T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I know, I know - it seems like we are always at the zoo. And, well, we kind of are. However, we have a family pass and we try to go as often as we can. Plus, the kids have a wonderful time, as do I. Friday was a spectacular visit.

First, we made it just in time to feed the giraffes. This is Julius. I've fed him before but until recently, T Rex has been too affraid to feed them alone - until now that is. These are such gentle giants.

Then a trip to see the Penguins. They are T Rex's favorite. He had a great conversation with one of them. I'm making a separate posting for that on his blog.

We also have a new attraction that is happening for a couple of short months this summer - butterflies. There is an encounter area set up that we walked into. The butterflies were EVERYWHERE. I did not mind if they landed on me but was kind of creeped out when they would walk around on my back or head. Huge butterflies and such bright beautiful colors that I've never seen.

We were instructed not to touch them so when one landed right in front of Bebe Sister and I saw her going for the grab which would have most likely damaged it, I grabbed her hands (I did get a photo of it though). She was SO upset. I had to call for help to have it removed. Hence, I don't think she enjoyed the exhibit has much as T Rex and I did.

Then off to feed the sheeps and goats. I am always amazed that I will buy feed so the kids can feed them - at the barn that I used to board my horse, there was a goat that was such a nuisance. Once it was about to ram me and my horse kicked it across the yard. Now, I pay a quarter for a handful of feed so my kids can enjoy feeding the animals. Ironic, I think.

Interestingly, it took T Rex until he was almost 3 years old before he would feed the animals on his own. Then we took him out to see BlackBerry the horse and he fed her carrots. After that he had no issues. Bebe Sister on the other hand, this was her first time and she knew exactly what to do as if to say to me, "I've been watching all these months, finally I get my chance."

I have took a short video of them feeding. Look what Bebe Sister does - classic.

T Rex loves tortugas so he had a great time crawling around this shell. SO much bigger than the ones he baby-sits.

This is my favorite exhibit. We have a new colony of meerkats.

More crawling around - "a giant nido" (nido is the Spanish work for nest) as T Rex called it. This little bean just has to do everything her big brother wants to do.

Then time for our bagged lunch after which Bebe Sister took off her shoes and declared she was ready for nap time. So, back to the homestead for long naps while I made homemade ice cream. Love those bare feet.

Thanks for visiting the zoo with us. We hope you had a good time. We certainly did.


Jenners said...

I think you can never visit the zoo too many time when you are a kid. Great job for T-Rex feeding the giraffes! I love their black tongues. And I love that Bebe Sister knew just what to do when feeing the animals!

Anonymous said...

So fun! Love how the butterflys kept landing on his hat.
And it has been fun for me to watch the timing of when Avery is comfortable with things, like feeding animals, compared to when Sam was. It seems that the second ones get comfortable with the unknown a bit quicker since they have a big sibling example to follow!

Tat said...

Family passes are great! If we lived a bit closer, I'd get one, too. You only need to go 2-3 times and it pays off. Love the giraffe feeding photo! Just the giraffe head is almost bigger than T Rex's

Kim said...

I agree, why wouldn't you take them to the zoo every chance you get? If we lived close to one I would do the same. I love Julius! I think Deaglan would be the same as T Rex. It takes him a while to warm up to some things.

Nina said...

I love going to the zoo with the kids. We don't have one near by but if we did we would go often. Instead if we are lucky we will make it once a year. I love how baby sister just feeds the animals like it is no big deal. Child #2 is always so much more ready to try things.
Oh I have also been meaning to tell you we got the shorts in the mail and just love them. They are so soft and cute and fit perfectly. Thank you so much!

angie said...

Congrats on 10 years of marriage!

And, I LOVE the zoo pictures, especially the giraffe ones!

Emily said...

The zoo is such fun! I love the video and how Bebe Sister is not afraid to get up close and personal with the goats! And that goat food surely has enzymes?! ;)

Your kids are adorable, my dear!

Have a lovely day!

Mama Pea Pod said...

Looks like a perfect day! (In my books, any day where a child requests a nap is pretty near perfect to begin with!) Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play. We love the zoo, too, and in fact, my Outdoor Play post this week is also partially about our trip to the zoo! Hope we'll see you back tomorrow to link up again!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

My kids also took years to feed the animals. And I know baby will be the same way. Why do I have these shy kids? Loved the video and the "snack" for Bebe Sister :)

septembermom said...

A truly perfect day! My kids love the zoo. You got some really great shots :)