T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, September 2, 2011

Juggling Mama...

I borrowed the title for this from a long time blog follower - Juggling Mama. It's what I feel like right now.

Week two of school is complete. I am caught up on all my assignments but still have 5 chapters of reading for the week. As T Rex Dad says, "It's like this never ending thing...Jiminy Cricket!" (he makes me smile). My first week of clinical rotations was fine, in the end.

Tuesday at the internal medicine clinic was horrible. It had been over five months since I'd been in a clinic working and I was so rusty. Plus, my brain was just getting fired up and back into the swing of things. My preceptor kept asking questions and no answer seemed good enough. Plus, every patient was taking at least 20 medications and had at least 2-3 chronic illnesses. One patient was on 42 different medications and some were taken more than once per day. If I took that many drugs I'd feel horrible, too. I'm trying to do some extra reading and testing myself so I'll be ready for weirdly random questions on my next day there.

My time at the pediatric clinic was simply delightful. I smiled all day. Kids are just amazing. I know because I think mine are just delightful treasures. However, it was an incredible feeling taking care of other people's little treasures. Lots of rashes and I think the beginning of respiratory season is fast upon us - one diagnoses of bronchitis and one of croup.

T Rex said he was proud that his mama is " a healer and makes people feel better." This eased my sadness as I drove away on Tuesday and Wednesday. My mom said the kids were great and T Rex enjoyed doing his preschool lessons with Nana. He is so close to reading. He is doing great with rhyming words and can read and name them. He is still 2 years away from kindergarten. I worry he is going to be bored when he finally does go to school. We'll see...

As I drove home Tuesday night after my first day, I saw smoke over the neighborhood. As I drove closer and closer to the house, the smoke became thicker and thicker. I drove into the driveway and it was so smokey I could hardly see. I ran into the house and everyone was fine. The fire was actually along the trail below our house. Shortly thereafter the police and fire department arrived. We left and ate dinner out while they worked on the fire and discovered that some 12 year old kids were smoking and accidentally caught the dessert on fire. Let me tell you, though, for a few minutes my heart was beating pretty fast (or "tachycardic" as I should properly say) and I thought it was a sign I should not continue my studies, especially after my rough day.

In an attempt to ensure quality time with the kids I have designated Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings as fun times with the kids. This week we went to the library on Monday and later on Friday for a puppet show ("Baby Bebe" was the show). Both outings were followed by trips to a local park where we also had lunch. Thursday I took them in the bike trailer to another park - I needed to work out but I also knew I needed the 3 hour nap time for studying. Hence, the bike ride was a good 45 minute work out (ever pull a bike trailer - it is tough work especially with mountain bike tires). Thursday was fun because we took the soccer ball and T Rex had a great time doing some soccer drills. Even Bebe Sister got in on the action, too. (Yes, they checked out that yellow dinosaur from the library.)

School seems so much more difficult. Likely because I am expected to know more and also I've moved from part-time to full-time. Add to that two very mobile, trouble seeking toddlers...it certainly is a juggling act - juggling school, kids/family, and trying to stay fit and healthy. Certainly a lot going on. 

So it seems I'll be T Rex Juggling Mom for the next 8 1/2 months while I finish up school. I still have lots of postings planned, however, there has just been little time for logging onto the computer for non-school stuff. Hang in there with me and thank you for all your support.

Tomorrow...60lbs of organic peaches to jar. Luckily my sis, mom, and good neighbor will be stopping in to help while T Rex Dad is the toddler wrangler.


Jenners said...

You do have a lot of balls in the air but you'll do just fine. In a few weeks, I'm sure you'll get used to it. It is a big change to go from part-time to full-time and to be a momma to two busy little kids. I'm flabbergasted that someone was on 42 medications! That seems extreme!

JKMommy said...

busy mama!!
First - AMAZING shot of T Rex jumping off the bench!! WHAT kind of camera do you have!? I would love to catch A. with all his moves b/c my camera does not click fast enough - there is a HUGE delay so I always miss the best stuff.
2nd - hang in there with the school - I am sure you'll get back in the swing of it in no time - it's gotta be hard after your amazing summer off!
LOVE T Rex's comment to you about being a healer - he is such a sweetie! And they just have grown so much!!!
Enjoy those peaches! We missed peach season here - timing with all the other stuff it just didn't happen. Next up - Tomato sauce! :)

Liz said...

{{{Hugs Mama!!}}} Hang in there juggling mama (love that term BTW)!

The pics of the kids at the park are so cute :) Can't believe how fast these little ones grow....

Kim said...

You are a wonderful mother and I can't imagine having to study with two little ones. You're right, you are doing them proud by pursuing your passion! Love that new header picture. I cringed when I first saw it.

Caitlin said...

I will say it again- I don't know how you do it! And wow! 42 medications? Crazy!
Love the new header too! I can just see that kiddos energy radiating from the screen! :)

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

You are one of the best juggling mamas I know. I love reading about all the things you have going on. You're doing great mama! Really!!

septembermom said...

You know that I'm cheering for you!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! It will be tough at times but you have such a determination and love of learning and family. It will all work out. Great picture at the end of the post.