T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Birthday Celebrations...

We emphasize celebrations because although they were held on the same day at the same place, they were definitely separated. We went over to my sister's house. Before we left, T Rex helped me make the pumpkin pies. We used the pumpkins we picked at the pumpkin patch back in October. Made two perfect pumpkin pies and a TON of cream cheese pumpkin bars.

Here was our menu:

- Organic free range turkey - best turkey we've ever had!
- Sweet potatoes/yams with melted marshmallows
- Traditional stuffing with and without pine nuts
- Pomegranate salad
- J-E-L-L-O layer salad
-Potato rolls
- Beef tamales
- Cranberry sauce with pomegranates
- Gravy

This will be the year that we will always remember that we forgot the mashed potatoes. Oh well, less carbs and we actually felt better for it. But T Rex thought it was hysterical and kept saying, "We forgot the mashed 'tatoes..."

This was our place setting...

All the food was so delicious, T Rex Princess kept clapping throughout the meal - especially for more sweet potatoes/yams with melted marshmallows! Actually, the clapping is her way of saying "more". 

After a sufficient time for food settling, we moved onto T Rex's birthday celebration. This was the birthday table set up for celebrating...

This was the "cake with eyes" requested by T Rex - thank you Auntie JAZ for making this for him and for all your hard work on his birthday preparations.

Happy Birthday Song...

Present opening...

Even Bebe Sister enjoyed present opening...

Later we played some other games like TURKEY Bingo and various word scrambles as well as a turkey toss and a turkey hunt. All very fun. The kids had so much fun. In fact, they slept until almost 8:00 this morning!

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Emily said...

I'm glad that your Thanksgiving was splendid. Cranberry sauce with pomegranates....Mmmmmmm!

zombiemom said...

I don't get on the blog for two weeks and T-Rex goes and grows up on me!
That looks like a fun day!
The cake is adorable and those place settings were lovely!

JKMommy said...

aww what a LOVELY Thanksgiving! I loved your place setting!!! Beautiful! It certainly looks like T Rex and Bebe Sister had fun times with the presents! How exciting - I am SO looking forward to celebrating Asher's 1st birthday... I think birthdays are SO fun!
And... I am curious - do you do baby signing with the kids? B/c I always do the sign for "more" when we eat, and lately Asher has been clapping shortly after I do that - at first I just thought he was being happy, but now that you mention the same thing in your post, I wonder if he's trying to bring his hands together for more?? What do you think? :)

Nina said...

It sure makes it easy on the family when you can all gather for a holiday and a birthday party all at the same time.

As they get older the holiday birthdays do make things a bit more difficult. Luke's birthday is between Christmas and New Years and he now has friend parties. Let me just say this is not easy between holidays. We are trying to figure out when and what we are going to do now before school goes on break here very soon.