T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Feeding the Giraffe

This past week was our last before our little guy joins the ranks of school age children. We had a great time going to parent orientation. We braved quite a storm - flash flooding and multiple trees fell down in our neighborhood. I am told the winds reached 60 miles per hour. So far we like everything about the school and are happy with his teacher. My hope is that we can keep this positive energy and momentum flowing the whole year through.

We wanted to take some time as a family and do a favorite outing - the zoo. I know we've blogged about the zoo a lot but we love going. It's been a while since we've fed the giraffes. It's been at least a year or more. Lil Sister started feeding them when she was still a little babe in the chest pack. It's been fun to see her grow up doing this and she was really happy to do it "all by me-self". 

Thus, I will post just the photos from the kids' feeding the giraffes. I do have to note, the kids were excited to see the baby snow leopards and Lil Sister was especially excited to see the baby monkey. I have to admit it was pretty cute, too.


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