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T Rex Family

Friday, August 2, 2013

Swimming Lessons - Session One Wrap

The kids just finished their first session of swim lessons. They rocked it! We were so proud. Tomorrow - Build-a-Bear (but that is another posting in and of itself). We promised them if they survived my long month of working extra days, performed well at all their lessons (swim and gymnastics) and did their lessons they could get their very first build-a-bear. Let's just say, I've been reminded many times today that tomorrow is the big day!

The "YWCPA" (as Lil Sister refers to the YMCA) does an awesome job. T took lessons with me there when Lil Sis was just a babe in my tummy - up to this point, that has been his only experience with swimming lessons. Hence, we are quite impressed with the progress he has made and the job the instructors have done. Plus, after class they get play time in the kids pool. All I can say it has been a totally positive experience and the kids are having a great time. We're signing up for another session. After that, we are actually dropping gymnastics. Lil Sister starts ballet/tap class in the fall, T starts school, and we may start evening swim classes to continue until baby comes in November. Then a break for the holidays. 

As far as skills, Lil Sister is doing good. Her confidence is growing but she is still cautious.  Honestly, I am quite fine with a cautious child around water. T - well, he is a rock star but as his teachers say,  he needs work on listening and following rules. As you will see from the photos, he was specifically told to go down the slide feet first. Note in the photo he switched to head down while going down the slide. He got into trouble over that one. Part of it is he is just a mischievous little boy testing the parameters, part of it is he really does need to do better at following directions. He regularly "swims fifty" which is a full 50 yards solo with his teacher at his side - he also has earned several colored bracelets for his efforts and skills. There is a reason he takes excellent naps after class. Since swimming is one of those perfect exercises and both kids love it, we are strongly considering continuing their lessons even longer. Plus, the Y has open swim days which allow the kids to go down the slides and swim and play in warm water until their little hearts are content. 

So, in a nut shell, lessons were awesome. We are all happy. The kids are progressing beautifully. And it has been a positive experience for all. The videos are quite short. My camera battery was running very low. I did capture Lil Sister going down the slide with one of her teachers but I missed getting T on video but you can watch him swimming after he is down sliding. It is a good example of his swimming skills especially with the strong current of the slide. (The kids do have to pass a swim testing before going down the slide solo.)


Sarah McKelvy said...

I know what you mean about wanting children to be cautious around water. I'm so thankful my daughter's that way, but next summer, I would like to look into getting her to take swimming lessons because I think it's a skill that is necessary.

Caitlin said...

So cool! Swimming is such a great outlet for the energy and such great exercise! I was bummed when my boys told me after last session that they wanted to "take a little break" from swimming. :/ Listening is always an issue with my boys- I agree with you that it is probably part mischievousness and part them in their own little world.. ;)