T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, May 24, 2010

Breastfeeding and Primary Elections...

What do they have in common?

Embarrassment for T Rex Mom! Or just one of those "mommy moments".

Last week after my naptime workout - so called because I work out while the kids nap - I was nursing T Rex Princess on my normal spot on the couch. It faces the front door but there are blinds so no one can see in the door side windows. While I was feeding the baby, T Rex woke up and came and snuggled with me as he always does after a good nap. We all sat together enjoying the quiet time and listening to "Baby Sister drink milk".

Then the doorbell rang. T Rex LOVES when the door bell rings. For a while we had it disconnected because I was tired of the UPS man ringing the door bell while T Rex napped. Once a very pregnant T Rex Mom chased him down the street to "ask" him not to do it again. That didn't last long so, rather than deal with a grumpy hormonal wife, T Rex Dad temporarily disconnected the doorbell and life was once again good.

When the doorbell rang, I asked T Rex to just sit with me and we would ignore it. Ha! He could not have any of that! Rather, he went running to the door, tore open the blinds, and looked at the man at the door. The man peered at my little guy, flashed him a smile, and then looked in the window toward me.

View from my "nursing spot" on the couch.

I guess all the commotion also drew attention away from her milk since right as the man made eye contact with me, T Rex Princess turned away from the breast exposing myself to the man. Well, after that, I felt compelled to answer the door. I went to the door and opened it. The man handed me a flyer and simply said, "This is me."

As luck would have it, my summer school class is titled "Health Care Policy and Finance - A Nursing Perspective". Our first assignment, look up our local elected officials for our particular district. When the man introduced himself and what position he was running for, I was actually already aware of who was in office as well as some of the bills that were pending in the House. This politician was running for the Senate so I was not as up-to-speed on those ones, but at least I could pick his brain about House bills.

I told him I had never heard of him, but had seem his signs around the district. He asked if I received the newspaper - no. He asked if we might have seen his interview on the local news. Again, I answered in the negative and stated we do not get television. I can only imagine what this man thought of me.

I'm sure I looked pretty scary having just finished a pretty intense elliptical run to immediately get off, still sweaty, and feed the baby. Although, maybe he didn't notice since there was my breast staring him in the face. I simply don't think to cover up when I'm home.
He never directly mentioned the flashing incident but at one point in our conversation he did mention he had three children and was very family oriented.

Self-portrait of my "scary self" after said event.

He was a very strong candidate and I really enjoyed speaking with him. And he'll most likely get my vote at Tuesday's primary not because his qualifications are strong and not because I unintentionally flashed him, but because he rang the doorbell after nap time and not during it!

Got any interesting "mommy moments" of your own to share?


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Animal farm was And harm
Too laughter and cheer
But will turn
Too fear.

The media alone can be a seed too free will deed! Miserly misery was ANother! Love Andrew.

Jenners said...

I can't imagine having to worry about covering up while at home!! I don't think I would have answered the doorbell ... I would have just hidden despite T-Rex being obviously at home.

Erin said...

I'm with Jenners, I don't think I would have answered the door!

And you don't look scary!

Emily said...

That is the worst. I have bolted to the bedroom several times with baby latched to avoid this. Seems like one shouldn't have to worry about it in the privacy of your own home. I think I may get a sign for my front door. ;)

Not scary AT ALL...Your looks, I mean!

Nina said...

Oh I don't think I could have answered the door. LOL...

I never covered up at home and would have been in trouble if anyone came to our front door because it has no blinds and is a long glass door. Luckily we live on the edge of town and don't have sidewalks out front. Typically if someone is at my door the dogs spot them in the driveway first and they are very good at catching people.

mitchsmom said...

I have a sort of funny nursing experience to share... once we were car-shopping at a car lot... my husband had gone inside the office and I went back to our truck to nurse the baby.

So, we're just nursing away and the door to the truck opens... the salesman must have wanted to check something on the truck and didn't realize we had gone back there...

the man nearly.had.a.heart.attack.

His reaction was SO jumpy and so shocked, you would think he found himself face to face with Charles Manson or something!!!!!!! LOLOL

Actually that was the only even somewhat negative experience I ever had with nursing (I usually got smiles or people never even realized I was nursing...thought the baby was sleeping)...

and I'm not even sure if it was really negative... the man wasn't even able to speak...
I thought it was the funniest thing ever... I don't think I've ever seen a grown man so scared!! Who knew? LOLOL

lizhasalife said...

I think the pics make the post-now I totally get your scenario! I hate when Waverly disconnects from my breast too quickly because I expose my breast and my water-hose-powerful breast milk goes squirting all over!

lizhasalife said...
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septembermom said...

I've had the baby attached when answering the door. I remember how the babies would quickly pull off as they got older and more easily distracted. I've probably exposed myself way too many times in those nursing situations.

You look cute in the pic!