T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready for Bed...

Here the kids are ready for bed...

Bebe Sister is wearing a hand-me-down pair of PJs from her brother. They have alligators on them. However, we've put her in a girl-ly sleep sac so you cannot really tell. She can get around in that sac pretty good. Her dad learned to walk in his nightgown when he was about her age. Life father, like daughter.

T Rex is on the stairs showing off his sleeping attire. These are up-cycled wool short pants. He still has night-time potty accidents. We wake him up every night around midnight to use the restroom but he still only stays dry about 50% of the time. I know this is pretty common so we haven't been too discouraged and have tried to work around it.

Thus, we started putting "night time underwear" (aka a loose-fitting cloth diaper) under some wool pants/shorts. This way, if he does pee in the night, his bedding stays dry. He doesn't seem to mind. Maybe the compromise for him being potty trained at such an early age (18 months)? Not sure.

Questions for you parents out there - were your kids sleep sac kids? And if so, at what age did you move to blankets versus the sleep sac (I'm still feeling paranoid about SIDS)? Secondly, when did you kids achieve night time dryness? Did you have any night-time challenges.


Erin said...

We do the same thing with my oldest, get him up around 11 and he does pretty good at staying dry, but we still have issues at other times!

I never used a sleep sac, but had so many people tell me they were great. Both my boys never used a blanket until they were in their own big boy beds, but now? They love their blankets!

Rey said...

I can't believe I've never heard of a sleepsack. I mean, up until this point we've been so very close on parenting idea's and techniques!
It sounds rather genious though!

I don't know how I got lucky, but my kids were fine at night within days of being potty trained. Sage too was 18mo when she was potty trained. I know there must have been at least a couple accidents, but I honestly couldn't tell you when or anything.
You are awesome for getting up with him in the middle of the night! My guess is he's a deep sleeper? Since he's so young it's definitely not an issue. He'll learn the signs while sleeping too. Heck, as a grown up, if I'm dreaming I have to go, I'd best be waking myself up or I'll have an accident too!

Kim said...

Bebe sister is the cutest little monkey walking around in her sleep sac! WE too have accidents about once a week during the night. What can you do?

Such a good question about transitioning from sac to blanket. I had Deaglan in the sleep sac (grow bag) until I literally could not zip it up around his long legs anymore - a sad day because I too was/am paranoid about leaving him alone with a blanket. I think he was about 15 months when I finally had to concede that he was too big for it. Now Naveen is in the same sac (a treasured gift from one of Shaune's sisters). I even use it for naptimes. Love the recycling and upcycling!

Jenners said...

The photos are so cute!!!

And we never used a sleep sack. And I was very very lucky that the Little One never really wet the bed. Of course, he didn't get potty trained until he was 2.5 years old!

JKMommy said...

oh gosh, i feel like a bad mom now! I don't use a sleep sack - I didn't know they made them that large! I just put A. down in his PJs and no blanket. But we turn on a little space heater in his room on cold nights. I am still afraid of SIDS too... and anyway he moves so much, I am not sure a blanket would do much good.
TRex has such great expressions! :) LOL

septembermom said...

I used a sleepsack for Jillian until around 6 months old. She was too wriggly to keep in the sack. T-Rex is getting so big!! Your kids are the cutest.

Caitlin said...

We love our sleep sacks! I kept Joseph in his until he was busting out of it, and Isaac wears his every day. Both boys could walk in it too! :) cute!

Joseph still wears a diaper to bed. I'd say 4-5 mornings a week he wakes up dry, but it is not worth the risk because of those other 2-3!