T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farmers Markets, Baby Wearing, and a New Teen...Plus a little more

What does all this have in common?

It was our Saturday this weekend. And, because T Rex Dad and I take our cameras everywhere, we captured lots of fun memories. We happily share them here. (Fair warning, lots of photos.)

Bebe Sister enjoying some ceramic balls in the non-food section of the market.

T Rex enjoying the fountain. At first he was a little apprehensive. Later, he was drenched from playing. Luckily, I anticipated this and packed towels and a change of clothes. (More photos of his fun on his blog later this week).

T Rex trying to get his little sister to partake in the fun. She preferred snuggling with some unexpected family members we ran into at the market.
Uncle Doc(left) had just come from the office along with his sister and Auntie. Always a bonus when we get to see loved ones at the market.
I've been wanting a photo of Bebe Sister and me sporting our new Boba carrier. We LOVE it. There was lots of baby wearing at the market so we fit right in.
After we went home and enjoyed naps, we headed to nephew Dede's 13th birthday. Since he is quite the baseball player (he's on three teams right now), there was a baseball theme. Dede worked with T Rex on his baseball swing. It was good practice for later events...

Later, a pinata - this was what all that batting practice was for. A couple days before the party, T Rex called his Auntie J and asked if there was going to be a pinata. I think this interest was sparked after we checked a Dora book out from the library that was about carnivals and pinatas. We've been reading Dora books en Espanol. Now T Rex runs around the house saying, "No te los lleves, Swiper." Awesome!

Bebe Sister wanted nothing to do with baseball. She wanted to explore the neighborhood. She is at that stage where she just wants to go, go, go and see, see, see. She would stop occasionally to wave. Here she is examining a flower she found on her walk with Dad. She is wearing a crochet shall I made for her from some organic cotton yarn that I found at the thrift store. Awesome find but the skeins of yarn were from two different dye lots so it's a bit darker on top than on bottom. But still not bad for $3. And it only took about a week to complete.
It was a small gathering but still lots of fun. Here you can see some of the crowd. I thought this was a cool photo. T Rex, of course, wants to be right at his cousin's side.

The birthday boy himself. I did make the cake for him. My special recipe as he requested.

I honestly cannot believe Dede is 13 years old. He's a teen. I was at the hospital when he was born. The first time I held him when he was moments old, he peed on me. I've never been so happy to have been soiled on. He was the first sick child I ever cared for. The first one I got up in the night with. It was a honor to be such a large part of his life during those early years. I am grateful my sister and brother-in-law allowed me such a privilege.

He calls me "Ootat" because when he was a tiny little guy his parents would point to me and ask, "Whose that?" In fact, he still calls me Ootat. It will be a sad, sad day when he no longer does. He is turning into a wonderful and handsome young man. His uncle and I are so proud of the person he is becoming. We were there for his first birthday so how wonderful we all four could be there for his 13th. So many good memories and only more to come.

Happy Birthday, Dede.


Boise Wiebers said...

I love the story of your nephew. I was able to hold my first nephew when he was just an hour or so old... even before my sister got to hold him (long story on that part). 13 1/2 years later I totally remember that moment. My nephew, however, was kind enough to not pee on me.

Rey said...

So sweet! Everything from going to the farmer's market (envious here!) to your nephew's Birthday! You live a beautiful life! And that shall is ADORABLE!
I did get caught up on your posts. Sorry I've been absent, life is crazy right now. But soon it will be the end of school and things will slow down a bit. I have missed you guys!

Rey said...

Oops! *Shawl*

Caitlin said...

sounds like you got initiated into the rites of raising a boy early! :) Looks like a fun weekend! I should get joseph one of those tball things, he was VERY interested in those pictures!

My nephew turned 15 this weekend- I too am in shock! So fast! I am impressed at how sweet Deeds is with TRex!

Jenners said...

I love those splash parks!! That is neat that you have one in your town.

And that is great that you have such a close relationship with your nephew. Sounds like he is growing up to be quite a fine young man.

septembermom said...

How wonderful to read about your close relationship with your nephew. I'm so happy that everyone had a great time. He is a very handsome young man. Wishing Dede years and years of joy and love :)

The cake looks very good!!!

Kim said...

Love the pictures and I especially love that little shawl!!! What a great market you have. Deaglan would go crazy for the fountains! We always take a camera too - I think it must be a blogger habit:)

JKMommy said...

LOVE all the pics! You look so comfortable with you Boba!! the water fountains look super fun too. Our farmer's markets are NOT this fun, I must admit. They are just quicky stands that are up for about 4 hours and then gone. Good food but not especially exciting. There is ONE bigger one that we haven't gone to yet so maybe that one is better?

Anyway - looks like a great time!!

Nissiwebmaster said...
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