T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Egg Dying Photos...

Yes, I'm really behind. Things continue to be a little crazy around here but are somewhat slowing down. Plus, I have an iPad now which makes me less inclined to pull out my laptop, which seems huge in comparison. Hence, the combo thereof has made me get a little behind.

Here is the first of a few postings in which I begin to catch things up.

First, the photos from dying eggs. We did these after we had already done our egg hunt at the church. That event was so fun that we ended up not hiding our eggs but eating them. After a few days, we were pretty tired of egg salad, egg sandwiches, plain eggs...you get the point. However, the photos of the kids coloring their eggs were so sweet I just have to post them. Plus, they genuinely had a great time doing so. We did have an unusually large volume of pink eggs (I wonder who did that?).



Jenners said...

This post just reminded me we didn't dye eggs this year! Oh well!

Julie Kieras said...

The eggs are so pretty! We haven't done egg dying with A. Yet but next year maybe. What I like to do is write on the eggs with white crayon and then the dye doesn't stick to that part and you create patterned eggs!