T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Discover the Dinosaurs 2013

The kids have been SO good this past week. Plus, they are SO excited since they now know their new sibling's gender. (More on that in our next posting.) With that being said, T Rex Dad declared they needed a surprise. I had brought an idea to him but upon researching cost declared too costly. He, however, stated we could pull a little funds from savings for this special occasion and reward their excellent behaviors of late.

Thus, we took them to a traveling show called "Discover the Dinosaurs". Life-size moving replicas of dinosaurs. Plus, bouncy houses, digging for dinosaurs, and dinosaur rides. The kids were a bit intimidated of the dinosaur rides but they participated in nearly every thing else. 

The kids were very impressed. Lil Sister's favorite dinosaur was the triceratops. Our own T Rex's favorite was the pterodactyl, as well as the spinosaurus. He very much did not like ankylosaurus because it roared the loudest. It was pretty loud in the buildings with all the roaring dinosaurs. Hence, you will see the kids covering their ears in some of the photos.

It was a fabulous time. Despite some of the wait times being 45 minutes or so, the kids maintained their excitement and continued to be super good. Enjoy the photos as we had a great time taking them and you are being warned - there are a lot. Next posting we reveal baby 3.0's gender.


Caitlin said...

That looks so cool!! They came to NJ when we were there , but Joseph was too scared to attempt it! Looks like a fun time was had by all!
Can't wait to see your next post!!!

Caitlin said...

ps love the crown on little sister!

Julie Kieras said...

What a fantastic event to attend! The kids look thrilled and R so cute exploring all the exhibits. We have a dinosaur park nearby where I think there are supposedly some real dinosaur fossils. I need to check it out with A.