T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Princess...

We've been waiting to see what nickname would develop for Little Girl. We tried to come up with something dinosaur related, but her petite frame and mild manner are just not fitting with something prehistoric. T Rex Dad has been calling her his princess. And now even T Rex addresses her possessions with the preface "princess". For example, he will say, "Princess' binker" or "Princess' diaper". But he still actually addresses her as "Baby Sister". I've even found myself calling her "Princess".

So, she shall be called - Princess.

And if you know her actual name you might understand as well.

There you have it, the long awaited blog name. Kind of anti-climatic but definitely better than "Little Girl," right?

Here are some photos from this past week - she turned 7 weeks today.

Tummy time on the "magic star" mat - seriously, every baby that's ever seen it is totally mesmerized - at least for the duration of the flashing lights and music.

Morning smiles - she is always full of smiles first thing in the morning - although, they seem to disappear as soon as the camera flashes so they are tough to capture.

More morning cuteness.

A T Rex Mom favorite/obsession - baby feet - I LOVE baby feet - hers get kissed as often as possible - even T Rex has started insisting on kissing Baby Sister's feet.

A dear friend captured this shot at a gathering yesterday - it really captures a great mother/daughter moment. This is her preferred way of being held - not my preferred way. Tough on the back. Interestingly, it was also T Rex's favorite way of being held as well.

Now the question is, do we give her a blog of her own too?!?


septembermom said...

Love the mother daughter shot. Just beautiful! Princess is perfect! That's what we call Jillian most of the time :) I can't believe how big your princess is getting. So cute!

Nina said...

Great blog name.... I am just amazed she is now 7 weeks old. I just held our friends new born baby on Saturday and oh how cute she was. It almost (almost) makes me want another one. If she had her own blog, I would of course follow it. I do like the idea of having a blog for each child. I just have one and I don't capture enough of what they are always doing. It is such a great way to journal about them.

Emily said...

Princess it is! And she looks like one too.

You look fabulous.

Who would've known, back in the day, how wonderful it is to be a Mom.

I hope you have a grand day enjoying your two little blessings from above!!

angie said...

She is just such a doll!

Jenners said...

Look at those eyes! That smile! Those feet! Lovely Lovely Lovely!

Anonymous said...
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Missus Wookie said...

Great blog name :) And loving that hair/eyes combo - looks a lot like my princess at that age. Such a nice mom/daughter shot too.