T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snowy Play Time...

 Yesterday was a rough, long day. 

A tough day at my current job is like a good day at my old one. So, it was not that rough at work, just a tough day. But I had to think - A LOT. I felt like I lived up to my title as a specialist. Every patient was very ill and super complex and asked questions not even related to my field of specialty but being trained in family practice I am still qualified to address. Then no break at lunch due to a meeting. Ten hour day, then long drive home because of a snow storm. 

I was grateful to get home safely. Cars were spinning out all around me and I even slid into an intersection. I was most grateful all the oncoming traffic was stopped. T Rex Dad brought home dinner so I did not have to cook and I ended up falling asleep early from sheer exhaustion. 

Then at 3:00 am the neighbor calls needing my help with one of her kids. I actually had to decline, which made me feel horrible. I took care of a patient with influenza who had been vaccinated. Since I was in close contact I was concerned that I could also get that strain of influenza which is resistant to vaccine making me susceptible to illness. They have a tiny baby and I did not want to risk exposure. I just felt horrible for not being able to help and was awake for the next three hours. 

I was even keeping myself clear of my family which, not snuggling the kids and sleeping away from everyone, made it even more hard after my rough day. Still, I was grateful for my life and all I have. I suppose not all days can be sunshine and lollipops because if they were, then we could not appreciate days like these - kiddos buddled up in bulky snowsuits like State Puff Marshmallow Men tossing snowballs, building a snowman, making snow angels, and sleding. It's work but it is fun work. And if having a rough day once in a while is what I need to keep things in perspective, I'll take it.

Enjoy the photos from our morning of fun...(It was Little Sister's first time building a snow man)


Tat said...

You had a valid reason for saying no, I'm sure your neighbor understood. (Argh, I've forgotten how to spell neighbor, it took me about 5 attempts.)

How cute is that snowman! Love your header photo, too.

Jenners said...

Now THAT is a classic and excellent snowman.

And don't feel guilty … you did what you did for a very good reason. Be gentle to yourself.

Julie Kieras said...

Awww sorry you've had a few rough days! Definitely you did the right thing though and I know your neighbor understands and APPRECIATES you keeping the germys away!
Love the kids with Star Wars and the snowman. A. has been LONGING for more snow here so he can make another snowman!

Kim said...

A tough few days for sure. And it probably felt awful but as a parent I would totally understand and appreciate your reasons for not helping with the baby.