T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snack Time...

Snack time at the T Rex Family household just changed. T Rex no longer dines alone at his table. Bebe Sister has taken her place at the little table.

Truly amazing how fast these kids grow. I seems like just yesterday Grandma and Grandpa gave one year old T Rex this table. Now he's sharing it with his baby sis. And even though her feet don't reach the ground she still gets up on that chair all by herself. This is becoming quite the nostalgic piece of furniture.

Do you have a nostalgic piece of furniture or maybe something else that carries with it strong memories?


Caitlin said...

SO cute! It is hard to believe that our little ones are big enough to do this kind of thing!
I had a small table growing up that had strawberries on it! Man I loved that thing! My sister has it now- part of the burden of being the youngest is that you lose out on "dibs" on some nostalgic things!

Kim said...

Oh it must warm your heart to see the two of them sitting there. I can't wait for this milestone in our home too. Deaglan uses his table all the time and recently Naveen has started pulling himself up on the chairs.

Emily said...

So bitter sweet! She looks so content sittin' there with her big bro!

I love all things nostalgic...but sometimes I find that I hang on to too many things in the name of it. So I've learned that sometimes it's okay for me to take a picture of it...and move on.

Hope you are well!

Jenners said...

She is growing up so fast!

And my Little One has a little kid-sized table that has been his since he was 2 ... and now he feels it might be too small for him. Sob!

angie said...

I absolutely cannot believe how fast your cuties are growing!

JKMommy said...

aww, Asher got a little table & chairs for Christmas but since he's not walking yet, and can't get up and down off them safely we haven't set it up yet. No nostalgic furniture for me. But we do have my husband's family's kitchen table in our basement. It's pretty beat up but I want to use it for our schoolroom when we homeschool! :)
CUTE kiddos!

septembermom said...

ADORABLE!!! Those pictures will be treasured always. So cute.