T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Madre...

This week we get to celebrate my mom's birthday. Since her actual birthday differs from her recorded birthday, we'll just say it's her birthday week.

She's been staying with us for a few days helping out with the kids so I can get school work done. (I'll share some of my paper finding in a future posting - I chose breastfeeding as my topic.) I think she's a little tired - it's been a long, busy week. She even went to playgroup and enjoyed holding some of those babies there, too!

She is a truly special woman and I am just so glad she is my mom. I could not have chosen a more appropriate person to be my steward, guardian, and mentor. I just hope I can be as wonderful to my children as my mother has been to me.

When I was younger, folks used to say to my mom spoiled me. I would have to agree that I was definitely spoiled with love - if that is even possible. She never had a short supply of hugs for me. And she did everything in her power to provide for me. Her resourcefulness was quite impressive and her cooking even better! She used to sell tortillas and tamales to earn money for my cheer camp and other extracurricular activity expenses.

I love seeing her interact with my little ones. They absolutely adore her and she adores them. It reminds me of my youth and the way she used to look at me when we played.

So here's to another very happy year for my mother. (She doesn't get online, read this blog, or even have a computer but I wanted her to have a special posting for her special day.) I am so grateful to get to celebrate it with you, Mom (aka Madre).


lizhasalife said...

I hope my children can say such beautiful thing about me! What a great post for a wonderful women! Enjoy her visit :)


Jenners said...

That photo is just beautiful ... they both look so full of joy! What a lovely tribute to your mom. Be sure to print it out and give her a copy. I'm sure she'd love it.

Emily said...

I LOVE your MOM! You are both so lucky to have each other. A happiest birthday to her!

septembermom said...

A truly beautiful tribute to your lovely mom. What a wonderful picture too!