T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lost Play Dough Privileges...

All morning, T Rex kept asking to do play dough. Not just asking once or twice, but over and over and over - repeating himself endlessly. If you've ever been around a child of his age, I'm sure you can relate.

And my response was always the same, "When Bebe Sister takes her nap, we can do play dough." But he just kept asking and asking. So I thought I could at least get him started with the play dough while I finished up morning chores in relative quiet without the endless repetition.

First, I had to interject play dough time because T Rex thought it great fun to feed it to Bebe Sister. Then T Rex decided to use his elbow to mash the play dough. Unfortunately, it was stuck to his shirt sleeve which my very fastidious son would not tolerate. So I had to take the shirt off and get another one.

I left T Rex to put Bebe Sister in her crib and fetch a new shirt. Then the phone rang. It was T Rex Dad. We chatted while I was putting down the baby and grabbed the shirt. I left T Rex for 30-60 seconds. He seemed to be quite happily playing with his play dough.

Then I returned to T Rex, still on the phone with T Rex Dad. This is what I saw...

All that yellow stuff ground into the carpet is play dough. And the rest is the play dough accessories. T Rex is trying to get the ground in play dough out of his moccasins - he loves those.

I was speechless. T Rex Dad just kept asking "What's going on?" I really was speechless so I just grabbed the camera and took some photos and said, "I gotta go". Then T Rex looked at me and said, "Mommy has her grumpy eyes...T Rex big trouble...time out?" I didn't make him go to time out. But I did make him pick up every last piece of it (Maybe that was more punishment for me than him). And because he was so distressed about his moccasins, I did not pursue any other punishment except to say his play dough privileges were gone and our play time was over.

Fast forward to the afternoon. While we were driving in the car, T Rex just stated out of the blue, "Pick up Daddy. Tell him Mommy was grumpy with T Rex. I made a BIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG mess. Lost play dough privileges." I just cracked up. And then just before dinner, we did some more play dough. And none of it touched the floor. Then when he saw his dad he told him all about it and we all laughed together.

So, what's the worst mess the little ones in your life have ever made? Or the worst mess you ever made as a kid?


Anonymous said...

Well I could go on seriously all day, but here are a few....
Dad left a box of cereal on the table and Carson found it decided to feed the baby and dump the rest of the cherios literally all over the whole dining/family area.
Carson snuck in the bathroom one time and put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet and then decided to take the wods of soggy tp and throw them on the wall, and recently Dad left a little bit of RED soda from a can acessible and Carson dumped it all over the couch. (Still have pink spots on the couch) and lastly when we where in the middle of a move. 6 mo pregnant, packing, Dad was sleeping because he had to work. Carson got into one of the "bathroom" boxes and found some nail polish and decided it would be fun to paint himself and the couch.... oh and it was HOTT PINK! It was so hard to get off his skin! I think he was pink for a week!
R. 2etama

Kim said...

I'm with the person above me...how much time do you have? I have been there with the playdough. I swear, I gave birth to the messiest child that ever lived. We just started a new system that I've stayed consistent with. If we play with something - anything - we clean that up before moving on. Playdough and blocks are amonst two of the top items.

Deaglan loves to do his own thing in the bathroom. If I find that he is quiet for even 10 seconds I have to ask loudly where he is - our house really isn't that big. I've found him several times unravelling toilet paper and shoving it down the bathroom sink. Yesterday he had taken every stuffed animal big and small piled them on top of the baby...it never ends and I'm constantly having to watch him. Other than that he's a delight!

Love that he said...Mommy has her grumpy eyes. It's hard not to laugh sometimes!!

Camie said...

Oh boy does that remind me of some of my days around here.

I love that you have "gurmpy eyes" too. That doesn't make me feel as bad about my owb grumpy eyes moments.

I have too many messes in my life to even consider which one is the messiest of them all.

JKMommy said...

ooh the picture says it all but then T Rex's comment is the icing on the cake!!! HILARIOUS!! So glad you wrote about this. So far my son's biggest mess was with some baby food he smeared all over himself when he managed to swat the spoon out of my hand... then he rubbed food ALL over his face, and eyes, and hair. It was funny and super messy!

septembermom said...

Don't ask me about play dough in the rug, moon sand in the kitchen, crayons on the walls, or the baby powder that I poured on my sister's head when we were little. LOL. It's an adventure with kids, isn't it???

Nina said...

Sometimes those things come at such a shock all you can do is laugh it off and let it go. About 6 months ago my boys played with paint. I started the vacuum and was moving from room to room. I then catch them in the act, flipping paint all over each other, my furniture, the walls, you name it, it was on it. I think the fumes from my head could be seen for miles. Luke is old enough to know better so he had to scrub the walls and floors etc... he learned his lesson and I still say no when they ask to paint and I still remind them why I am saying no. It is funny now but not so funny back then.

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

That picture is the EXACT reason why we cannot play dough when Hubby is home! He hates it and would forbid play dough in the house if it was up to him.

To funny! :)

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I had one of those moments last week that leave you speechless and flustered, it was when Jack took off his diaper that was soiled and left a trail to the toilet, through the living room carpet. ahhhhh!

Jenners said...

Aren't the toddler years just so fun!!!???

His commentary cracks me up. Sounds like you have a "self-punisher" like I do!

Rey said...

haha! This post had me laughing so hard!
You did good mama!

There are many, but one that stands out is the time we were getting ready for family pictures. I was in the bathroom getting my make-up on, I had just done the girls' hair. We were running late and I left the makeup on the counter instead of putting it away. I left the bathroom to get dressed and when I went back in, my (then) two year old had mascara smeared all over her lips and face. "Look momma I pretty like you!" Yeah- try getting that much mascara off without leaving your face red! I believe those pictures were developed in a black and white finish that year!

Caitlin said...

HAHA! Play doh in the carpet makes me cringe!! Sounds like he understood the lesson, though, which is a good thing.
Joseph has done some naughty things with a tub of vaseline...which is EXTREMELY hard to clean!