T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day...

This past Wednesday we finally had some much needed and welcome snow. We are significantly low on snow pack this year. Usually by now we've had many days like this. The kids were so excited to finally get to wear their snow suits in the snow and test their snow boots out, too.

Because we knew in advance it was going to be poor driving conditions I arranged with my clinical preceptor to stay home to avoid the roads. Plus, this allowed for T Rex Dad to take my vehicle to work and for me to be home with the kids enjoying the blustery white conditions. 

Snow angel.

We had about 5-6 inches of snow in a short amount of time. It was totally gone the next day as it then started to rain. The kids have been extremely sad their snow creations are long gone. However, much fun was had before then - building a snowman and snow car, catching snowflakes on the tongue, eating snow, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, the list is almost endless with fun things we did.

"Mano de nieve"

Snow car.
Even our geriatric canine citizen enjoyed the snow. The other canine child could only walk the paths that had been shoveled as the snow was at about her nose level and it mats to her hair.

Fun times...I'm glad we enjoyed it as it might be the only good snow we get this year. We hope you are enjoying the weather conditions where you're at whether rain, snow, or sunshine. 

Tomorrow, Lil Sister's 2nd birthday party celebration. I anticipate lots of great photos and the kids are just too excited. Off to prepare as I am completely caught up on school work. Of course, it all starts over again tomorrow but a girl can enjoy the moment while it lasts - less than 4 months until graduation.


Charis's Mum said...

How fun!! My favorite snow memory took place in Northern Ireland {of all places}. My mum, siblings, and I went over to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary. The day after their celebration it snowed; so the American cousins {us}, taught the French cousins {MKs in France} and the Irish cousins how to make snow angels. These pictures bring back happy memories. Glad you were able to get a snow day!!

Kim said...

Love the picture of your old guy. Can't wait to hear the details of the little girl's party! Two already:(!!!

JKMommy said...

LOVE the Snow car! I can't wait till A. is old enough to make things! We actually are having a snow day TODAY! :) yay!
The kids look like they are having a BLAST! :)

Jenners said...

Glad you finally got a snow day to enjoy!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

This looks so much fun! I miss the snow. Other than a tiny bit of early snow on the way from Bulgaria to Turkey in October, I haven't seen snow for 3.5 years.

septembermom said...

Excited to hear about Lil Sister's big birthday celebration!

Love all the pictures :) Your "geriatric canine citizen" is a handsome fellow.

Hooray for snow days!!!!!

Caitlin said...

Sooo fun! Wish we could get some more snow here- we had a big snow day in October and nothing since!