T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

At this place in my life...

School is back in session for me. After a long summer school course, fall semester has started and I've gone from half time graduate nursing school to 3/4 time.

This week was also my first classroom experience since starting almost a year and a half ago. Thus far, everything has been online. When I started school, this little girl was no bigger than a bean growing inside me and causing all sorts of havoc to my body - dehydration, nausea, vomiting, weight loss.

Then she was born (on a long weekend) and all those troublesome symptoms disappeared. This commenced her being the easiest baby ever. Even her early and welcome birth happened on a three-day weekend so I did not even miss a day from school.

Today I left my little girl for nearly nine hours while I attended a classroom session where I started the first of a series of "intensives" teaching me proper examining techniques. Fortunate for me, my professor was wonderful and showed me the nursing mother's lounge where I could pump. She said she had actually had her second baby during her graduate nurses training just like I had done. She survived which gives me hope that I can, too. It was tough leaving my baby and also my little guy (T Rex), but my mom was here and she is truly amazing with them.

So, at the moment, I'm exhausted, overwhelmed, and quite a bit stressed. But my sweet babies are fast asleep in their beds. I just need to look at these amazing beings and stress departs and I just feel awe for being a mother to these amazing little ones. And then I offer a prayer of thanks for being given the opportunity to be at this exact place in my life.


Erin said...

She's getting so big! You are truly blessed!

Rey said...

Hang in there. I too know how hard it is to go back (me work/you school).
I worked full time with my second one until she was a year old. I hated it, but I was able (with much dedication) to keep breastfeeding her the whole time. Luckily, I worked only five minutes away. So I matched her schedule with my work schedule and I only had to pump once a day.
You are an amazing woman, I know you have it in you to make it work!

septembermom said...

You're amazing! I know that I tell you this all the time, but you are :) You can do it all. Those little ones are truly precious gifts to all who know them. Good luck!!!!

Jenners said...

I'm sure it is very very hard to balance this ... but in the long run, it won't be too long and the dividends will be huge.

You're lucky to have grandma to help out!

lizhasalife said...

Wow! I got tears in my eyes! I feel the same, sort of, busy, overwhelmed yet so blessed with my family!

What a beautiful post and expression of gratitude! You are so blessed with your two gorgeous kids and the time and talent to be in graduate school! Prayers for you for a great school year mama!


Nina said...

You seem like you are managing school very well with two little kids.

I am not sure I could but I have seriously considered a career change in the last year. Just feel like I am getting to old to go back to school and start over with something new.

It is nice that you have a teacher that has walked in your shoes and understands. I think that can really help sometimes.