T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day...

Of course T Rex Dad embodies all the classic and typical things that a wonderful father would - loving, supporting, giving, nurturing, as well as gentle and sentimental while still being masculine, tough, and strong. However, I would to share some of the other characteristics he possesses that make him unique to us:

Nap loving
Expert cloth diaper changer
Owie kisser
Toddler whisperer/wrangler - what ever the situation calls for
Expert story teller and reader
Star Trek/Star Wars/Star Gate loving
Pop-Psych expert
Photography loving
New food motivator (he can get T Rex to eat just about anything)
Star gazer
Driver of an 18-year-old WV Jetta
Speed reading (once clocked at 900 wpm)
Book loving (he still prefers the feel of real books)
Praying mantis loving
Emergency preparer
Watch collector
Bargain shopper
Sharer of home chores and duties
Toy repairer and battery replacer
Laptop builder and repairer
Aviation and space technology connoisseur
Topsiders wearing
Fort builder
M&M enjoying
Admirer of Jerry Pournelle
Science fiction enjoyer
Old style computer game player (Age of Empire, Perfect General)
Lover of mild summers and green foothills

To me, he is my "E". Think of a multiple choice question. "E" is often the choice one would select for "all of the above".

Thank you, T Rex Dad, for being our "E". We love you so much.

Here are a few more photos from our Fathers Day photo sessions. I have opted to let T Rex Dad decide which he wants for his desk. The second one is a favorite because there was a "stranger" on the bench right next to where the kids were at and look how T Rex is protecting his sister and she is hiding behind him. The last few are also kind of funny - you can see how tough it was to catch up with them. They were so excited to just run and play chase.

P.S. Next posting is our 400th. Fun giveaway to go along with it. Stay tuned and keep reading.


LB said...

Beyond sweet in so many ways. I admire the love you show for each orhter and the kids.

Jenners said...

Awww...great tribute to a great dad. And the photos are really sweet and cute!!

JKMommy said...

LOVE the new header photo! I always love your updated looks! :)
These photos are great. Your hubby sounds like an amazing man and father! So happy you have such a wonderful family! :)

zombiemom said...

He is your "E". That is the awesomest thing I've heard in a while!
He is def. a keeper!
And those pictures are adorable. I love bebe sister's hairband!

Abbie said...

What a great list! He sounds like an awesome dad. LOVE that headband, so sweet.

Kim said...

What a beautiful tribute to T REx Dad. I would like for him to offer that course on getting preschoolers to eat anything!

Tat said...

I hope your E-man had a blast this father's day. Love the photos, especially the one where they are walking on the rails!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Love your word descriptions. Expert cd changer made me laugh because while my hubby can CHANGE the diaper well he cannot put the diapers together out of the laundry. He's clueless about all the inserts and such in each diaper.

Glad you shared more of your photos too. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun that day!

septembermom said...

What a wonderful tribute to T-Rex Dad!! He's a super dad for sure :) Love the pictures and all the care that both of you put into making a beautiful life for your family. God bless you all :)