T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stay-cation - Part V - AM Park

A.M. Park is T Rex Dad's very favorite park in the city. I have to admit, it is pretty cool. I am still undecided as I have many more parks to visit before I can make my final decision. At the moment, this is also T Rex's favorite. 

On the last weekday of T Rex Dad's stay-cation, we decided a trip to A.M. Park was in order. And of course, picnic lunch was in order, too. We always start with play time first. T Rex happily played on the jungle gym with his dad while Bebe Sister spent almost the entire visit on the swing. I finally took her out when she started to fall asleep.

The race cars are always a big draw with the kids. There are these cranks that the kids turn and the cars race around the track. 

And the fountain...A little mist from the fountain was just the trick to cool everyone off before heading home for nap time.

Bebe Sister liked looking at the fountain from afar. She actually preferred the soggy grass.

Then onto nap times so I could work on preparations for a weekend of celebrations - my mom's 70-something birthday and my sister/brother-in-law's 30th wedding anniversary. Posting on it to come soon. Plus, one on the projects I completed while T Rex Dad was off.

Do you have a favorite park? What is it about that park that makes it your favorite?


Anonymous said...

Very nice photography....

JKMommy said...

you definitely have an eye for photos - especially far away photos... I find unless I take a close up, the idea gets lost in the busy-ness of my photography. But yours are stunning. I have to learn from you!
I have not chosen a favorite park yet - We are JUST starting to visit parks and I need to make the rounds first. In fact, you've sort of inspired me to do a series on parks - if I may borrow your idea? I don't think all parks are created equal, but each seems to have their own merits in our area! :)

Rey said...

I wish we had more options for parks. Someday, I hope to move somewhere that offers such. What a lovely place you've chosen to raise your family. Your children are so lucky.

Caitlin said...

I loved AM park too!! I have a few favorite parks here depending on my mood. I find in the summer my favorite park has to have shade, and a bonus if it has a water option! Otherwise, I just want it to have equipment that is fun for Joseph but that Isaac wont kill himself on!!

septembermom said...

Nothing like a good park to keep the little ones happy. All great pictures. My challenge is to find a park that my "big" ones also like. The boys need to climb, and Jillian is an explorer. Gratefully, I have a few pretty parks for me to enjoy around here too.

So happy that you guys have been enjoying your staycation!

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

We have a lot of great parks. The ones right on the ocean are definitely my fave :)

Kim said...

I can see why this is T Rex Dad's fave. It would likely be a big hit with the guys in my house too. Deaglan would stay on the swings the entire time too. I have to limit him when we go.