T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I took the kids to the local Discovery Center where they had special effects green screen set up. T Rex swam with sharks and I thought it looked fun. So here we are...

Walking on Water...

Packing through Egypt...

I think one of the best parts of hanging out with kids is that sometimes you get to do fun stuff that you otherwise would not get to do. What fun things have you been able to do just because you were hanging out with kids?
P.S. T Rex Mom now on Etsy - see left side bar for link to my shop. I also have a giveaway item going at A Year With Mom and Dad


Jenners said...

Oh I love stuff like this! How fun.

Caitlin said...

Fun! Those pictures are so cool- I bet Trex especially loved them! I love how Princess is along for the ride! :)

I have gotten to do so much since I have kids! I certainly wouldn't be able to claim to have gone to the Children's museum in portland, seattle, new jersey, manhattan, and brooklyn! Not to mention all of the beautiful parks I would have had to drive by on the way to work!

Can't believe you opened an etsy shop! Exciting! I will have to go check it out!

And sorry to hear about your skylights leaking and noisy fans! What a bummer! How long until they can be repaired? Is the "white noise" helping with sleep at least???

Rey said...

I dance and act like a spazz w/my kids!

Congrats on the new Etsy shop!
I've been saying for a couple years I'm going to get one going, so I know what an accomplishment that is!

Sorry I've missed some posts! You are just more on the ball than I!

Kim said...

I think I'll be sad when Naveen is too big for the backpack. I just love little sister hanging out in that picture. What a cool feature of your playday.

septembermom said...

So cute!! I'm thrilled that you have an Etsy shop. I can't wait to visit :)