T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flats - Day Four...Plus Some...

We're at day four - a little more than half way in this Flats and Handwashing Challenge. The flats part has been easy but the handwashing/air drying not so much. This morning we washed the diapers. There were only seven to wash. This was two days worth of diapers but because our daughter has been doing so good with elimination communication, we're way down on diaper use. I would say washing seven was significantly easier than washing 14 as I did in the previous handwashed load. Lesson learned - if handwashing, do it before the load gets too big. The kids were kind enough to "help" me hang them before we left for our errand.

Bebe Sister had her nurse appointment for another vaccine. I choose to have my kids vaccinated. However, I am learning that we like to spread them out so not too many are given at a time. Thus, if we have a reaction, we know what caused it. We went to the appointment leaving the diapers outside to dry and knowing it could rain. The sky looked mostly clear so I was not terribly concerned. Alas, this is Idaho. The weather changes about every 20 minutes. I should have known better.

Well, the pediatric office moved and is located adjacent to T Rex's favorite park so, of course, we had to stop there for a little play time. As we played, the wind started to pick up and our long sleeve clothes were not enough to keep us warm. We loaded into the car and headed home.

Sure enough, when we arrived home, it was raining - lesson two learned. Not too much but enough to dampen the diapers. Funny thing, I was not grumpy. Why? I had three thoughts. One - I'm on vacation with my kids and I had the best time at the park. Plus, T Rex Dad starts a four day weekend after today. (Insert smiles from all of us.) Two - I am always worried the diapers have not been rinsed enough so add another rinse to the cycle. And three - I can blog about this.

How odd that since I've been recording our adventures in this blog I seem to have a different perspective on life and some of the not-so-great moments that affect us. The good ones are also most definitely "blog worthy" but trying to take a not-so-great situation and write about it so it's more humorous has certainly made my perspective change. As my long time blogger friend Kim said in a message to me: Isn't it funny what blogging has done to our attitudes? I'm constantly looking at seemingly irritating things and wondering how I can write about it. So true, my dear friend. One of her recent postings was published on another blog today. She is a beautiful writer and a mommy to two charming little guys. Please stop by and read her recent publication about "not being a good stay at home mom" - it is well done.

With that note, T Rex Dad is officially on vacation for the next four days. We have nothing planned except for lots of family time and a birthday party for T Rex's little friend up the road. She's a sweetie. She'll be receiving a T Rex Mom original. I promise after this week is done, I'll post some of the completed projects. For now, look at these and smile with me. They are photos I love and have been wanting to publish but I don't have especially interesting stories to go with them.
She is such a girl - she picks her cloths and LOVES shoes. And he is such a boy - look at that ball in his hand.

I thought this was a cool family photo.

Do you think blogging has changed your attitude about life's little bumps because you know you can write about and share them with others?


Caitlin said...

I feel the same way! Even if I don't end up blogging about it, just thinking "Man, I can't wait to blog about THIS!" helps get me through!

Awesome pictures! Love the family shadow picture!
Enjoy your long weekend! Sounds relaxing and fun! Brian's sister is in town which will be fun- we are seeing Wicked tomorrow!

We should have a phone date soon!

Kim said...

Well you made me cry. I really needed this today from one of my friends. I have to admit, a few of the comments on that post at Yummy Mummy have hurt my feelings and made me feel a bit insecure. I've talked it out with Shaune and I realize that putting myself out there is risky and if I want to do that, I needed to get used to people giving me their honest opinions. But it makes it a lot better to have wonderful, supportive friends! THank you so much for this, you made my night.

I also wanted to say yesterday but forgot - I love that new header with both of them in it! Hugs!

septembermom said...

That is a cool family photo!!!

Sometimes I love putting my emotions and frustrations out there on the blog, and then there are other times that I hold back for whatever reason. Blogging has let me feel more free in sharing my feelings. I feel empowered in a way after reading everyone's supportive comments.

JKMommy said...

TOTALLY feel the same way - One reason I wanted to write about my family publically is that I felt life was passing us by. I work better on a "deadline" so I needed the "incentive" of the audience to get me motivated to write - my readers ALWAYS motivate me to write and to be my BEST as a writer! :)
And, agreed: I look at things going on now and think "how could I blog about that?" or "I wonder if someone has blogged about this before?" It's sharpening my attention... I could do better but I do see a different outlook. ALSO being a blog writer made me a blog READER - and that means I've made so many friends who have also shaped my thoughts!