getting ready to head to bed - that seems to be her most favorite time to "play".

I can tell that her movements are much more "baby-like" and less "fetus-like". What does that mean? Well, basically, I can feel coordinated movements versus random kicks and jumps.

This is what I see looking down so the right side is indeed my right side.

She seems to really like to hang out on the right side. The other day my mom said my belly looked like a peanut because everything was so lopsided to the one side. It's kind of uncomfortable when she decides to stretch out on just that side.

What does T Rex think? Well, he gives "Baby" pats and kisses every morning - in fact, he insists - sometimes waking me to do so. Now he's been giving snuggles. He does insist on skin-to-skin contact, thus, I probably won't be posting any video or photos of my bare belly. He seems to really like the baby girl in our playgroup - he will also give her pats and "snuggles" as well as put her binkie back in her mouth.

I have been in total "nesting mode". I finished a blanket for Little Girl last night and have another in the que to be knitted. That one is more time consuming. I also have all the clothes washed, folded, and in drawers - she has so many cute outfits! What a fashion diva she will be! (Most of which are used or hand-me-downs but there are a few unbelieable cute new outfits too! Thank you everyone for dressing our daughter!) The diapers are ready - both cloth and disposable. I purchased one bottle - we almost never used bottles with T Rex as he prefered the breast exclusively for 18 months. And "motherhood support supplies" (we'll leave it at that!) are being delivered soon! Bags are packed and ready to go.

If you are into space travel at all or ever watch shuttle launches the best way to describe what stage we are at is "No Go for Return" - which means if labor starts now, we don't stop it. Hopefully something will happen in the next few weeks as I don't want a repeat of experiencing 42 weeks gestation!


Missus Wookie said...

I've got a friend a couple of weeks behind you (due end of Jan), I've been hoping both of you get your expected little girls safely.

Glad you like you Taun taun sleeping bag although it might be a tight fit at them moment.

shell said...

Well... if history repeats itself... I am on call on Saturday (like I was when Sue started labor)...

septembermom said...

Love those movements! I miss them :)Enjoy your nesting time. I'm so excited for you!

Jenners said...

Love it! I usually skip video posts (to be honest) but I love seeing babies move inside bellies and she was ACTIVE! That was probably the only part of pregnancy that I really really liked and enjoyed and actually miss!!!

Ginger said...

Cute post. It's such a happy thing when the baby is active and moving at this stage in the game.

T-Rex seems like he'll be a great big brother. That is one lucky girl to be coming to such a talented mother. I can't believe that you have time to knit, make blankets, make clothes, bake, play, clean, . . . You are amazing!

Good luck in the next couple of weeks!

Kim said...

GREAT video!! I can't wait to feel the movement more. My placenta is in the front again so I feel something but very faintly. I hope it's quick and painless for you this time. I know what you mean about 42 weeks. I went over 10 days with Deaglan and had to be induced. Enough is enough already!

Nina said...

I can't believe it is already time for you to have that baby. Time flies....

I feel for you with the pushing on your tummy. My second pushed on my right side all the time and I could swear you could see the shape of a head when he did it. My first son didn't move or kick much at all so it was a very different experience.

Emily said...

How sweet. I love watching the baby move inside of me too. It's fun to try and figure out their little personality already.

Maybe we'll have our babies on the same day...even if you do go 42 weeks! :)

Wouldn't that be fabulous!