T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Tis the Season...

For Birthdays...

Yes, we are starting the birthday circuit around here. T Rex will have his shortly, followed by T Rex Dad, and then myself. Luckily, Bebe Sister is not until January but it's far enough from the holidays that I think she's set.

December birthdays...when I have friends who tell me they are expecting a child during the month of December I instantly offer advice. I am not one to just give advice unless solicited. However, this is the one exception. I am an expert at having a December birthday.

So, my advice when shopping for those with December birthdays...

1. Never wrap birthday gifts in Christmas paper. Use paper bags, comic, or tin foil if you're out of birthday paper, but NEVER showmen, Christmas tree, Santas, etc.

2. Never tell them to "just pick one out from under the Christmas tree".

3. Don't combine gifts (unless specifically asked to do so) as birthday/Christmas gifts.

4. Never decline to purchase a birthday ice cream cake or hold a birthday at the park just because it's December and cold outside.

5. Don't get a Christmas decorated cake as a birthday cake. I cannot tell you how many poinsettia cakes I've had.

6. Refrain as much as possible from getting birthday gifts that can be used during the holiday season. I have a closet full of Christmas socks and Christmas turtle necks. I can pretty much wear a different Christmas themed outfit during the month of December. I wish I could wear them the rest of the year - oh what a wardrobe I'd have!

7. NEVER under any circumstances give a Christmas ornament as a gift. And a Christmas card that has "Happy Birthday" added to it - MAJOR taboo!

8. If possible, it's really nice to wait to put up the Christmas tree and all the decorations until after the birthday has passed. Unless that's what the person requests to do so. The year T Rex was born, I asked my friends and family to help us put up our tree because we were not getting any rest and we could not put him down long enough to even hang a stocking.

9. No Christmas carols at the birthday party and especially not in place of the Happy Birthday song.

10. Red and green decorations are still considered Christmas decorations even if a "Happy Birthday" banner is hanging along side them! Same goes for plates and napkins. 

With all this being said, and in jest - mostly, I am always touched when someone does remember my birthday - even if it is a pair of Christmas earrings wrapped in Santa wrapping paper pulled out from the bottom of the Christmas tree.

Hence, we've decided to decorate the house for birthday season. We'll leave the decorations up until we've celebrated our birthdays and then we can take them down and move into Christmas. And if you're one of those people that has to put up you decorations as soon as Thanksgiving is past (or sooner) then consider this. Having these decorations up does not actually impinge on Christmas because after all, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Plus, it's just a lot of fun for the kids to decorate!

When do you usually put up your Christmas decorations? Alternatively, if you have a December birthday, is there anything you can add to the list or can you share a December birthday memory?


Anonymous said...

nice Idea, I actually like to have the decorations up before the kids b-day's just because I feel that I store all this stuff for 11months a I am determined to have at least 1 full month decorated. I'm one of those once new years is over, I'm un-decorating the next day. I have two December babies Carson's bday on 12-09-07 and Mason's on 12-07-09! crazy huh? but I make sure we do have a party and it's not christmas themed and it's never decorated with santas or snowmen. and they both get their own party..

- R Tuitama

Emily said...

I love this post. My birthday is in July...so I've never had to worry about this, but our baby was born on January 6...which is mighty close to the big holiday! Thanks for the pointers, you are super cute!

JKMommy said...

We usually put up the tree/decor either Thanksgiving weekend or the one after that. I like to enjoy the work we put in for longer than a few weeks.
My sis has a christmas eve bday (and I'm sharing this post with her!), and she would agree with everything except that she LOVES Christmas decor so she's fine with the decor part being up. :)
Very very true and helpful to remember!

Kim said...

This was advice that is needed around here. With Deaglan's b-day on Christmas Eve we need to tread lightly. Sigh. I'm not sure what we're doing as far as a party. The last two years have been more holiday/Deaglan's b-day with just family. This year we want to give him a friend party since he's being invited to a lot of these himself. I guess we'll do our best for now but ask his advice when he gets old enough so we can set some rules.

Caitlin said...

Hear hear! :) AS a December birthday, I agree whole-heartedly! :) I love christmas decorations, so I would always request to have them up for my birthday- but my mom was always very careful to also have balloons up on the special day, as well as whatever cake I wanted (fish, butterfly,etc.) and presents in regular wrapping paper.
Sadly, i could never have the swim party that I always wanted!!!

I remember one year, all of my friends and I exchanged gifts, and even though I got the SAME presents as everyone else, MY card said "Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas" ARGH!
Still mad about it now that you mention it...

Jenners said...

I do think it is important to have your own special day and not to lose it in the madness of the holidays ... especially for kids. Happy Birthday to all of you!!!

Erin said...

My Mom's birthday is Dec 13th and we NEVER have combined it in any sense, and I always make sure to make a really special day of it for her. But she does ask for a "Holiday Open House" which combines her birthday. This year, I'm doing a WINE PARTY for just the ladies....ssshhh it's a surprise!
And she does ask for the latest Waterford ornament for her birthday...but only because she ASKED for it! =)
Hope everyone has great birthdays!

septembermom said...

That's a great idea for a post. Love the birthday decorations. Aren't balloons so much fun for the kids (and us too)? I think we're going to put up our Christmas decorations earlier than usual this year. I can't believe you could get cards that say Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!!!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Love how you decorate the house for birthdays.

I'm glad we don't have to deal with December birthdays - that is a lot going on in one month! But hubby is almost Dec and I hate having to come up with 2 gifts for him in such a short period of time. So hard to buy for him! :)

Nina said...

What fun!!! I love making a big deal out of Birthdays. Luke has his birthday on December 30th so I am always in a rush to get rid of the Christmas decorations because I want him to not feel like Christmas is part of his birthday. It is great motivation to get the Christmas stuff put away.