T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, March 15, 2010

School Project/Giveaway...

For the past several weeks I've been working on a presentation for school. My topic: Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs: Their Role in Health Promotion.

The topic is very interesting to me because we take supplements in our home. Here is a photo of just a few. As for me, I take calcium with vitamin D three times a day, prenatal vitamin (with extra folic acid and extra iron) once per day, and fish oil once to twice per day. I've been on this supplement regimen nearly three years. Some I take for obvious reasons (i.e. prenatal and calcium) but the fish oil I added (at T Rex Dad's suggestion) because there is evidence it can aid in brain development in developing fetuses/children.

From my research about half of all Americans take some kind of supplement and about 18% take herbal products. I decided to conduct some kind of poll here. And as added enticement to participate I am offering a giveaway.

My cousin makes skin products. I absolutely love them and have been using them regularly for several years now. They have actually moved past being an "indulgence" to being a "necessity". I am giving away lavender spray and bar of soap. All you have to do is make your selection on the poll and then post a comment with your thoughts on supplement use either for you or your family or in general. Let me know in the comment section if you don't use any supplements (I forgot to leave "none" as an option.) I'll leave the poll up for a week. After it closes I will select a winner.

*If you don't have an ID, you can still post an anonymous comment, just leave some way for me to contact you if you are the winner. If you are a fellow student, please let me know what you thought of my presentation and it will double your chance of winning.**

Other happenings...

My mom cam over this past week to help for a couple days while I worked on my project. She looks like she's in heaven, doesn't she?

T Rex watching Veggie Tales while Nana gets some baby snuggles from T Rex Princess.

With the T Rex Princess headed out for groceries - the only outing I afforded myself during such a busy week. Doesn't she look ready for adventure?

One more week 'til spring break!!!


Nina said...

I have tried to take supplements regularly but I don't always do well. I really need to take calcium (I don't drink milk) but can't seem to find any I like to take. As for a general vitamin, I take the boys gummi's. I think it is better than nothing. I also will take Omega 3 when my joints start cracking and popping. It seems to improve when I take it and worsen when I don't. Do you like your calcium with vitamin D? Are they large pills? That is my biggest problem is taking large chulky pills.

Nana looks pretty happy but don't all grandmas love that snuggle time with grand kids?

Jenners said...

I take fish oil too ... for lowering cholesterol. So I guess there are multiple uses.

And Nana is in Nana heaven!

Caitlin said...

I take my prenatal vitamins and the Expecta Lipil Formula somewhat regularly. During pregnancy I was on additional iron, but I have stopped now b/c it made me sick! I try to remember calcium...but as long as I eat chocolate everyday I figure it is okay? ;)

Love Princess' Hanna Anderrsson hat- Isaac's head is DEFINITELY bigger, his hat barely fits now!

Anonymous said...

We do a lot of vitamins here. Vitamin D also, because we live in NY with little sun all winter. Also, acidophilus is very important too. Great giveaway!

estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

Emily said...

I take D3 daily, during the winter months...while preggo I take wheat germ oil and prenatal vitamins, but I try to get most of my nutrients from foods, that way...I feel like my body can more effectively assimilate it.

Love your cute mom....and your adorable kids!

JenniSue said...

I'm horrible at remembering to take my vitamins! I take them because I'm a pretty picky eater and I need them to make sure I get everything I need. I bought an herb once that would help with your memory, but I could never remember to take it ;o)

Love the new pics! T-Rex and Princess are adorable!

Erin said...

Grandma looks like she is in heaven!!!

I don't take a single supplement or vitamin...I should, but I forget!

Misha said...

Very interesting project! Even back in the school days I was pretty intrigued by vitamins and supplements. I take a prenatal vitamin daily and will continue to do so for these few years (and I take prescription ones during pregnancy). Otherwise, I would just take a regular multivitamin daily, which is something I started doing even before college. I got calcium chews, but I am kinda non-compliant... Vitamin C is only taken to boost my immunity, taken in higher doses when I feel under the weather. As a pharmacist, I must say, I am somewhat anti-herbal, or at least extremely cautious about them. Because of known potential drug-herbal interactions, I don't usually recommend them to patients. Except when benefits out-weight risks, and if they are backed by good efficacy data. Have fun with the project!
- Misha's mom -

Kim said...

She looks so freakin adorable - it's hard to stand it. I love how she's plumping up.

I take my prenatal and a fish oil when I can stand to.

Hope you are well busy mama!!

septembermom said...

I only take Centrum multivitamin. I do want to look into other supplements at some point. You and the baby look so pretty together!! Thanks so much for your prayers and friendship :) I really appreciate it!!

mitchsmom said...

I know you are done with the giveaway but I thought I'd put in for statistical reasons ;)

I usually don't take anything extra... I take a couple of the kids' vitamins (which they also take sporadically) maybe once a week or two. But, I would say that I am probably much more aware than the average person of what I'm taking in through my diet and I try to keep it pretty balanced and with a variety of foods/nutrients.

The one thing that I probably really *should* take is calcium, but recently I have starting being better about getting it through my diet so hopefully that will be beneficial.