T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, November 16, 2012

Captain America for My Captain America...

I just finished this project in anticipation of my little guy's fifth birthday celebration. There is a story behind it that I wanted to share.

When I was about age three I decided my sister's collectable dolls had funny eyes. I did not like their long eyelashes. Therefore, I took it upon myself to pull all the lashes off her dolls. I recall being quite proud of my work and happily showed my sister when she arrived home from classes (she was in college at the time). My always smiling happy sister was definitely not happy with me. When I explained she stated she understood but tried to explain that it did not make her happy. I recall this as one of my earliest memories. Later my mom had a talk with me about not damaging someone else's property. It really stuck with me my whole life.

Fast forward about 30 years. 

I wanted to craft a Captain America for T Rex as a birthday surprise. I had been trying to work on it while the kids were sleeping but it just seemed that I was running short on time. Therefore, I started working on it while they were awake. He did not really take notice as initially it did not even resemble Captain America but rather one of my other Christmas craft projects.

I am usually pretty obsessive about keeping my craft items and supplies put away out of the reach of small hands. However, Lil Sister needed assistance in the restroom and I placed my items on the couch and stepped away to assist her. When I returned all my lose strings to the head and body of the project had been cut and cut way too short. I inquired of T and he simply stated, "Yes, Mama. I was trying to help you finish your project." 

At that moment I was quite speechless as I could just sense it was one of those key pivotal parenting moments during a stage of life when he would remember what took place. Plus, I was feeling grumpy that my work was nearly ruined. As I said, I was speechless so I called for my hubby to assist. I explained what had happened and he had a short but to-the-point talk with our son.

It seems he really did think he was helping me. In his defense, too, I did leave my stuff unattended and scissors are a big draw these days. We did have a conversation about other people's property and not changing it or defacing it. We praised him for immediately taking responsibility for what he had done. It was tough, however, to explain that the item he has damaged was intended for him and that it may not be ready in time for his birthday. He was pretty crushed over the whole ordeal but I felt good in how we handled it. Discipline is so tough but we just try to remind ourselves that by doing so now, it will lay the ground work for the future.

Well, I did manage to finish the project in time for his birthday celebration. I plan on leaving it by his glasses for him to find in the morning - early for his birthday but perfectly timed for his celebration. However, I was just so excited about how it turned out that I wanted to share my completed project. So thank you for sharing in the excitement with me. Oh, and when I shared my angst over the damaged project my dear mother just hugged me and smiled. Once again, things have come full circle.


Jenners said...

Oh that came out wonderfully. And isn't one of the joys/pains of parenthood seeing everything come round again?

Missus Wookie said...

Oh well done for walking away and getting dh to come and help deal with things - always a hard thing to do I find.

Anonymous said...
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Julie Kieras said...

awww that is a touching story - We have already had to discuss not damaging things with A. But he is just too little to understand the concept that what he does is hurting things and that the damage is permanent.
It's so cute that you have your own story to go along with this one! :)
And I find your knit figures sooo adorable!!

Charis's Mum said...

I definitely would have cried, especially after putting work into the project. I'm glad you were able to finish it. On another note, I can't believe your son is five. He was three when I started reading your blog. Time flies.