T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Bye Newborn Clothes and Hello Cloth Diapers...

Little Girl just keeps growing and growing. Yesterday she turned 5 weeks old. She's grown out of all the newborn clothes. However, the 0-3 month clothes are still a little big. That's actually a good thing because now she fits into the cloth diapers and they are quite bulky.

With my little princess

My model - here she shows off her cloth diaper set up - Bummis brand (thank you, Nina). She is also modeling a pair of baby booties that I made this weekend to go with a hat that is being sent out tomorrow for a special Iowa baby born last week.

See how she fills out those pants with the bulky diaper?

We're doing cloth diapers during the day and when we're home which tends to be all the time these days - a lot of work to go anywhere with two little ones. Our diaper of choice when not using cloth - Earth's Best chlorine-free. We've found if we order them off Amazon.com they are less expensive than nearly any diaper we can purchase locally at the grocery store. And, of course, we're also saving money utilizing the cloth diapers, although, I'm not sure how much since we are doing more laundry.

There are definitely pros and cons to use of cloth diapers whether they be environmental, health, cost, or personal choice/preference. For us, there are two main reasons we're utilizing cloth - health and cost. We figure we're saving money by not having to purchase disposable diapers. But as I mentioned previously, we're not sure if it's a "wash" (pardon the pun) because we're having to do more laundry. Secondly, there are some pretty harsh chemicals used when making most disposable diapers and I worry about the long term effects of exposure to such chemicals. Lastly, I was worried about the time involved with using cloth diapers and I must say I haven't really noticed it impacting my day that much.

I'm interested in your opinions and thoughts on use of cloth diapers. Did you use them with your kids? If so how did it go? If you didn't use them, why? Or if you just want to tell my how cute my little girl is in her big, bulky diaper, I'd love to hear that too!


Jed Wheeler Family said...

She is very adorable! I love all of the dark hair. My babies had it too. I loved putting bows in Jara's hair.
As for the diaper thing, I have never used cloth, mostly due to lack of ambition. :)

angie said...

I didn't use them.......for my older two they didn't have all the new diapers they do now and by the time the twins came along I was just too busy/lazy to do cloth.

Caitlin said...

Love your little girl in her bulky diapers! I'm excited to find out how they end up working for you- we are tempted...
She is So adorable and getting so chubby! I think she looks a little like TRex Dad in that first one!

septembermom said...

She's so pretty! Love the booties. I never used cloth diapers. I wish that I had tried them. My mom supposedly used them when I was a baby. She said that they were a lot of work. I do think that it's very admirable that you are trying to use cloth diapers.

Emily said...

I have used Earth's Best chlorine free diapers with my last two babies...I haven't been brave enough to venture out into cloth diaper land yet...Bryan keeps telling me I should give it a whirl...just for kicks. Maybe I will.

And your baby is ADORABLE!! Of course.

Erin said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! So looks adorable in those pants too! I never did do the cloth diapers, wish I would have though!

Nina said...

Oh how that takes me back. I wanted to use the cloth diapers so bad but can remember putting them on my little guy and they were huge. Poor thing couldn't move they were so big on him. By the time he could fit into them, it was time to go back to work and I just gave up any hope.
So glad you are getting to use them.