T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, July 25, 2011


This summer the kids have been enjoying the fine art of bug spying. Here are some of their finds.

First, we start in our own back yard with a "stinky bug" as T Rex calls them. By the time I snapped the photo, it had hidden in the grass. Wouldn't you if you had such an audience?

Then there was the grasshopper (on the wall next to Bebe Sister). I did not worry about the kids mangling this guy too much - I was more worried about him eating my berry bushes. (Yes, Bebe Sister is running around in just a fitted diaper. She's starting to transition from elimination communication to potty training. And yes, that is one of my original cloth diapers that a long time follower mitchsmom gave me. It has really gotten a lot of use and is still holding up great.)

Then on a park outing, Bebe Sister spotted a giant black ant. Seriously large, although, from the photo it looks like a speck. I love that little pointer finger - my mom often chuckles that it is going to get worn out with as much use as it gets these days.

Then, the greatest find of all. Our first adult preying mantis of the season. For the past couple of years we have not purchased egg sacs but have rather waited to see if any of the off spring of our past mantis residents would be around. Last year we had a good turn out. This year, it has been slow but so many things have been slow to start up so we're hopeful more are to come. This one was only about 3 cm long. Small by our standards. The kids were enthralled. Me, too, actually. Remember Manty who found his way into the diapers and went through the dryer?

After all this bug spying, the kids asked me to make them some bugs they could keep inside. Here is what I came up with. Going with my original statement of "purchase no new yarn but use what I have" I made the larger ladybug. It was huge. I think it would qualify as a small throw pillow. Bebe Sister loves it and has mastered the art of antennae removal. I need to secure those better. 

Then I made another smaller ladybug as a gift - alas, I had to purchase some wool for this project so as to avoid another giant ladybug. For the ladybugs I used the same pattern as the turtle except I changed the colors and added spots. The small ladybug is about the size of the turtle. Both large and small are the exact same pattern - just different gauge needle and yarn.  The little lady bug seemed so sad all alone that I had to make a bumble bee friend to go along with it. The bumble bee is my own pattern. 

I do apologize for the poor quality of these last photos. The only way I can photograph these items is while the kids are asleep. Hence, I lost my natural light. I opted not to use plastic eyes so there would be no concern of choking hazards. (T Rex has become a bit obsessed with choking hazards so he is always reminding me. But he also gets very concerned if something has no eyes - thus, sewed on eyes are our compromise.)

We've also spied several spiders, too. Those, we mostly try to avoid because the kids don't know good from bad. The hobos and black widow spiders are quickly terminated by T Rex Dad. Hobo spiders are very aggressive - once, one was going right for the kids and T Rex Dad smashed it with his bare hand. I could not have imaged him (or anyone else) doing that but I guess I see what happens when something threatens his kids. Other garden spiders and the "jumping" ones we get in the house are relocated outside and are most welcome.

Thank you for joining us spying bugs. How about you - do you like spying bugs?


septembermom said...

First of all, I need T Rex Dad to come here and fight off my spiders!!

Love this post. It is so much fun to see the kids get all excited about their discoveries in nature.

The ladybugs are very cute!

Kim said...

I love those ladybugs too!! And I am not looking forward to the day when the kids are too into bugs. Because I am not into them. I know it's inevitable!

Caitlin said...

LOVE that first photo, and the knit bugs too!
Joseph has a magnifying glass that he likes to take to the park to spy on bugs, although I am always nervous that he will accidentally roast one!

I remember killing a Hobo spider once when I lived there- it took me several tries and it just kept coming! (shudder!!)

Caitlin said...

PS Isaac is wearing a lot of just plain fitted diapers and tshirts too. Seems so much more comfortable and breathable! As long as I keep an eye on the wetness I haven't had any problems with them yet!

Tat said...

My kids love bugs, especially ants. And if they were looking at your crocheted bugs right now, they'd be asking me to make them some!

I Wonder Wye said...

Your kids are so adorable. I love praying manthasis...I saw the longest, biggest, walking stick I've ever seen the other day. One of my house cats called it to my attention on the window ledge. They usually don't appear until here the fall. It was so huge it looked like a stalk of asparagus!

Emily said...

Looks like everything is going grand at your place! Life is so full of adventure and I love that kids help us to see the wonder of it all.

I love your little ones pony tail...so cute!

Hope you are well in every way!!

JKMommy said...

Wow you guys discovered so many cool looking bugs!! My taste goes more for the crocheted bugs thouh as I tend to freak out around bugs, and am so thankful that so far A. Only loves cars!!! Ha ha so fun to see Your kids discoveries!!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

My boys are more afraid of bugs then interested in them. They are strange. Wanted to remind you that insectlore.com might have some cool gifts for you one day? :)

love your ladybug :)