T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anthropological Giant Jelly Fish

No more studying...


It's been two weeks since I passed my certification exam and life is lovely. The kids are loving having their mom home and not stressed out. I haven't started my job yet but anticipate doing so very soon. I'm excited about that. We finished my work agreement last week and I am so excited. This is truly my dream job. Two days a week, too. Less time away from home than when I was actually in school. 

Recently we went to a celebration for a young lady graduating from high school. We've watched her grow up since she was a newborn. Her mother,  a long time friend, was asking me about my job. I explained the details and I would only be working 2 days a week which would barely pay back my loans but for now I felt strongly my kids needed me at home as much as possible. She shook her head in agreement reminding me she did the same, almost in a lamenting fashion that the pay for part time work does not bring much to their household income. I interrupted her, motioned to her sweet graduating daughter who is an accomplished pianist, equestrian, straight A student, and her three other handsome, polite, kind sons. Then I said, "I think the investment of your time has made a substantial contribution." Like her, I am hoping to find the balance between being a part time working mother and being home with my children. I just hope I am as successful as she.

We've been keeping busy visiting with family and friends and just doing whatever our hearts desire. For example, T Rex is really into sea life right now. For a while we were visiting the aquarium nearly every week. Then a couple weeks ago we were driving downtown and the kids spotted this incredible window display at Anthropolgie. It's a favorite shop of mine but one we rarely visit due to some major breakables and high prices. However, having some graduation money set aside to purchase new work clothes I could not resist stopping in. After all, the kids were begging to see the giant jelly fish.

So, in we went. It was a fun adventure. They loved the window display. I'll give the store credit - they did an incredible job getting me in there. 

It was a bonus that I left with a couple of small clearance items for myself, too.

There you have it, the mysterious giant jelly fish posting. I'm thinking the train depot photos or finished projects for my next posting. We'll see. We've been having so much uninterrupted fun I may not be back for a while. However, I'll keep you posted as to when I start work and how it goes. Even the kids are excited for me to get back into "healer" mode.


Jenners said...

I love that you got to get a treat for yourself while the kids got to see sea life! Your job sounds like the perfect mix -- you get to be a hands-on mom while still doing what you love and trained for. The best of both worlds!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

The jelly fish is really something different, they'd bring in any mom with kids, no problem. And your new job sounds fantastic!

Caitlin said...

Pretty much my favorite store ever! I just with I could afford more there! LOOOOVE that window display! And I think that job sounds perfect for you and your family! What a great mix!

Kim said...

If I could stay home with the kids more I would so I say, pat yourself on the back for taking advantage of it! I wish we had an Anthropologie around here:)