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T Rex Family

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Great Excuse...And Any Day Now...

When I was completing my undergraduate studies, I always had a professor or two that would specifically state in the syllabus that everyone had to show up for the final exam - no exceptions unless you were experiencing child birth at the exact time of the exam. I always thought how wonderful it would be to get to use that excuse.

Last year at this time, we had a sushi date followed by a dinner gathering planned at our home. It was all scheduled with the caveat that I could go into labor at any time and we might have to cancel. My due date was still almost a week off and since I went 2+ weeks over with T Rex, I felt fine planning such gatherings. Additionally, the school semester had already started so no matter what, the timing of the baby's birth would impact my school. At least I thought it would. (Seriously, what was I thinking? I was more worried about the impact on my school and not that I was about to experience child birth. Priorities...?)

Well...the night before our sushi lunch I emailed my friend and told her I was having some contractions and I thought I should cancel lunch. She was fine with that having only recently given birth herself. I think she was a bit nervous I'd have the baby during lunch! And since she's a nurse and her husband and surgeon, they'd be the likely health care providers assisting! We opted to cancel and reschedule. (We still have yet to have that lunch date! We're hopeful, though.)

Well, as you can read here our baby was indeed born that weekend. And having been so preoccupied with weirdly prioritised thoughts, I had completely forgotten it was also a three day weekend. In the end, I did not miss a single moment of school. However, I did get to use my really awesome excuse for canceling our gatherings - child birth! But alas, not for any school related activities - which I'm glad.

Reflecting on this makes me remember those feelings of anticipation. The feeling of "this could happen any time now - how exciting!" Lately we've been experiencing this with our little girl. She is on the verge of walking and every day we think "this could be the day" and then it's not. But I just know she's going to surprise us when the timing is exactly right. In the mean time, it's kind of cool to relive that "any day now" feeling. 

(Yes, I made her shirt/pants - another completed project.)
(Stay tuned  - we had her family gathering for her birthday today so lots of wonderful photos of the event coming.)

So, anyone care to place bets on when she'll start walking. Walking being defined as more than 4 unaided steps? (Homemade prize to first person who guesses the correct date.)


LB said...
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Shell said...
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CJ said...

I'll take January 25th!

Great story :)

T Rex Mom said...

Re-posting from Shell:

Happy Birthday, can't wait to celebrate with you!

I am guessing Jan 23rd.

T Rex Mom said...

Re-posting from LB:

We will have sushi on the 29th since neither of us is with child..at least I am not! ;)
Love your memory!
I say she will walk on Jan 26th...no reason for the date!

T Rex Mom said...

If you're wondering about the re-postings - we're deleting Bebe Sister's real name. The comments are all awesome but I just don't want her real name being published.

Jenners said...

She looks so cute!! And I'm going with January 29th!

zombiemom said...

Her outfit is so cute! I love that material!
How about the 20th!
Thats so exciting!

Emily said...

She looks like a baby ballerina! that 'any day now' feeling does keep life super exciting! My guess is February 1!

Such a cutie bug!

The Wolf said...

We'll go with the 28th if that date isn't taken yet. What a sweet girl. Can't wait to see you all.

Kim said...

Adorable little outfit and again, where did the time go??? Almost walking...craziness I tell you.

Nina said...

I am still amazed it has been a year. Very cool story about this weekend and her birth.
As for walking.... hard to say. My first walked just past 10 months, he is still growing up way to fast, the other child decided he would start walking exactly on his first birthday.

I am willing to guess Princes is going to walk in a matter of days so I will throw out the 19th for her walking day.

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

I'll go with the 21st!

I'm very excited for my P to walk but also not very excited at the same time as I like the crawling/baby stage.

JKMommy said...

I am going to say... January 29. It's my MILs bday! So I am going with that - gives her about 10 days! :)
Asher is almost to just standing on his own... so who knows!

septembermom said...

I'll go with the 27th!! She's such a cutie!