T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Photo courtesy of EcoFriendly Blog

In case you cannot see the caption - the total for 2 1/2 years worth of diapers averaging 6 per day for one child.

As I've said previously, this was not the reason we switched to cloth. Cost was our reasoning. I'm a grad student and funds are tight. However, I'm beginning to see more of the environmental impact aspect, too.

So, we can get disposable diapers at Costco for about $0.22/diaper. That's pretty cheap. Multiply that by 5600 and the cost is $1232. Go with a little nicer yet cheap diaper at $0.25/diaper, the cost is $1400. What about wipes? Wipes used to cost around $225/year. Now we use cloth wipes. I've spent nearly $500 on my diaper/wipes and other accessories stash. I know that sounds like a lot but compared to nearly $2000 that could be spent, that is a huge savings. And we have some nice diapers. Plus, I was fortunate enough to get some wonderful folks that passed along their hand-me-downs (talk about really eco-friendly - reusing reusable diapers).

Of course, there are other things we love about cloth but right now we're talking strictly cost and environmental impact.

What do you think?

Liz Has a Life has been kind enough to bestow an award on T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.

She currently has a giveaway going for a really nice organic cloth diaper. Check it out. In the mean time, I am to tell seven things about myself and pass this award along. So, I am going to break the seven things into separate blog postings and then after the seventh, I'll pass the award along. For my first item - in case you could not tell, I'm passionate about cloth diapering.


Nina said...

Cloth diaper start up is very expensive but when you compare it to the cost of disposables it is so much cheaper in the long run.

We are now wearing underwear all day every day for my little guy. I still need diapers for bed time as that is about 50/50 in success through the night. I have considered buying a couple overnight cloth diapers because he only ever pees in them. Do you have issues with them leaking? Any recommendations?

septembermom said...

That's an eye opener!!

Jenners said...

You are right .. this photo speaks volumes.

Julie Kieras said...

WOW that is an incredible picture - where did you find it? I would love to share that image with my readers! And to think - that's just how big it is when the diaper is CLEAN - now imagine the diry diaper all balled up - the pile would probably be 2x as big!

lizhasalife said...

Thanks for mentioning my site *blush* I appreciate it! You should check out diaperpin.com/forum09 sometime :) It's a great place for cloth diapering mamas!