T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Projects...

I've been working on a few projects here and there for Halloween. Since this holiday can be a bit scary for little kids, and especially my sensitive T Rex, I've been crafting kid-friendly things. Here are photos of what I've accomplished thus far. I still have a couple more to finish up before Christmas crafting begins. 

School is going well. I still feel like there is so much to learn. Some days at the clinic I think, "Gosh, I can do this, I know what I'm doing." Other days I look at an EKG strip of cardiac rhythms and think, "Wow - this is way over my head, I'll never get this down." At least mid-terms are just about done. One of my tests is open book. This one I am still working on. Those always end up being the hardest because the professors ask really tough, in-depth questions. I guess sometimes I'd rather study in advance and have a closed book exam with slightly easier questions. Alas, it's all part of the learning experience.

We head to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Our good neighbors planted pumpkins at Neighbor M's folks' farm so we'll be heading there for a morning of fun. The kids are really excited and are all ready to wear their fall hats - pumpkin hat for Bebe Sister and candy corn hat for T Rex. Both patterns were free patterns I found online with a few modifications by me.


I also crafted a Halloween wreath for our entry way. I was originally just going to be black tulle with an orange ribbon but when I saw the little "boo" ghost ribbon at the store, I came up with this. T Rex helped me make the ghosts. We made several more to hang outside as well as in the house. 

T Rex also insisted that his beloved Daniel the Stripe-less Tiger have a costume this year. T Rex said, "Daniel would like to be a pumpkin and Daniella would like to be a happy witch." Daniella's costume is not yet made so I'll post photos of it when I'm done, but here is Daniel's. 

Then I saw these adorable pumpkins online and just had to recreate them. I used the hat pattern with some modifications to make them. I am pleased with the end result. I hope to make another big one and another little one so we have a pumpkin family similar to our own family. That $2.50 for orange yarn went a long way.

Then, I made a prototype cat. Bebe Sister LOVES "meows". A bit obsessed. In fact, she kind of speaks her own cat language meowing when she wants things and me-oowing when she is sad. She loves the book "Jenny's Birthday Book" - a story about Jenny Linsky and her cat club. It's a charming series of books. We found the book at the library. I think we'll get the series of books for Bebe Sister for Christmas or birthday and I'll put a Jenny Cat with them. 

Here is the prototype model. It's made with super-thin quilters cotton so the polyfil has a tendency to come through it. Thus, the real one will be made from suede cloth or something similar. However, if the real one gets as much love as this one, it will be a highly successful project. Again, the pattern was found online. Actually, it was a pattern for a monkey but I just changed up a few things and then we had a cat. 

I just love crafting for the kids. It just adds to the reward of being their mother.


Jenners said...

I love everything!! So cute. I'm particularly in love with the candy corn hat!

Kim said...

Honestly, you are so talented my friend!! I love that you find such joy in making these sweet crafts for the kids. I'll have to look for that series of books. Naveen loves our cat too (Crash) who he refers to as ATSHHHH.

These days, Deaglan is afraid of a lot of things too. He refuses to go to parts of the house by himself despite our emphasis that we live in a safe ghost-less, monster-less house.

septembermom said...

Adorable! Your kids are so lucky to have such a crafty and creative mama :)

And good luck with your studies. I know that you'll do great!

Charis's Mum said...

I love your crafts. Are you on Pinterest or Ravelry? That's probably a stupid question considering the fact that you're in school and extremely busy this semester.

Caitlin said...

Awesome crafts! I think you are getting more and more talented every season! Everything is so cute and impressive! Those pumpkins have got to be one of the cutest things I have EVER seen in my life!!!!

JKMommy said...

Every time I see your creations I am amazed by your creativity, talent, and how you find the time!! Wonderful hats!!