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T Rex Family

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Emergency Preparations - Part II

Diapering the baby...

In a
previous post I discussed the 72 hour kit that sits in the back of my car. When we were evacuated from our home, the only thing we were lacking in adequate supply were diapers. A kind friend generously dropped off a package of disposables along with a port-a-crib at the place we were staying. I had just assumed my diaper bag had an adequate supply. And actually, it did. But had we needed to be gone longer than we were, we most certainly would have run out.

Now, T Rex is no longer in diapers but T Rex Princess is and not wearing disposables like T Rex but rather cloth. I see this as both a disadvantage and advantage. Disposables are much more trim to pack and easily disposed of but if we're unable to get to a supply of diapers, we will eventually run out. Cloth, on the other hand, can be washed and reused. Here is what we have:
Diaper supplies: 3 waterproof covers, 6 prefolds, 4 flats, 12 fleece liners, 10 Flip disposable/compostable inserts, 2 disposable diapers, wet bag, disposable wipes (these can be washed and reused if need be), and changing pad. We've also packed supplies for cleaning the diapers.
Laundry soap - Charlie's Soap (could also clean our clothes, too, as we use this kind on all of our laundry not just diapers), backing soda, measuring scoop, and clothes pins. I've put everything in the sack and included it in the diapering supplies. All the diapering supplies are contained within the sack directly above the shoes in the photo below.
Flats and prefolds and the associated diaper covers clean easily and dry quickly, they do not take up a lot of space, and they are cheap. In this way, I can keep an emergency stash in the car without breaking the bank to do so. Plus, I will never find myself without diapers!

If you have a child in diapers, do you have enough diapers with you in case of an emergency?

(P.S. I drive a Ford Escape - it's not a large vehicle but rather a small SUV - definitely bigger than T Rex Dad's Jetta but more room for all of us, including dogs, should the need arise for evacuating the house again - for those who think my car is really big to carry all this stuff. Thank you for all your excellent comments on the previous emergency preparations posting. I welcome your feedback and input and because of it have included a couple more items in my pack.)


Erin said...

We have an emergency pack, but I don't keep it in the car, it's in a tied up bag right in the garage door.

But living in So Cal, and fearing Earthquakes....I do keep garden gloves, water, and a flash light in my trunk!

Scary that we even have to think about stuff like this huh?

Julie Kieras said...

This is a great list - I have been contemplating what I will do for my own diapering emergencies - right now we are totally unprepared b/c our stash is not big enough to leave some in the car. NEED to work on that! :)
Great job with yours!!!

lizhasalife said...

Love the diaper list! Alrigh, after these two posts I know I have a new project this weekend!!!

Caitlin said...

Such an awesome idea! We have a few jugs of water and some canned food- nothing like this. You have inspired me!

septembermom said...

Another great list and many important reminders in this post. I really have to seriously work on this plan. Thank you!

Emily said...

Serious good work! I, too, have been inspired by you. It is a definite necessity to have water in the car...during the summer months...in these parts!

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

You're amazing!